Lord of All Realms - Chapter 1594: Decapitation

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In the starry river outside the Realm of Middle Continent.

The Godspan Sword Formation morphed into a vast net of sword lights and trapped Grand Monarch Bloodlust.

Grand Monarch Bloodlust’s blood axe was knocked flying out of his hand upon a head-on collision with Heavenbreaker.

Spiraling out of control, the blood axe left a long peculiar rift in its wake, as if it somehow cut the starry river open.

Glorious streaks of light instantly burst forth from within the rift, along with unknown spatial power.

Ji Yuanquan from the Void Spirit Society wove his fingers in the air to cast a series of spells to heal the spatial rift and reseal the space with his profound understanding of spatial power.


Grand Monarch Bloodlust’s flesh aura sea was suddenly penetrated by the Godspan Sword Formation.

Within seconds, his dark purple flesh aura sea was riddled with holes like a tattered curtain.

The Godspan Sword Formation, which had protected the Heaven Span Pavilion’s headquarters for millennia, split into countless spectacular sword lights that manifested the true meaning of the Dao of the sword, as if many deceased brilliant sword masters in the Heaven Span Pavilion’s history were displaying their divine skills.

It was as if gods of swords were wielding the sword lights, dressed in elegant traditional robes.

The sword lights seemed to be boundless, as they rapidly filled a large area of the starry river, and pierced into every inch of Grand Monarch Bloodlust’s majestic body.


Like a huge piece of jade, Grand Monarch Bloodlust’s scary body, the so-called Indestructible Form, fissured.

Drop after drop of amethyst-like Blood Essence flew out of his body, but were quickly struck by the sword lights, which were as fast as lightning bolts.

The Blood Essence instantly exploded and turned into wisps of purple smoke, which then attempted to rejoin his body in order to heal and release the ultimate power of his Indestructible Form.

“God-breaking Slash!”

Face solemn, Yin Xingtian channeled the Godspan Sword Formation with his soul. At the same time, he assumed a tight grip on Heavenbreaker with both hands, and slashed it towards Grand Monarch Bloodlust.

The fierce aura Heavenbreaker released seemed to be able to break the magical laws of the universe and split open the starry river!

Nothing was ever so sharp!

A divine light that seemed capable of ending the heavens and destroying the earth swept across Grand Monarch Bloodlust’s neck.


Grand Monarch Bloodlust’s head shot straight up, leaving his body.

The cut on his neck was as smooth as a mirror. Not a single drop of blood could be seen, but then, thick, resilient meridians stretched out like earthworms, as if they were attempting to catch and pull his head back.

Seconds later, however, Grand Monarch Bloodlust’s headless body suddenly broke apart with a loud boom.

The chunks of flesh then morphed into purple lightning bolts that shot up after his head, hoping to reform his body that way.


The Godspan Sword Formation, which had been prepared for this, morphed once again into multicolored lightning bolts that spread out and hunted down the chunks of flesh, before annihilating the extremely refined flesh power within them.

As this happened, Grand Monarch Bloodlust’s vigorous flesh aura rapidly dissipated.


His bodiless head let out furious, begrudging roars.

Deeply amazed, Nie Tian swung the Spirit Scepter towards Grand Monarch Bloodlust’s severed head from afar.

A wisp of cyan light blasted out of the scepter, and pierced into Grand Monarch Bloodlust’s forehead in a flash.

Immediately afterwards, Grand Monarch Bloodlust’s soul collapsed, like a balloon being pierced by a silver needle.

Then, holding Heavenbreaker, Yin Xingtian flashed over to Grand Monarch Bloodlust’s head, where he brought the divine sword down and across a few times, slicing the huge head into pieces with clean cuts.

Just like that, this Demon grand monarch, who had been feared throughout the Spirit World and Mortal World, perished beyond salvation under Yin Xingtian’s Heavenbreaker and Godspan Sword Formation.

Ye Wenhan, Zu Guangyao, Dou Tianchen, and the other God domain experts witnessed the whole process, where Grand Monarch Bloodlust had first been decapitated, then his body had broken apart, and eventually his head had been cut to pieces. They couldn’t help but exclaim in astonishment.

