Lord of All Realms - Chapter 1608: A Fatal Strike!

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“The Second Demon Realm?” Nie Tian said with a casual smile. “It’s okay. Let him go. I want to see if that Blood Purgatory Sea of his can actually help boost his power in the Second Demon Realm.”

Grand Monarch Hell Demon didn’t know what to say.

At this moment, Grand Monarch Eternal Purgatory, who was ten thousand meters tall, split up and morphed into numerous rivers of blood that flowed towards the Second Demon Realm.

The blood rivers were also mixed with the blood of the Blood Purgatory Sea.


As the rivers stretched rapidly into the distance, Nie Tian took his time to follow them.

“Master!” the evil god of bloodlust exclaimed, the light of intelligence shining in the depths of his cyan pupils. “Even if Grand Monarch Eternal Purgatory flees to the Second Demon Realm, he’ll still be in the Spirit World. We might as well kill Grand Monarch Ash Bone first. Once Grand Monarch Ash Bone is dead, we’ll be able to team up with you, and killing Grand Monarch Eternal Purgatory will be much easier.”

The evil god of fear chimed in, “Eternal Purgatory is a fool! He’ll only have a chance to survive if he joins hands with Grand Monarch Ash Bone. By fleeing to the Second Demon Realm, not only will he get Grand Monarch Ash Bone killed, but himself too.”

“Let’s get rid of Ash Bone first, master,” the evil god of rage also said with determination.

Nie Tian let out a low chuckle and said, “You’ve changed indeed. It seems to me that you’ve finally become living beings with complete souls and independent consciousness.”

It surprised him that the five evil gods were suggesting that they kill Grand Monarch Ash Bone first.

This made him realize that, having visited the Nether Realm and absorbed the flesh auras sealed up within those stone statues, they had completely merged the soul fragments and soul will that had been gathered from the three worlds into themselves now.

They had finally been reborn in a real sense!

“They’re right. Let’s kill Ash Bone first!” Grand Monarch Hell Demon chimed in. “Once we kill Ash Bone, there’ll be nothing Grand Monarch Eternal Purgatory can do to escape death. Even holing up in the Second Demon Realm won’t help. In fact, not a single place in the Spirit World or the Mortal World will keep him safe. Death awaits him, as long as he doesn’t flee to the Void World within a short time!”

Nie Tian nodded slightly. “Since you all think this is the wise thing to do, alright then.”

The Bonedrude grand monarch, who was suffering in the invisible seas of negative emotions, felt deep fear for the first time upon overhearing their conversation and seeing Nie Tian nod.

It wasn’t imposed on him by the evil god of fear, but rather fear coming straight from the heart!

“Eternal Purgatory!”

Grand Monarch Ash Bone’s bellow somehow condensed into a thick beam of pale white death light that blasted directly towards the Second Demon Realm.

Hundreds of thousands of white lightning wisps could be seen slithering within the pillar of death light, manifesting the profound truths of death.

All of a sudden, the pillar of death light changed its direction, and shot towards the Sixth Demon Realm instead.

The glowing purple sphere that was the Sixth Demon Realm seemed to be instantly pierced through by a beam of mysterious white light.

After putting a hole in the Sixth Demon Realm, the white light returned to its original trajectory for the Second Demon Realm.


In the Sixth Demon Realm, countless wisps of white lightning and pale flames that carried death auras spread rapidly through heaven and earth.

Many Demons that hadn’t left the Sixth Demon Realm exploded and died upon being caught by the lightning wisps and pale flames.

Grand Monarch Ash Bone was a late tenth grade Bonedrude grand monarch. Even in the Void World, he was among the handful of most powerful experts.

As he spread his death power, any outsiders who weren’t tenth grade grand monarchs would be coiled by his mighty death power.

The Sixth Demon Realm was the weakest Demon realm. It was hard to find even ninth grade grand patriarchs in it.

Because of this, as Grand Monarch Ash Bone’s death power spread out, almost every Demon that remained in the Sixth Demon Realm died upon the slightest contact with it!

Then, the wisps of death power rising from the dead Demons were somehow attracted by the pillar of death light, and started converging on it from different directions, enhancing its power.

