Lord of All Realms - Chapter 1618: Boundless Spiritual Qi

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The fragmentary star mark passed through the thunder and lightning and flew into the colossal corpse’s dantian.


As soon as the fragmentary star mark flew into it, Nie Tian’s soul naturally sensed something.

The colossal corpse did have a spiritual sea in his dantian!

A turbulent tidal wave of energies surged in his spiritual sea. The energies in it were mostly the spiritual Qi of heaven and earth, but mixed with many weird energies.

It was a seemingly boundless ocean of energies!

In a moment, this fragmentary star mark was somehow repelled and pushed out by the sea of energies.

In a flash, the fragmentary star mark reappeared in front of You Qimiao and Han Qing.

A strand of Nie Tian’s soul emerged from it. “You were right. He… does have a spiritual sea in his dantian. And the power within his spiritual sea isn’t being slowly exhausted with his death. My soul only stayed in it for a moment, but the energies I could feel were...”

“What?” Han Qing asked curiously.

“This might be hard to believe, but I feel that the energies in his spiritual sea are on par with the ones in the floating continent controlled by the Ripper Behemoth,” Nie Tian said.

You Qimiao was taken aback. “The floating continent? Does his spiritual sea hold the same amount of power as the super-large-scale realm floating continent? Nie Tian, you’re mistaken, aren’t you? The kind of super-large-scale realms where Star Behemoths hide, like the floating continent and the Shatter Battlefield, are extremely rare in the Mortal World and Spirit World.”

Nie Tian explained, “Perhaps you didn’t realize that the thick layer of energies you’ve penetrated is most likely being released by his spiritual sea. Normally speaking, the power within human Qi warriors’ spiritual seas will dissipate completely soon after their deaths.

“That’s why people say what Qi warriors take from heaven and earth, they return to heaven and earth.

“After his death, the energies in his spiritual sea also dissipated, but very slowly. The energies that escaped from his spiritual sea somehow condensed into an energy ward that separates the underground space and the surface of the Realm of Middle Continent.”

“If all the energies in his spiritual sea leak out, the Realm of Middle Continent will likely become a wondrous realm within a short time!”

At the thought of this, Nie Tian was secretly excited.

You Qimiao’s and Han Qing’s eyes also brightened with excitement.

The energies of heaven and earth could make everything. All kinds of spiritual materials and elixirs could be nurtured through the abundant energies of heaven and earth.

When the floating continent had opened before, many experts who had attached themselves to Nie Tian had entered it and obtained great fortunes, as if they had stepped into a magical land of treasure.

The Realm of Middle Continent would also experience magical changes if it obtained all the energies in the dantian of the colossal corpse, and its mountains, lakes, swamps, and forests would all undergo a metamorphosis.

Perhaps while the various realms of the Spirit World dried up and perished, the Realm of Middle Continent would go in the other direction, and shine brilliantly.

After thinking for a while, You Qimiao said with bright light glowing in his eyes, “Other things aside, the fact that his spiritual sea in his dantian is full of energies means that he’s a human. Meanwhile, the Realm of Middle Continent is the birthplace of the human race. Is it possible that he has something to do with the birth of our race?”

Nie Tian was flabbergasted. “Do you mean that he created us? Like the Tree of Life creating the Floragrims? Like Grand Monarch Heavenly Spirit creating the Phantasms?”.

“But he’s obviously dead!” Han Qing exclaimed.

“Who knows?” You Qimiao said, gazing deeply at the colossal corpse with narrowed eyes. “Maybe he was exhausted after he created the humans, or something happened that led him to his death? If he was in fact our creator, he would be at least as strong as the Tree of Life, and it would make sense that he wanted to deceive the Tree of Life so that it couldn’t discover him.”


At this moment, another fragmentary star mark fell to the area between the colossal corpse’s eyebrows.

The mark flew in quickly, but his sea of soul awareness was totally empty, without a single wisp of fragmentary soul or soul awareness.

“The soul must have dissipated,” Nie Tian thought to himself. “Has it completely perished or… left his body the same way my soul has left my sea of soul awareness for somewhere else?”

At the thought of this, he was taken aback.


The third fragmentary star mark quickly flew into the colossal corpse’s chest.

The golden heart-protecting armor on his chest emitted a brilliant golden light.

The brilliant golden light didn’t attack the fragmentary star mark, but the mark was unable to pass through the heart-protecting armor to see the condition of the colossal human’s heart.

The dantian, spiritual sea, and heart were the most important parts of humans.

The dantian was the source of spiritual power and energies of all attributes. The spiritual sea was the soul’s hiding place, while the heart could provide vitality for the body.

For humans, the importance of their hearts was secondary to that of their spiritual seas, unlike the outsiders.

However, the golden heart-protecting armor protected his heart from any damage anyway.

The three fragmentary star marks finally reconvened.

Nie Tian’s soul wisps merged into one again, and morphed into a vague soul shadow.

“I cannot look into his heart,” his vague soul shadow said to You Qimiao and Han Qing. “His dantian is full of energies, but his sea of awareness is empty.”

At the same time, his true form said the same thing to Dong Li and the others on the surface of the Realm of Middle Continent.

Grand Monarch Primal Wood of the Floragrims stood as straight as a green pine tree, and the shadow of the Tree of Life manifested clearly in the depths of his green eyes.

Apparently, the Tree of Life was watching what was happening here closely.

Dong Li, Yin Xingtian, and the others were more and more puzzled. They kept discussing, but found no answers.

“The colossal corpse is probably a human with a spiritual sea and a sea of awareness. The energies of his spiritual sea seem to be inexhaustible, and comparable to those that a super-large-scale realm has accumulated energies for billions of years!”

“Did he create us?”

“Where did he come from?”

Grand Monarch Primal Wood kept silent.

Suddenly, Zhao Shanling’s eyelids fluttered and his expression changed as he said, “Someone’s coming! The teleportation portal that I closed has been opened!”

“Who is it?” Nie Tian asked aloud.

“I don’t know,” Zhao Shanling replied, shaking his head. “The person who can break my seal and reach the Realm of Middle Continent through the Realm of Unbounded Desolation must be proficient in spatial power. Senior Ji is here and Xuan Guangyu seems to have died. Then who could it be...”

Nie Tian suddenly heaved a sigh of relief. “It’s Senior Martial Sister Pei.”

He had sensed Pei Qiqi’s aura.

A spatial rift opened between them before Pei Qiqi, who had been gone for a long time, came out. “Why are you all here?”

Nie Tian’s face dropped. “What happened, Senior Martial Sister Pei? You don’t look well! Your flesh aura is failing badly. Are you hurt? Who hurt you?”

Others could only find that Pei Qiqi looked a little pale, but couldn’t detect her abnormal flesh aura.

But Nie Tian had spent many drops of Blood Essence helping her temper her body and opening up space in her acupoints.

This enabled him to keenly sense Pei Qiqi’s flesh aura, and see that she had fought a fierce battle and been injured before she stepped into the Realm of Middle Continent with a single glance.