Lord of All Realms - Chapter 1603: Good News

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In the Seven Stars Realm Sea.

With Grand Monarch Thousand Spirits’ sub-soul shattered, the Ripper Behemoth hiding in the floating continent didn’t have to hide anymore.

The outsider warships exploded like fireworks, their debris absorbed by the floating continent like flaming meteors.

Those who were below the ninth grade were all shaken to death by the Ripper Behemoth’s devastating flesh aura.

Various kinds of blood fell into the floating continent like springs and waterfalls.

The broken lands in the upper part of the floating continent that had existed since ancient times absorbed the outsiders’ blood, transformed it, and made it morph into strange drops of liquidized energy that fell with loud plops.

In many areas of the lower part of the floating continent, a large number of exotic and rare flowers and herbs absorbed the abundant energy, and started growing vigorously.

Due to the infusion of new energy, many areas with ore veins gave birth to rare spiritual materials and treasures.

Since the floating continent had opened, people like Yin Xingtian and Yu Suying, who had attached themselves to Nie Tian, had been allowed to collect fruits, refine weapons, and improve their cultivation bases on it. Because of that, a significant proportion of the floating continent’s reserve had been consumed.

Now, the Ripper Behemoth was making up for the consumption of the floating continent’s resources by virtue of the outsiders it killed.

As long as the energy was sufficient, the floating continent would be able to give birth to exotic flowers, herbs, and treasures again.

Many Saint and Void domain experts of the four great ancient sects, who had arrived through spatial rifts, were flying about on their brilliant air-transportation spiritual tools, which looked like pieces of jade.

Many outsiders who had come from both the Void World and Spirit World became their targets.

“It is normal that we can win this battle after Grand Monarch Bloodlust, Grand Monarch Nether Channeler, Grand Monarch Soul Breaker, and Ophelia died, and Grand Monarch Eternal Purgatory and Grand Monarch Ash Bone are trapped in the Spirit World,” Ye Wenhan said as he looked at the outsiders wailing in the distance.

Then he sighed with mixed emotions. “Only the strongest experts can change the course of a battle. Without Grand Monarch Eternal Purgatory and Grand Monarch Ash Bone, a Ripper Behemoth alone can make them feel helpless.”

Standing gracefully on the broad back of the black tortoise, Dong Li seemed to be standing on a dark continent.

Even though the black tortoise, which had appeared in its giant form, didn’t use dark power, it still made Dong Li look like an inviolable dark goddess.

Since the black tortoise carried the Dark Behemoth’s bloodline and had reached the tenth grade, it could channel all kinds of energies from the starry river to strengthen itself at all times.

Its body had slowly enlarged to the point where it was larger than most outsider grand monarchs, and it continued to expand.

“We’re retaking control of the Seven Stars Realm Sea,” said Dong Li.

She looked down at the realm sea, watching streaks of blood and light fly into it. “As you can see, the corpses of many outsiders are slowly raising the waters of the Seven Stars Realm Sea. It’s about time we finished off the outsiders who have come from the Void World and Spirit World to invade our domains.”

“Let’s sit here and wait for the cornered people who have scattered all over the Mortal World to come forward,” Ye Wenhan said with a snort. “It’s time for us to settle the score with those who have slaughtered as they pleased in our domains.”

Dong Li frowned. “The only thing I’m a little worried about is that Pei Qiqi has been missing for a while. With her around, the situation in the Seven Stars Realm Sea would be even better. As long as the portal is closed, outsider experts from the Void World won’t be able to get here even if they have more to send here.”

Ye Wenhan aired his opinion. “The Void Spirit Society may know about Miss Pei’s disappearance, but we know nothing about it.”


Suddenly, a shocking flash of lightning came out of nowhere and arrived in front of Dong Li.

The lightning stopped, and morphed into Yuan Jiuchuan.

Those who recognized Yuan Jiuchuan gave a sudden start, and couldn’t help exclaim in shock. “Thunder Devil!”

