Lord of All Realms - Chapter 1597: Unmatched Power!

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While spiraling out of control, the Doom Blade cracked bit by bit, demonic light bursting forth from within the cracks.

Within seconds, it was overwhelmed by Nie Tian’s devastating power and shattered into countless pieces.

A wisp of a peculiar soul then flew out of the broken blade and fled towards the Demon realms.

It was the Doom Spirit.

“Nie Tian!” The chosen one of the Demon race let out a grudge-filled cry as her body gradually cracked and broke apart under the might of Nie Tian’s fist strike.


As much as the chunks of flesh hoped to join back together, they were blasted by wave after wave of power.

Within seconds, they were blasted into even smaller pieces, which then exploded into a purple bloody mist.

Ophelia was originally thousands of meters tall after activating Ancestral Awakening.

However, Nie Tian managed to blast her Indestructible Form into a bloody mist with Titan’s Wrath. Such power was simply unheard of.

Dou Tianchen from the Ancient Fragmentary Star Palace was flabbergasted. “I can’t believe that Ophelia, the Demons’ newly-made grand monarch, actually exploded and died under Nie Tian’s single fist strike!”

Before Nie Tian’s return, he had joined Master Blood Spirit in attacking Ophelia.

Having been engaged in a fierce battle against her, he had been deeply impressed by her battle prowess and the might of her Doom Blade.

He knew that it would have been impossible for him to defeat her single-handedly.

That was based on the fact that of her two opponents, she had put more effort into fighting Master Blood Spirit than him.

“After all, she’s only an early tenth grade grand monarch,” Nie Tian, who looked like a majestic mountain in his enlarged form, muttered before activating Life Drain.

Immediately afterwards, the purple bloody mist, which was what remained of Ophelia, was channeled by his life bloodline, and started flying towards him in clusters.

They entered his body through the pores all over his body, and were added to his source power.

At the same time, he pointed the top of the Spirit Scepter at the void.


Wisps of Ophelia’s discarnate soul were drawn by the scepter and swirled into it, giving new fuel to the scepter.

Grand Monarch Eternal Purgatory, who was also a Demon, was still bogged down in Dong Li’s dark power. By the time he noticed that Ophelia had been killed by Nie Tian with a single strike, he had almost lost his mind. “You’re seeking to die, Nie Tian!”

He had attached great importance to Ophelia, who had carried a pure bloodline and had the Doom Blade at her command. He had been convinced that she would become his right hand in the future.

As far as he saw it, her potential had outmatched Grand Monarch Bloodlust’s!

In fact, she had made significant contributions to his speedy revival from the Blood Purgatory Sea.

Now that such a clansman of tremendous promise had died at Nie Tian’s hands, it was only natural that he flew into a rage.

Nie Tian let out a derisive chuckle. Then, without sparing Grand Monarch Eternal Purgatory another glance, he cast his gaze down and whispered, “Starshift!”

Sparks of dazzling starlight gradually manifested behind his back, as if he was growing a set of wings made of stars.

In the next moment, his entire body blossomed with blinding light.

“Grand Monarch Nether Channeler of the Fiends, here I come.”

The bone belonging to the Rampage Behemoth shot across the void like a crimson divine spear. Catching Grand Monarch Nether Channeler off guard, it pierced right through his flesh aura sea like a steel needle piercing through a balloon.


With lightning speed, the bone pierced through Grand Monarch Nether Channeler’s abdomen.

Raging bloodline power instantly burst forth in his punctured abdomen, countless sparkling crimson strings rapidly spreading and riddling his internal organs with holes.

Grand Monarch Nether Channeler let out heaven-shaking, earth-shattering shrieks.

Immediately afterwards, Yu Suying’s Heaven-purging Divine Light arrived. Like numerous silver lightning bolts, the light pierced and drilled into his body, and started ravaging his flesh and muscles.

Grand Monarch Nether Channeler could only let out agonized howls, while spewing out foul-smelling acidic liquid.

The acidic liquid then transformed into fatally poisonous smoke that seemed to be capable of corroding the flesh of all lives and tainting all divine tools.

With fizzing sounds, Yu Suying’s Heaven-purging Divine Light was corroded by Grand Monarch Nether Channeler’s bloodline toxins, and started to lose its brilliance. Seeing this, she hurried to pull the wisps of light out of his body.

“That bone...” she examined with rapt attention while summoning her Heaven-purging Divine Light back to her. She noticed that even though the bone sticking out of Grand Monarch Nether Channeler’s abdomen was also corroded by the toxins, it didn’t seem much affected, as it was still releasing wisps of crimson light that gradually destroyed Grand Monarch Nether Channeler’s internal organs like blood-colored snakes.

