Lord of All Realms - Chapter 1600: Rise!

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In a corner of the Spirit World.

The Bell of Death, which was thousands of meters tall, slammed into a dead star.


The entire star shook violently. Pieces of land broke off and drifted into the starry river.

The mountainous Grand Monarch Ash Bone then plummeted into the star like a meteor, causing chasms to rip through the earth.

Like a bone dragon, his huge arm stretched into the distance, hooked his bony fingers onto the Bell of Death, and brought it back to him.

Icy, wrathful light filled the depths of Grand Monarch Ash Bone’s dark-green pupils as he cried out, “The five of you were Netherspirit lords from the Void World in your previous lives. Now that you’ve reforged your bodies and recovered your memories, why are you still taking orders from a despicable human?”


The five evil gods landed heavily one after another, forming a circle around Grand Monarch Ash Bone.


All five of them fixed their eyes on Grand Monarch Ash Bone. Peculiar lightning wisps could be seen slithering in the depths of their unfathomable eyes.

Grand Monarch Ash Bone felt an acute pain in his head, and realized that these Netherspirit experts were burning his soul power with their consummate mastery of soul incantations.

He grew more and more furious. “You’re not anyone’s puppets! Back in the day, you were bold enough to fight Grand Monarch Heavenly Spirit for the position of high chieftain! After your loss, you chose to serve a paragon as his loyal subordinates. There was no shame in that! But now, you’ve clearly recovered your self-awareness and memories, yet you choose to side with the lowly humans and even take commands from them! I don’t understand!”

As a late tenth grade Bonedrude grand monarch, he had heard a great deal about the five evil gods. He knew how mighty they had been in their heyday.

If Grand Monarch Heavenly Spirit hadn’t made that uncanny breakthrough and peaked as an invincible paragon, any of them would have had a fair chance at rising to the position of Netherspirit high chieftain.

However, such brilliant warriors revered by all Netherspirits in the Void World were pursuing him unrelentingly under the instructions of a human. He found this hard to understand.

He could defeat any of them with the help of his Bell of Death if he were to fight them one-on-one. However, if the five of them teamed up on him and released surging seas of negative emotions to impact his soul, he wouldn’t have much of a chance to win.

“You know nothing of loyalty and honor,” the evil god of bloodlust said coldly, an intense flesh aura filled with torrential killing intent shooting up from behind him like beacon smoke. “Our late master, Grand Monarch Heavenly Spirit, created the Phantasms in the Nether Realm in the Spirit World. All of them are his descendants and carry his bloodline! To us, their bloodline is every bit as pure as the Netherspirits’!

“As for our new master, he’s not a pure human. He represents the future! And he is the one that will open a new era!”

Grand Monarch Ash Bone was confused. “Open a new era? What are you talking about?

With a hint of mockery at the corner of his mouth, the evil god of bloodlust said, “Grand Monarch Heavenly Spirit created the Phantasms in the Spirit World. The Dark King entered the Spirit World, and the Demons were born as a people. Your Bone Emperor brought the Bonebrutes into the Spirit World. Do you think these paragons went to create new races in the Spirit World at different times only to conquer the Spirit World and expel the Ancientspirits?”

Grand Monarch Ash Bone was even more confused. “Did they not?”

The evil god of bloodlust let out a cold snort. “Of course not! However, it’s not my responsibility to explain their true intentions to you. All you need to know is that we’ll devour your soul, and it’ll be very helpful for us to recover our peak strength.”

Immediately after saying these words, the five evil gods pounced on Grand Monarch Ash Bone.

The dead star couldn’t withstand the battle between these mighty beings, and started falling apart.

Blazing purple lightning bolts and surging seas of negative emotions clashed with Grand Monarch Ash Bone’s death bloodline. The soul-claiming tolls of the Bell of Death echoed far and wide, causing all those who heard them to die violent deaths.

Hard-fought battles weren’t only taking place in the Spirit World.


At the Seven Stars Realm Sea, which was currently occupied by the outsiders from the Void World and the Spirit World.

Many Saint domain experts of the Void Spirit Society and Zhao Shanling joined hands and quietly split open spatial rifts in a dark area of the starry river.

After that, Saint and God domain experts from the four great sects, along with Dong Li, Master Blood Spirit, Yin Xingtian, Yu Suying, Grand Monarch Primal Wood, and the three Ancientspirit grand monarchs, streamed in through different spatial rifts.


“Floragrims and Ancientspirits too!”

The outsiders from the Spirit World and the Void World that were gathered on the dead stars surrounding the Seven Stars Realm Sea shouted, their faces turning pale with fright.

A doppelgänger of Grand Monarch Thousand Spirits also stood aghast upon seeing the massive assault led by the humans and the Ancientspirits. “How could this be happening? How do they dare to attack us? Shouldn’t we be marching into the Domain of Forbidden Heaven after regrouping our forces?”


Many outsider starships that were berthed on the dead stars spewed flames and blazing energies as they slowly flew away in deafening rumbles.


The heaven-shaking, earth-shattering howl of the Ripper Behemoth suddenly echoed out.

Immediately afterwards, the super-large-scale floating continent entered everyone’s view, and rammed towards the fleeing outsider starships with a heaven-destroying, earth-extinguishing momentum.

All of the outsider starships were thousands of meters long. However, they were reduced to scrap metal one after another upon impact with the floating continent.

Tens of thousands of Devils, Phantasms, Demons, and Netherspirits on the starships were instantly reduced to bloody mists, which were then absorbed by the floating continent.

As the rampage of the floating continent went on, more fleeing outsider starships exploded into balls of flames.

More outsiders at different grades were killed without a chance to fight, and had their mangled flesh and broken bodies pulled into the floating continent.

Even the burning debris of their starships was collected by the floating continent.

In such a short time, the outsiders suffered heavy losses.

Surrounded by a sea of twinkling stars, Chu Rui from the Ancient Fragmentary Star Palace, who had come out for the first time after his severe injury, said in a rhythmical voice, “We’ve been trying to march our forces into the Spirit World for the past millennia.

“As a people, we have never submitted to our enemies in this world since we rose to prominence and expelled the outsiders.

“We never have, and we never will!”


Yin Xingtian cast his Godspan Sword Formation, and glorious sword light instantly enveloped Grand Monarch Thousand Spirits’ doppelgänger. “Grand Monarch Bloodlust, Grand Monarch Nether Channeler, Grand Monarch Soul Breaker, and Ophelia have all died in the Spirit World. You thought you could kill Nie Tian in the Spirit World? Hahaha, I wish you had sent more of your kind to die there.”

Grand Monarch Thousand Spirits’ expression flickered violently.

“Oh, I forgot to tell you,” Yin Xingtian added. “There’s actually a secret spatial tunnel between the Mortal World and the Realm of Middle Continent, the birthplace of my people.”

Only then did he yell, “Break him!”

Countless wisps of sword light instantly pierced into Grand Monarch Thousand Spirits’ doppelgänger, causing it to instantly explode like a splendid firework.

Even the wisps of his soul were snuffed out by the sword lights before they could escape.