The air was filled with the bloodcurdling screams of the low-grade Demons in the Sixth Demon Realm.

Those from the Lancelot Clan, who Grand Monarch Eternal Purgatory had ordered to return to the Sixth Demon Realm, didn’t die at Nie Tian’s hands. Instead, their lives were now madly reaped by Grand Monarch Eternal Purgatory with his death bloodline.

“You shall die, Grand Monarch Ash Bone!” Grand Monarch Hell Demon flew into a rage, and hurried to cast out his Heaven-shaking Demonic Pillar.

The demonic pillar expanded at an alarming rate as it plummeted into the Sixth Demon Realm and jammed into the hole left by the pillar of death light with a loud rumble.

Countless mysterious and complicated patterns instantly lit up on the colossal demonic pillar.

It took in the residual Demon Qi in the Sixth Demon Realm and rapidly enveloped the entire realm in a protective flesh aura shield for the purpose of stopping the death power from spreading further.

Sparks that contained the essence of Grand Monarch Hell Demon’s bloodline power pursued the death power wisps through the Sixth Demon Realm like dazzling purple stars.

Gradually, all of white lightning wisps and pale flames were captured by the purple stars, and purged of the death power and bloodline wonders Grand Monarch Ash Bone had vested them with.

At the same time, Grand Monarch Hell Demon roared as he threw himself towards the evil gods’ seas of negative emotions.

The evil god of bloodlust, who had realized that this late tenth grade Demon grand monarch was actually a friend instead of a foe, called out, “Cancel!”

The seas of negative emotions instantly vanished.

Immediately after that, Grand Monarch Hell Demon plunged into the battlefield, and joined the five evil gods in attacking Grand Monarch Ash Bone.


The seven grand monarchs immediately engaged in a fierce battle. Blood Essence splashed in every direction as demonic power, nether power, and death power clashed, filling the area of the starry river with surging power and dazzling lights.

Their battle gave Nie Tian a deeply unsettling feeling that the starry river could break and collapse at any moment.

Nie Tian examined the fighting grand monarchs with narrowed eyes, and found them somewhat unreal, as if their power were somehow affecting and twisting the space around them.


Every once in a while, bright blasts of energy from their violent clashes would find their way to the Sixth Demon Realm.

Fortunately, the light shield created by the Heaven-shaking Demonic Pillar protected the realm from the bombardments like an unbreakable realm barrier.

However, many smaller meteors and floating lands in its vicinity weren’t so lucky, and were reduced to ashes in loud booms.

After observing for a while, Nie Tian grinned and let out a low chuckle. “Seven grand monarchs fighting...”

“Domain Split!”

The bone that belonged to the Rampage Behemoth suddenly morphed into a crimson river filled with hundreds of thousands of fine crystalline chains, in which fierce life power could be seen running like blood.

Within the blood-like life power, tiny sparks that carried the essence of life power shone like fragmentary diamonds.

However, the mysterious river suddenly vanished.

As it reappeared a moment later, it bizarrely showed up and pierced into Grand Monarch Ash Bone’s bony chest, as if it had defied the space between them.


Boundless blood-colored light poured madly into Grand Monarch Ash Bone’s vast chest, towards his large, vigorously-beating heart that could be seen through his ribs.

It was a heart that was wreathed in death flames and sputtering pale lightning wisps from time to time!


Grand Monarch Ash Bone threw his head back and let out a cry of agony, as if he was being cut by a thousand blades and pained to the point where he wanted to die.

He looked down and saw the crimson bone sticking out of his chest.

He noticed that the Rampage Behemoth’s power had ripped through his flesh aura barrier in the form of Domain Split, and was pouring Nie Tian’s immense flesh power into his body, flesh power that exuded shockingly strong life force.

If such flesh power was infused into beings of other races, like titans or dragons, they would probably welcome it, skipping with joy.

However, such flesh power that contained the essence of life was like deadly poison to Bonedrudes.

As everyone knew, life and death stood on opposite sides.

If his heart, which was branded with various laws of death, was ripped open by the Rampage Behemoth’s bone and infused with Nie Tian’s life power, it would be none other than a fatal strike!