Lord of All Realms - Chapter 1606: Life Blend In A Real Sense

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The five evil gods grew increasingly fierce and dominant.

“You can’t get away, Ash Bone.” The evil god of bloodlust said with an icy look in its eyes. Like a gigantic human-form hedgehog, it was covered in sharp thorns that were hundreds of meters long, and shone with a cold, metallic luster.

Each and every thorn was covered in complicated engravings, which seemed to carry profound bloodline wonders.

Heart full of elation and excitement, the evil god of bloodlust thought to itself, “This new body of mine appears to be even more powerful and full of potential than the one I had in my previous life!”

He could tell that his four companions, the evil gods of hatred, fear, despair, and rage, shared his feelings, and they were also marveling inwardly at the might of their reforged bodies.

Having regathered their lost memories and soul fragments and absorbed the flesh auras that had been sealed within those stone statues, the five evil gods had been resurrected in a real and full sense.

They had fully recovered their memories of their previous lives in the Void World, and the profound truths they had derived about their bloodlines.

That was why they were so excited to discover that their new bodies were much more powerful than their previous ones.

Nie Tian had reforged their bodies with countless drops of his Blood Essence. For this reason, there were significant differences between their new bodies and their old Netherspirit bodies.

Among the races of the Spirit World, the Demons had their Indestructible Form, the Bonebrutes had their Unbreakable Form, and the Floragrims had their Heavenly Wood Heal.

All of these races had powerful fleshly bodies with unique wonders.

However, compared to them, the Netherspirits and the Phantasms were far inferior regarding the strength of their fleshly bodies.

Their advantage was in their understanding of souls and mastery of soul power.

Back when the five evil gods had inspired fear across the Void World as Netherspirit lords, it had been their exceedingly powerful souls that they had relied on. Their bodies had always been their weak spot.

In fact, their untimely deaths had a great deal to do with their relatively weak fleshly bodies.

However, now...


As soon as the fully-resurrected evil god of bloodlust activated his bloodline, cyan lightning wisps could be seen sparking among his sinister sharp thorns.

Each and every thorn burst forth with terrifying light, as if they were divine weapons that could pierce through any flesh-form being.

He clenched his fist, and was struck by a feeling that his bones had become as hard as celestial metal, and that the pure flesh power he could muster now had far surpassed what he could muster in his previous life.

The evil god of bloodlust took a deep breath and said, “I was stuck at the late tenth grade for a long period of time before I died in my previous life, and I saw no hope of advancing to the next stage. I even had a feeling that it was my lack of fleshly strength that had been keeping me from taking that step forward. Now, however, with the wondrous bodies our new master has forged for us with his Blood Essence, I might actually be able to achieve what I couldn’t in my previous life!”

The other four evil gods perceived his thoughts due to their interconnected souls, and responded, “We have the same feeling!”

The five of them exchanged glances with each other before turning to look at Nie Tian in the distance.

For the first time, heartfelt gratitude appeared in their eyes.

They realized that it was Nie Tian who had revived them with his Blood Essence, helped them recover their lost memories and soul fragments, and given them a chance to rise to heights they couldn’t have risen to in their previous lives.

“Transcend the limits of the tenth grade and walk the starry river as paragons!”

As soon as the five evil gods, who had won countless battles and made their names throughout the Void World, opened their arms and let out deafening roars, five seas of five different negative emotions engulfed Grand Monarch Ash Bone.

The tolls of the Bell of Death suddenly grew sad and dreary.

Grand Monarch Eternal Purgatory, who was just about to escape, was caught off-guard and engulfed by the seas of negative emotions as well. His expression flickered violently as he cried, “Ahh!”

The same went for Grand Monarch Hell Demon.

The seas of negative emotions were invisible and formless. One could only perceive them with their souls.

The intense hatred, fear, despair, rage, and bloodlust within them seemed to be peculiar energies drawn from the last words and final emotion-venting of countless living beings before their deaths.

The three grand monarchs, Ash Bone, Eternal Purgatory, and Hell Demon, seemed to see images of the misery and brutality that beings of a wide array of species had suffered before their deaths.

Among them were beings of various species from the Void World, along with Ancientspirits, Floragrims, and Blackscales from the Spirit World.

The three grand monarchs instantly realized that the beings they were seeing that had suffered violent deaths must have been killed by the five evil gods. To their surprise, some of the hatred, fear, despair, rage, and bloodlust appeared to have been drawn from late tenth grade grand monarchs like them.

This proved that any of the evil gods had been capable of single-handedly killing experts at their level in battle in their prime.


Agatha, who was tightly bound by the dark-green rattans, trembled with fear from time to time as she looked at the five evil gods from afar. Apparently, she was also influenced by the negative emotions and lost herself in them from time to time.

Her mind was switching back and forth between sanity and confusion.

Taken aback, Nie Tian turned to examine her with a frown. Only then did he realize that since she had to muster power to fight the vines and the pressure they imposed on her, she was poisoned by the seas of negative emotions released by the evil gods despite the significant distance between them.

Nie Tian couldn’t help but sigh in admiration. “Those five are getting more and more powerful indeed. Even though Agatha is at a relatively low grade, she’s still a grand monarch, and she’s so far away from them.”

With this thought, he sent out a wisp of soul will.

Enveloped in the seas of negative emotions, Grand Monarch Hell Demon, who had come from the Doomed Star Sea, felt as if he were a small boat at the heart of a devastating storm.

However, the violent sea seemed to suddenly grow calm.

“Would you keep an eye on Agatha and what’s going on in the vicinity for me?” Nie Tian’s voice echoed in his ears. “I’ll take my time wearing Grand Monarch Eternal Purgatory and Grand Monarch Ash Bone down.”

Grand Monarch Hell Demon went blank for a moment.

Immediately afterwards, he found Nie Tian, in his enlarged form, shifting his position in the void and arriving in front of Grand Monarch Eternal Purgatory in the blink of an eye, who was enveloped in the seas of negative emotions created by the five evil gods.


Blinding bolts of starlight and devastatingly fierce flames instantly burst forth from within him.

With his god domain unactivated, the three spiritual cores within his spiritual sea in his dantian provided him with seemingly endless power like super-large-scale realms. Each and every move he made seemed to be vested with profound celestial power.

The surging wood power within his wood power spiritual core worked with his flesh aura sea perfectly, allowing him to heal injuries and recover flesh power efficiently.

“Bloodline: Life Blend!”

As soon as Nie Tian called out in a low voice, the bone that belonged to the Rampage Behemoth blossomed with violent crimson light.

Then, the light rapidly condensed into the illusory shape of a Star Behemoth that wrapped itself around Nie Tian’s enlarged form like a suit of armor, which seemed to become a part of him.

A brutal and frenzied power that was unmatched throughout the starry river poured out of the illusory shape into Nie Tian’s body, as if to bless him with the Rampage Behemoth’s bloodline and power.

Nie Tian’s eyes shone as bright as a blazing sun. “This is Life Blend in a real sense, infusing me with the power of another species!”

As he moved his arms, he felt endless power inside of him. Therefore, he gathered strength and threw a casual punch towards Grand Monarch Eternal Purgatory’s chest.


The shield the ten-thousand-meter tall Grand Monarch Eternal Purgatory had condensed with his Blood Essence instantly shattered.

His chest sank considerably as purple demonic blood poured down the corner of his mouth like a stream.