Lord of All Realms - Chapter 1596: Blow!

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The advance to the God domain was made!

There were innumerable Qi warriors in this starry river. However, no more than a thousand of them could reach the Saint domain in their lifetime, and each generation would only see a handful of God domain experts.

Many, like Li Wanfa and Zhang Qiling, had chosen to stay at the late Saint domain for millennia instead of making rash attempts to break through to the God domain.

After all, one mishap during the breakthrough, and they would have to wait for rebirth, or worse, die beyond salvation.

Hundreds would fail before one could succeed.


Thanks to the catalysis of his wood domain, Nie Tian’s star domain and flame domain were also slowly making the transformation to god domains, spawning infinite wondrous changes.

His star domain, which looked like a dazzling starry river, soon completed its transformation. Like diamonds, countless stars surrounded the Heavenly Stars Flower.

The magical laws of stars manifested within his star domain. All of his star incantations and spells, including the Fragmentary Star Incantation, Starfall, Starshift, and Starchain, seemed to become patterns of profound truths that were branded within his god domain.

Meanwhile, the mysterious spell formation in his flame domain that had been copied from the Flame Land seemed to go through changes as well.

The patterns that made up the spell formation condensed into fiery and crystalline lines, each and every line representing a profound, complicated truth of fire.

His wood, flame, and star power sub-souls also seemed to be growing stronger at a shocking rate.

Glorious lights streaked through his sub-souls as rumbling chants of magical laws echoed out.

All sorts of profound knowledge about star, wood, and flame power that Nie Tian hadn’t comprehended before, including the wonders of life power he had acquired in the endless blood sea, suddenly became clear to him at this moment.


Nie Tian’s true soul suddenly arrived through the spatial rift Ji Yuanquan had created, holding the Spirit Scepter.


Spots that contained the essence of wood power, flame power, and star power flew out of his three domains and into his true soul, cleansing and purifying it.

His true soul was the foundation of all of his sub-souls, which held all sorts of profound truths of souls and burned the essence of his soul fire.

At his moment, being cleansed and refined by his sub-souls, his true soul felt unprecedented clarity. It was a feeling of having all impurities and scum purged from it.

Even without the help of the Spirit Scepter, the shrewdness of his soul perception seemed to be lifted to a whole new level.

It was a clarity that most God domain experts would have to rely on Soul-cleansing Origin Elixir to achieve.

“Now, spread my soul awareness...” As soon as he said that inwardly, he discovered that his soul awareness spread into his surroundings like a billowing sea, and covered a vast area of the starry river around him at a speed he found unimaginable.

Even the slightest bit of soul aura couldn’t escape his detection.

“What if I add in the Spirit Scepter’s power?”

With this thought, he communicated with the Spirit Scepter with his true soul. In the next moment, his spread soul awareness seemed to merge and spread with the illusory Nether Rivers all the way to the hearts of the surrounding domains.

He even vaguely sensed the soul fluctuations of Grand Monarch Bloodlust of the Demons and Grand Monarch Ash Bone of the Bonedrudes.

The Floragrims’ main realm and the Realm of Middle Continent were separated by a boundless void.

Ecstatic, Nie Tian cast another soul spell, shouting, “This Spirit Scepter is an unmatched soul tool indeed! Soul Grind!”

An enormous meteor that was drifting thousands of kilometers away in the dim starry river was suddenly ground to dust.

To his surprise, he could actually crush solid objects with his soul power now!

The meteor was reduced to dust just because he had cast that soul-grinding spell.

Thrilled by this discovery, Nie Tian couldn’t help but let out a soft exclamation. “Fundamental changes have happened to my soul power after my advance to the God domain!”

When he had been at the Saint domain, the use of his soul power had been limited to the detection of soul fluctuations, invading his enemies’ seas of awareness, and inflicting serious damage to his enemies’ souls.

However, he hadn’t been able to cause any actual damage to solid and sturdy objects using his soul power as he could with his spiritual power.

Now, after he had entered the God domain, it was completely different.

It seemed to him that he could not only summon wisps of soul power to detect, locate, and cause damage to other souls, but also use them as sharp blades, needles, and wires, with which he could cause material damage to stones, tools, and living beings now, as he could with spiritual power.

Now that he had entered the God domain, his soul power had new wondrous changes added to it.


Wisps of soul power shot across the starry river like invisible icy bolts of lightning, causing many small meteors to explode with loud booms.

“Soul-capturing Hand, Blackout Soul Curtain, Soul Turbulence...”

