Lord of All Realms - Chapter 1615: Fragmentary Stars Enter The Earth

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Standing in the area where the Tree of Life had taken root, Nie Tian looked down at his chest.


His robes exploded from the waist up, revealing three small star-like marks on his chest.

Face filled with confusion, he said, “The fragmentary star marks only record secret spells and incantations of the Ancient Fragmentary Star Palace. All sorts of powers have proven incapable of breaking through that underground ward. What can the fragmentary star marks do?”

He found it baffling.

As his bloodline upgraded and his cultivation bases grew more profound, his power system had gradually deviated from that of the Ancient Fragmentary Star Palace’s.

Today, only his star power sub-soul would still derive enlightenment from the incantations recorded in the fragmentary star marks.

He had already mastered most of the spells, and could use them skillfully.

He didn’t think the fragmentary star marks would prove to be more effective than the Spirit Scepter, and allow him to penetrate that energy ward in the depths of the earth.

“You may not believe this,” the Tree of Life responded, “but I sensed an unusual stir in the star core of the Realm of Middle Continent when you and those others sent your soul power and all sorts of other power into the depths of the earth.”

Nie Tian’s expression flickered violently. “Star core?!”

Suddenly, memories that were buried deep in his mind came back to him. Images started appearing before his eyes.

It was the wondrous scene he had seen through his flame power sub-soul and the Divine Flame many years ago.

When the Divine Flame had first come to the Domain of Flame’s End, it had sprayed flame sparks that had fused into the realms and accelerated their growth. Eventually, almost every realm in the Domain of Flame’s End had grown into fiery realms that could gather flame power spontaneously, and produce volcanoes and various fiery treasures.

A thought occurred to Nie Tian. “The realms in the Domain of Flame’s End experienced those incredible changes because the Divine Flame arrived and infused their star cores with its flame sparks, so is the reason the Realm of Middle Continent is going through these strange changes because its star core is changing? If it is, what could have triggered the changes in its star core?”

Star cores were to realms like hearts were to living beings. They were of paramount importance.

Most realms withered because their star cores were exhausted, and could no longer channel power from the starry river on a continuous basis.

Star cores were full of wonders.

Due to the existence of the Divine Flame, the star core of every realm in the Domain of Flame’s End was incomparably blazing.

The star cores of the realms in the Domain of Endless Snow, however, were unimaginably frigid, with all of the energies they channeled from the starry river transformed into frigid cold power.

The main realms of the five sects of the Five Elements Sect had five star cores of different attributes.

It wasn’t the ancient races in the Spirit World or the three major races in the Void World that had led this entire starry river in the knowledge and exploration of star cores.

It was the Ancient Fragmentary Star Palace!

Their understanding of star power, star cores, star souls, and the birth, withering, and revival of stars exceeded that of all other races across the three worlds.

Like Ji Cang, every sectmaster of the Ancient Fragmentary Star Palace would spend most of their time traveling through the starry river and deriving enlightenment from the profundity of stars after entering the God domain.

“Fragmentary star marks!”

Nie Tian’s true soul suddenly flew over from the distance and merged into his fleshly body.

His star power poured into the three fragmentary star marks on his chest, causing them to shine like brilliant stars.

As soon as wisps of soul will flew out of his star power sub-soul and fused into the fragmentary star marks, innumerable symbols within them started realigning to manifest Starshift, Starfall, Sea of Illusory Stars, and other secret spells of the Fragmentary Star Incantation.

“Come on out!”

As soon as a thought entered his mind, the three small marks separated themselves from his chest and flew out.


Like three dazzling stars, the three fragmentary star marks first dashed out of this small heaven and earth that had been transformed by the Tree of Life.

Then, dragging tails of starlight, they plunged towards the ground from three different places.

Fragmentary star marks weren’t material objects, but rather condensations of star power. As they entered the ground, they seemed like clusters of pure energy in Nie Tian’s senses.

Unlike anything he had tried before, they didn’t meet even the slightest obstruction as they sank deeper!

Nie Tian was greatly spirited. “Interesting!”

He mustered his strength and flew out of the area where the Tree of Life had taken root. Then, he activated his star domain.


A dazzling starlight shield spread out from above his head and quickly enveloped him. The enormous Heavenly Stars Flower swayed its branches and leaves, each of which carried complicated star veins that resembled a downscaled star sea.

Before witnessing the grand first-generation Tree of Life in the Silent Star Sea, Nie Tian had reckoned the Heavenly Stars Flower to be the most wondrous plant in this starry river.

Now, as the Heavenly Stars Flower manifested in his star domain like a gigantic magical plant connecting numerous star seas, the entire Realm of Middle Continent was enveloped in its enchanting starlight.

Even the connection between him and the three fragmentary star marks that were sinking towards the depths of the earth instantly grew stronger.

“Nie Tian!”

Seeing him adopting a different approach, Yin Xingtian and the other God domain experts rapidly gathered to his location.

He just looked down towards the ground with narrowed eyes, and sensed the movements of the fragmentary star marks.

Before long, the fragmentary star marks reached the energy ward. “Here we are!”

Apparently, they were much faster than the soul power his true soul had sent out after amplification by the Spirit Scepter.

“If they can penetrate the ward...” A shudder suddenly ran through him.

He found it hard to believe that the three fragmentary star marks actually went into the layer of peculiar energies that had been impenetrable to Dong Li’s and his soul power!

The energy ward didn’t seem to be stopping his fragmentary star marks at all!

However, his awareness that he had vested them with was clouded immediately after they entered the ward.

He couldn’t perceive anything as the fragmentary star marks flew into the layer of peculiar energies.

However, it wasn’t long before the fragmentary star marks passed through the energy ward that was protecting the heart of the Realm of Middle Continent.

As soon as they did, they seemed to become his eyes.

His awareness, which he had vested them with, allowed him to perceive everything around the fragmentary star marks with great clarity!


Above the earth’s surface, Nie Tian’s star domain suddenly lit up. Countless stars shone so dazzlingly that even experts like Yin Xingtian didn’t dare to look at them.

The Heavenly Stars Flower also swayed with great force, spraying wisps of brilliant starlight in every direction.

Nie Tian’s star power sub-soul, which had risen out of the top of his head, suddenly grew blurry.

Seeing this, everyone realized that his star power sub-soul was losing soul power at an alarming rate.

However, his mysterious and glorious star domain expanded and shrank from time to time, changing nonstop.

“What’s down there, Nie Tian?”

“What do you see?”

“Our creator wants me to ask you what you can see through those fragmentary star marks.”