“Time to die!” Nie Tian shouted in a deep voice.

Like a monstrous god from ancient times, he suddenly appeared in front of Grand Monarch Nether Channeler, fixing him with an icy look.

Grand Monarch Nether Channeler was shrieking in heart-wrenching pain. Nie Tian’s arrival made even his soul tremble in fear.

Wreathed in a torrential aura, Nie Tian now inspired deeper fear in him than anyone he had fought in his entire life!

Even when facing his high chieftain, Grand Monarch Dark Depths, he hadn’t felt such fear.

Now, however, even the space seemed to be on the verge of collapsing under Nie Tian’s heaven-shaking, earth-shattering aura, and started to give off fizzing sounds.

Standing on a wondrous land, surrounded by stars, and with a mysterious fiery spell formation operating around him, he seemed to possess the power to reduce realms to scorched land and incinerate all living beings.

“No!” Grand Monarch Nether Channeler cried out upon seeing the intense killing intent in his eyes.

He decisively abandoned his severely injured body and fled in only a wisp of his soul.

However, as soon as his soul left his body, fine wisps of soul power sputtered from the corners of Nie Tian’s eyes like tiny lightning bolts.

Immediately afterwards, a giant densely-woven net of soul power came to form, taking up Grand Monarch Nether Channeler’s whole view.

After easily catching his fleeing soul like a fish, the net pulled up into the shape of a ball.

Then, he felt that his soul was gradually sliced into many pieces, along with his lifetime memories.

“I... I’m done this time.”

Soon, his awareness grew vague, and he no longer knew who he was.

Nie Tian grabbed the bone belonging to the Rampage Behemoth with his huge hand and yanked it straight up.


From the waist up, Grand Monarch Nether Channeler’s body split in half.

Emerald-like drops of Blood Essence with Bloodline Crystal Chains flickering within them spilled out and sought Grand Monarch Nether Channeler’s residual awareness in an attempt to secure a chance at rebirth.

Nie Tian pursed his lips into a smile. “No one I kill gets to be reborn! Life Drain! Life Purification!”

His flesh aura sea instantly rushed out of his body and engulfed Grand Monarch Nether Channeler’s remains, along with his acidic poisonous flesh aura.

Every once in a while, drops of Blood Essence that contained deadly toxins were unraveled within Nie Tian’s flesh aura sea and turned into poisonous miasma, which then floated into the Realm of Middle Continent.

Infused with the essence of Grand Monarch Nether Channeler’s toxins, that miasma might turn an area of the realm into a poisonous swamp and spawn poisonous creatures in a few centuries.

Surrounded by the thick flesh aura Grand Monarch Nether Channeler had left behind, Nie Tian gradually purged and refined it into himself. Suddenly, his eyes turned to see Grand Monarch Ash Bone and Grand Monarch Eternal Purgatory. “Two late tenth grade grand monarchs to go.

“The Bonedrudes’ death power conflicts with my life bloodline... so Grand Monarch Eternal Purgatory it is.”

Wreathed in a scarlet flesh aura, he fixed his eyes on Grand Monarch Eternal Purgatory.

Grand Monarch Eternal Purgatory, who was restrained by Dong Li’s dark power and couldn’t manifest the true might of the Blood Purgatory Sea, suddenly felt a chill running down his spine.

Immediately afterwards, he noticed that Nie Tian was staring at him...

Ophelia had been at the early tenth grade. Grand Monarch Nether Channeler had been at the middle tenth grade. Both of them had been butchered by Nie Tian without being able to even put up a fight.

This made Grand Monarch Eternal Purgatory insecure and uneasy, which was a feeling that even Dong Li, who was wielding the Dark Aureole before him, couldn’t give him.

Even though Dong Li had merged the dark stones with herself and gained control of the Dark Aureole, she could only suppress his bloodline power by relying on the Dark King’s residual power. It was impossible for her to kill him.

In fact, he was convinced that not a single expert present, including the Ancientspirit grand monarchs and Grand Monarch Primal Wood, could pose a threat to him.

The whole time, he had only been suppressed by the Dark King’s paragon-level residual power. His life had never been in danger.

That was why even though he saw the unfavorable situation, he had never thought about retreating and admitting defeat.

As a late tenth grade grand monarch, he was from a distant era. Even the humans’ Ice Emperor, Xuan Yu, had died after a battle against him. Who in this expert-deprived era could kill him?

“Perhaps I’ll finally be able to advance to the tenth grade with your death,” Nie Tian muttered as he assumed a tight grip on the Rampage Behemoth’s bone and approached Grand Monarch Eternal Purgatory with his face filled with aspiration.