However, Dong Li wasn’t scared. She looked at the Thunder Devil and asked in amazement. “Yuan Jiuchuan, what are you doing here?”

With her current strength, a mere Yuan Jiuchuan couldn’t harm her at all.

Yuan Jiuchuan answered, “I’m here under orders.”

Dong Li felt curious. “Orders? Whose orders?”

Yuan Jiuchuan replied, “The person who gave you the Dark Aureole.”

Dong Li raised her eyebrows slightly.

All of a sudden, endless darkness surged out of the black tortoise’s shell and her body.

The darkness enshrouded her and Yuan Jiuchuan, making Ye Wenhan and all the experts of the four great ancient sects unable to see her or listen to her conversation with Yuan Jiuchuan.

Moments later, the darkness abruptly dissipated. Dong Li and Yuan Jiuchuan reappeared.

Dong Li said, “Give the Phantasms and the Demons from the Spirit World a chance to live. Don’t wipe them out. It’s better to confine them to a particular domain or region. Of course, it doesn’t hurt to kill those who refuse to surrender, and have committed monstrous crimes before.

“If the people below the ninth grade haven’t committed any terrible acts, spare their lives...”

She kept giving orders.

The orders she gave were directed at the Demons and the Phantasms of the Spirit World in a bid to protect them from being wiped out. This left many experts of the four great ancient sects and Ancientspirits with doubts and resentments.

Even Yin Xingtian and Yu Suying found it very strange and confusing.

“Why?” Ye Wenhan asked.

“Nie Tian will explain when he comes back from the Spirit World,” Dong Li smiled apologetically and answered. “I’m sorry, Elder Ye. Please understand.”

Hearing this, a Saint domain expert from other forces flared up at her, “Miss Dong! It was the Demons who conquered our domain! They have killed many disciples of my sect. Now we’ve finally gained the upper hand, yet you say that we should spare the Demons and Phantasms? What is this about?”

“I’ve told you we can kill those who have committed heinous crimes,” Dong Li explained. “Just spare the Demons and Phantasms with weak cultivation bases, and give the two races a chance to continue.”

The man argued forcefully, “The hands of the Demons with weak cultivation bases are also covered in humanity’s blood. They deserve to be eradicated!”

Dong Li frowned, looking unhappy.

Noticing that she had gone silent, the man shouted even louder, “Since they aren’t humans, they won’t act for the good of the human race. Since the Demons and Phantasms have been defeated in the human world, they deserve to be wiped out. Not just that, but we should also enter the Spirit World through the formation in the Realm of Unbounded Desolation and wipe out all the descendents of the Phantasms, Demons, and Bonebrutes so that we can avoid trouble in the future.”

Dong Li said, “We can treat the Devils and Netherspirits in the Void World like that, but the disposal of the Phantasms and Demons must be put off!”

The man growled, “Why?”

Dong Li squinted and emitted a dangerous aura. “Because that’s what I said. If you don’t agree, you can go wipe out the Demons and Phantasms by yourself. My people will just sit back and watch you do it. How about that?”

The man flew into a rage. “You!”

Although the experts of the four great ancient sects didn’t agree with her decision either, they remained sensibly silent, because they were well-aware that it was really because Nie Tian had trapped Grand Monarch Eternal Purgatory and Grand Monarch Ash Bone, and the strength of those like Dong Li, Yin Xingtian, and Yu Suying that the human crisis had been solved.

In the Sixth Demon Realm of the Spirit World.

A hidden spatial passage suddenly absorbed the surging demon Qi, and became unimpeded.


Grand Monarch Hell Demon’s lower body, which looked like an elephant, emerged from the passage before he stepped onto the earth of the Sixth Demon Realm, causing the whole realm to shake.

“Demon realms. I’m back after so many years,” Grand Monarch Hell Demon laughed and roared.

After that, he morphed into a surging beam of demon power, and instantly broke through the realm barrier to reach the starry river. “Eternal Purgatory, you didn’t expect me to come back, did you?”