“Yin Xingtian killed Grand Monarch Bloodlust!”

“A middle tenth grade Demon grand monarch was killed just like that?”

“That was a middle tenth grade grand monarch, for heaven’s sake!”

“Grand Monarch Soul Breaker of the Netherspirits is next,” Scotte said, his blood rapidly condensing into mighty thunderballs beneath the silver scales that covered his thousand-meter-long dragon form.

“Bloodline: Dragon Thunder Blast!”

Hundreds of thunderballs fizzed as they flew out and surrounded Grand Monarch Soul Breaker from the Void World.


The thunderballs detonated, instantly turning the area of the starry river where Grand Monarch Soul Breaker was into a vast thunder pool, which was dozens of times more powerful than the thunder pools people could find anywhere else.

As the thunderballs exploded, countless crystalline bloodline chains burst out, as if to manifest the magical laws of lightning and thunder.

Engulfed in a world of lightning and thunder, Grand Monarch Soul Breaker cast various evil soul spells unique to the Netherspirits. However, as soon as he did, the spells would be neutralized by the violent lightning and thunder. Not once did he succeed.

“Lightning dragons!”

Under the repeated lightning strikes, Grand Monarch Soul Breaker’s body turned black.

Heart burning with anxiety, he knew that as a Netherspirit, he was at a disadvantage when facing lightning dragons like Scotte in battle.


He had no choice but to cast a forbidden blood technique, which allowed him to morph into a cyan bolt of lightning that shot out of the area that was engulfed in lightning and thunder.

However, to his horror, he then found himself in another area filled with violent lightning.

Mo Qianfan from the Heavenly Thunder Sect had assumed his dharma idol form, which was an enormous Thunder-devouring Whale. He spewed out bolts of lightning that were as thick as heavenly pillars, turning his surroundings into a forbidden domain of lightning and thunder.

He was excited to see that Grand Monarch Soul Breaker had tumbled into his trap after assuming that he found the weakest spot in Scotte’s lightning domain.

“Lightning refines all lives!”

Numerous thick lightning bolts fell straight like a waterfall, and struck Grand Monarch Soul Breaker’s body, covering him in countless lightning snakes that made buzzing sounds as they slithered all over him.

The lightning snakes seemed to be doing everything they could to crawl into Grand Monarch Soul Breaker’s body.

As a Netherspirit, he knew that once lightning power entered his body, it would harm his soul, his very essence.

Driven into despair, he started letting out sad wails.

“Grand Monarch Bloodlust is dead. Grand Monarch Soul Breaker is hanging by a thread.” Nie Tian felt relieved as he glanced around with the Spirit Scepter in his hand.

The five evil gods were still clawing and biting at Grand Monarch Ash Bone of the Bonedrudes. Their strength boosted by the flesh auras sealed within the stone statue, the five evil gods were currently at an advantage in the battle after Grand Monarch Ash Bone’s Bell of Death had been knocked out of his hand.

Under the joint bombardment of the evil gods, fissures even started showing on his bony body.

Grand Monarch Nether Channeler of the Fiends was tangled up in a battle against Yu Suying. Grand Monarch Eternal Purgatory of the Demons was still being suppressed by Dong Li’s Dark Aureole, his Blood Purgatory Sea still as black as ink.

Master Blood Spirit, who had entered the early God domain, managed to trap Ophelia single-handedly.

Eternal Purgatory, Bloodlust, and Ophelia, all of whom were Demons, together with Nether Channeler, Soul Breaker, and Ash Bone, made up the six incoming grand monarchs. Right now, they were either dead or caught up in difficult battles.

All of this was Nie Tian’s people’s doing.

“We have become such a strong force before I realized it.”

Watching those who were fighting, thinking that his true form was still in the middle of his breakthrough into the God domain, and that Pei Qiqi hadn’t returned yet… Nie Tian felt for the first time that he had the confidence to fight against any race and any force throughout the Mortal World, Spirit World, and Void World now.