Lord of All Realms - Chapter 1616: A Sealed Heaven And Earth

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At the heart of the Realm of Middle Continent.

The three fragmentary star marks shone as brilliantly as stars!


Numerous wisps of Nie Tian’s soul essence, which he had infused into the marks, flew out.

They came together and rapidly morphed into a soul shadow with Nie Tian’s appearance.

The soul shadow fluctuated violently as it glanced around. “My heavens!”

It nearly scattered from excessive excitement.

After sinking through the layer of peculiar energies, he had come to a whole other heaven and earth, which was very similar to the vast underground space the Chaos Behemoth had created at the heart of the Shatter Battlefield!

Murky clusters of energies floated high in the vast space like clouds.

Underneath the clouds, a robust half-naked giant with only fur around his waist was lying on his back on a green, exuberant land, his gigantic body stretching thousands of kilometers like a mountain range!

The astonishment the sight of this giant put him in was even comparable to that he had felt years ago, when he had witnessed the first-generation Tree of Life for the first time.

Like chains, numerous thick lightning bolts wrapped tightly around the giant’s entire body.

Nie Tian was in fear as the lightning bolts made fizzing sounds, as he knew that his soul shadow would perish upon even the slightest contact with them.

Every once in a while, bolts of lightning would fly out of them towards the energy shield enveloping this vast space.

In the middle of the chest of the giant was a golden, shiny plate, which appeared to be a heart protector.

Streaks of golden light would rise skywards from the heart protector from time to time.

There was an unknown gem where the giant Adam’s apple was, emanating an ultimate frigid aura that made even Nie Tian’s soul shadow feel bone-piercing cold.

The hairs on the giant head were like a forest of lush trees, exuding rich wood power.

“Lightning bolts wreathing his body, a shiny golden plate protecting his heart, a frigid gem on his Adam’s apple, and hair that exudes wood power...” Nie Tian’s soul shadow fluctuated more and more strongly as he examined the giant. “It seems to me that his every muscle contains endless power. However, there clearly aren’t even the slightest soul power fluctuations within him... I guess he died a long time ago.

“Did he release the murky energy that filled this vast space?

“His body stretches as long as a mountain range. Even titans aren’t nearly as large!


Nie Tian was completely overwhelmed.

Even tenth grade titans could only grow to be several dozen kilometers tall. The same went for tenth grade dragons and Ancientbeasts.

As for the three major races from the Void World, their grand monarchs could only expand to be ten kilometers tall after activating Ancestral Awakening, which made them even shorter than the Ancientspirits.

However, this giant, who was lying on his back, was about five thousand kilometers in height!

“And he doesn’t have the appearance of an Ancientspirit or a Star Behemoth, but rather a human,” Nie Tian muttered, flabbergasted. “It appears to me that this is his regular form, not his dharma idol. Even if this is his dharma idol, no human’s dharma idol should be this large! What in the world is he? Is he a human or what?”

“Hmm?!” You Qimiao’s voice suddenly echoed out from another location in the vast space.

Immediately afterwards, Nie Tian watched You Qimiao from the Remote Beginning Heavenly Sect and Han Qing from the Profound Purity Palace rising into the sky from behind the enormous head of the giant.

“You Qimiao! Han Qing!”

Nie Tian’s soul shadow suddenly released intense soul fluctuations.

“Nie Tian!”

You Qimiao flicked his sleeves backwards and flew towards Nie Tian with Han Qing, carefully avoiding the devastating lighting bolts and golden lights that shot skywards from time to time.

“Be careful, Nie Tian,” You Qimiao hurried to say. “Your soul shadow may perish if it’s touched by any of these powers.”

“You...?” Nie Tian’s soul shadow stayed in one place, not daring to move around, while the three fragmentary star marks guarding him shone with dazzling starlight. “It’s been a long time since you entered that frigid lake and vanished. How come you’re here?”

“We’ve been stuck here since we got here,” You Qimiao said with a deeply grim face. “No matter what we do, we can’t find a way back. Do you see the frigid gem on the giant’s Adam’s apple, Nie Tian?”

“I do.”

“The cold power in the frigid lake comes from it. I’d never imagined there to be something so frigid in this starry river. I cultivate cold power, and have entered the late God domain. But still, I can’t collect that frigid gem.”

Han Qing joined the conversation and said, “I’ve gained the Ice Emperor’s legacy and refined the Frigid Depths into my spiritual sea, and I can’t collect it either.”

“Aside from that frigid gem, there’s that golden heart-protecting plate,” You Qimiao continued. “It’s a premium Heaven Nourished grade treasure like the Space Boundaries Crystal that Pei Qiqi obtained in the Shatter Battlefield. Since it’s a precious metal-attributed treasure, if Huang Jinnan from the metal element sect gets it, it’ll most certainly help him enter the God domain!

“That golden mountain on the realm’s surface only exists because the divine golden light shooting out of it filled up and transformed that mountain.

“Also, the wood power released by his hair is also rising to the realm’s surface and causing a sharp rise in the wood power content in the air.

“As for those lightning bolts wreathing his body, I’m afraid they’re even mightier than the bloodline power of Scotte the lightning dragon!”

The frigid lake, the golden mountain, the area filled with lightning, and the wood power that appeared out of nowhere... All of these mysteries were now solved thanks to You Qimiao’s explanation. However, what exactly was this giant lying before them? Where had it come from?

“Since you’ve been in this space for some time, have you figured out what this giant is?” Nie Tian asked.

“I think he’s a human like us...” You Qimiao said in a soft voice due to lack of confidence. “I know it’s hard to believe. Other than Star Behemoths, no beings throughout the three worlds should be this large. However...”

After a moment of hesitation, he added, “He’s exuding the spiritual Qi of heaven and earth, even though he appears to be dead. I even have a feeling that if we can send our soul awareness through those chain-like lightning bolts into his abdomen, we might be able to find a spiritual sea in the dantian region.”

“What?!” Nie Tian’s expression flickered with astonishment. “Are you saying that he belongs to the same cultivation system as we do? And he also channels the spiritual Qi of heaven and earth into his spiritual sea in his dantian region and refines it into spiritual cores?”

“I feel it’s not just spiritual Qi, but all sorts of energies of heaven and earth,” You Qimiao explained. “The boundless starry river is filled with a wide array of energies. Spiritual Qi is only one of them. It seems that like Star Behemoths, he can also take all sorts of energies into his spiritual sea in his dantian region. While Star Behemoths use those energies to temper their flesh, strengthen their bones, refine their internal organs, and upgrade their bloodlines, he channels them into his spiritual cores.”

Han Qing from the Profound Purity Palace nodded slightly and said, “I also think that he’s a human, a human like us.”

Nie Tian’s eyes widened with astonishment.

Could this giant, who was as magnificent as a mountain range, really be a human?