He cast the exquisite soul spells he had acquired from the Nether River one after another, soul spells that had come from Grand Monarch Heavenly Spirit.

A sinister-looking giant cyan hand suddenly condensed and took form, as if it could rend the heavens and twist the starry river into collapsing.


The giant hand suddenly bashed into a huge nearby meteor, shattering it into countless pieces.

The same thing happened to the Blackout Soul Curtain and Soul Turbulence that he cast afterwards. Their damage was no longer limited to souls, but solid objects and fleshly bodies as well.

“It seems that Grand Monarch Heavenly Spirit didn’t need his fleshly body at all. As long as his soul was powerful enough, he could fight any battle!”

The more Nie Tian tried, the more he was amazed by the wondrous changes of his soul power after his advance to the God domain.


His wood, star, and flame domain gradually morphed and returned to their original forms, surrounding him as a splendid mix.

His true form stood on the land of lush vegetation, surrounded by a sea of flames. On the outermost edge was a vast area dotted with mysterious stars.

The Heavenly Stars Flower floated high above him, maintaining the stability of his star domain like a celestial guardian.

The Godspirit Tree and the seventy-two ancient trees were exuding vigorous life power as they continued to channel wood power from the starry river in order to support the changes to his wood domain.

The wondrous spell formation in the sea of raging flames, which had been copied from the Flame Land, retained its connection to the Flame Land in the Domain of Flame’s End.

More pieces of mangled flesh and severed limbs were still falling out of the spatial rift from time to time.

All of them belonged to grand monarchs.


Nie Tian’s true soul suddenly sank back into his sea of awareness, and his eyes lit up like suns!

“Life Drain.”

All of the mangled body parts falling out of the spatial rift were consumed, refined into the purest flesh power, and condensed into numerous drops of Blood Essence in a breath’s time.

“Grand Monarch Soul Breaker and Grand Monarch Bloodlust’s flesh power has also helped with my breakthrough to the God domain,” Nie Tian muttered to himself. “However, since I haven’t accumulated enough flesh power, my life bloodline hasn’t entered dormancy and started the next upgrade cycle yet. Who would have thought that I’d make my breakthrough to the God domain before my bloodline entered the tenth grade?”

Before, his bloodline grade had always been ahead of his cultivation base. He had made faster breakthroughs in his bloodline than cultivation base.

That was because he had been able to acquire enough flesh power to drive his life bloodline into dormancy before. From there, all he had had to do was wait for the upgrade to take place naturally.

But now, his bloodline was still at the ninth grade.

The amount of flesh power he needed for his bloodline to transform from the ninth grade to the tenth grade was so incredibly vast that it was almost impossible to meet.

“There are still a few outsider grand monarchs over at the Realm of Middle Continent, including Grand Monarch Eternal Purgatory!” With this thought, intense killing intent burst forth from the depths of Nie Tian’s eyes. “That Demon grand monarch seriously injured Chu Rui and defeated You Qimiao in the Domain of Endless Snow. His impressive battle performances makes him think that he’s invincible, doesn’t it?”

At this moment, the third-generation Tree of Life’s soul voice echoed out, “Congratulations. You’ve finally entered the God domain. I believe you’re now capable of lifting humanity from this perilous situation.”

With a hearty smile, Nie Tian said, “Yes, but I’ve got to take a trip to the Realm of Middle Continent and finish up resolving the trouble in the Spirit World first. It won’t take long. I’ll come back and thank you properly for this afterwards.”

After saying these words, he flew into the spatial rift and vanished.

Right before he entered the spatial rift, he clad the Flame Dragon Armor on his half-naked body and took out the bone that belonged to the Rampage Behemoth.

In the next moment, he reappeared outside the Realm of Middle Continent.

The first thing he saw upon his arrival was Ophelia, who was brandishing her Doom Blade. Without even putting any thought into it, he clenched his fist and slammed it towards her in the form of Titan’s Wrath.

A huge hole seemed to appear in the starry river as he threw the mighty punch!

His star, flame, wood, flesh, and soul power all poured madly into the hole, as if a peculiar vacuum space had formed in the hole!

“Ahh!” Ophelia ignited her Blood Essence and raised her Doom Blade to meet Nie Tian’s punch.


With a heaven-shaking sound of impact, the Doom Blade was knocked spiraling out of her hand. Ophelia, who had joined the ranks of grand monarchs, fell before his devastating fist strike, despite her so-called Indestructible Form!