Lord of All Realms - Chapter 1591: Fierce Flames

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Grand Monarch Ash Bone took out what looked like a grayish-brown bone fragment and tossed it into the Bell of Death.


The grayish-brown bone instantly burst into flames.

A soul shadow slowly manifested in the pale flames, seeming to be in agony.

“No!” Holding his head with one hand and his chest with his other hand, Grand Monarch Primal Wood, who was at the late tenth grade, let out a painful cry. “Grand Monarch Life Wood!”

Apparently, he recognized the soul shadow that had risen from the burning bone fragment in the Bell of Death.

It was none other than Fata’s father and the Floragrims’ high chieftain, Grand Monarch Life Wood!

While the bone fragment from Grand Monarch Life Wood burned within the Bell of Death, its pale flames appeared to boost the might of the bell, conjuring peculiar tolls that could blow up people’s souls.

Nie Tian’s expression flickered violently. “Grand Monarch Life Wood!”

Wu Ji’s time power had once carried him to an unknown area of the starry river, where he had caught a glimpse of Grand Monarch Life Wood’s enormous corpse.

Therefore, he was convinced that Grand Monarch Life Wood had died, and was floating in a strange place he had never been to.

However, he didn’t know what had killed him or, whether his bones had been taken from his body.

A bleak, life-despising look flickered in the depths of Grand Monarch Ash Bone’s green eyes. “That’s right. That piece of bone burning in my Bell of Death belongs to your high chieftain, Grand Monarch Life Wood. You Floragrims are our natural enemies. Our death bloodline and your life bloodline conflict on a fundamental level.”

A nasty grin appeared on his face as he continued, “Grand Monarch Life Wood died because I smashed his skull with my Bell of Death! That piece of bone there was taken from his shattered skull! Hmm. The Floragrims’ so-called high chieftain turned out to be a real disappointment. Now, by burning his life power-infused bone within my Bell of Death, I’m doubling the power of the tolls it lets out.”

“Damn you!” Grand Monarch Primal Wood bellowed.

Both he and Grand Monarch Life Wood were Floragrims. They had only had a difference of opinions regarding their relationships with the other races.

Grand Monarch Life Wood had pursued peaceful coexistence. He had provided many races with assistance, such as the Ancientspirits, Demons, Phantasms, and Fiends.

Grand Monarch Primal Wood, however, was much more aggressive, and had disapproved of Grand Monarch Life Wood’s approach. Only after receiving the third-generation Tree of Life’s guidance and learning the truth about the three worlds had he realized how difficult it had been for Grand Monarch Life Wood to make those decisions, and that he had done so under the Tree of Life’s instructions.

Now, the fact that Grand Monarch Ash Bone of the Bonedrudes was burning a piece of his high chieftain’s shattered skull with flames of death in front of him plunged him into a maddening fury.

“Bloodline...” Grand Monarch Primal Wood raised his huge arms and activated Heavenly Wood Thorns.

Thorned rattans immediately grew out of his thick arms and stretched towards Grand Monarch Ash Bone, like sharp swords with which he hoped to penetrate Grand Monarch Ash Bone’s body made of pale-white bones.

“You think too much of yourself.” A bone-piercing cold filled Grand Monarch Ash Bone’s green, unfathomable pupils.

With one of his bony fingers, he knocked on the Bell of Death.


Clusters of pale flames flew out of the mouth of the giant bell, enveloping this part of the starry river with intense death power.

At the same time, images appeared in the pale flames, showing the head of the Floragrim high chieftain being bashed repeatedly by the Bell of Death and blood splashing everywhere.

Even Grand Monarch Life Wood’s twisted, begrudging expression and agonized shrieks were vivid before everyone’s eyes.

“No!” Grand Monarch Primal Wood screamed, as if he couldn’t bear the sight of his high chieftain being humiliated and killed by a Bonedrude.

Grand Monarch Ash Bone’s green pupils suddenly turned gruesomely white. “Eyes of Death!”

Not a single wisp of life could be seen in them anymore.

Anyone who exchanged gazes with him could see nothing but withering, silence, blight, and an intense death aura.

It was as if any normal beings would yearn for death after meeting those gruesome eyes of his.

Before Grand Monarch Primal Wood’s thorny rattans could even reach him, they were engulfed in death power and pale flames. Then, he grabbed the Bell of Death and started beating them with it like he was wielding a hammer.

All of the rattans within his reach broke to pieces, giving rise to loud cracks.

The pieces burst forth with Grand Monarch Primal Wood’s Blood Essence, emanating a tremendous amount of light. However, the life power within the light was burned away by the flames of death in the blink of an eye.

Just like that, Grand Monarch Primal Wood was seriously injured. His flesh aura drooped.

Many of the human experts wanted to help. However, as long as the Bell of Death didn’t stop tolling, they would continue to suffer heart-wrenching pain and lose their life force.

That kept them from concentrating and causing Grand Monarch Crystal Bones any considerable damage. Therefore, they couldn’t really threaten him.

Like a terrifying mountain of bones, Grand Monarch Ash Bone slowly approached Grand Monarch Primal Wood, clutching the Bell of Death. “Even your high chieftain was no match for me. I smashed his skull and killed him. How dare you fight me? Your name is Grand Monarch Primal Wood, right? I’ll break your skull and kill you the same way I killed Grand Monarch Life Wood!”

Grand Monarch Ash Bone’s face was filled with disdain, as if he didn’t find killing Grand Monarch Primal Wood to be challenging at all.

“You’re far weaker than Grand Monarch Life Wood. I suppose that makes sense. After all, he relied on himself to enter the late tenth grade, a grade you have never truly reached. With Grand Monarch Life Wood dead, the Tree of Life realized that your people needed a new leader, so it forcibly sped up your growth and practically carried you into the late tenth grade.

“That’s why you can never be mentioned in the same breath with Grand Monarch Life Wood. Never!”

He stomped on Grand Monarch Primal Wood’s self esteem while swinging the Bell of Death about.


More thorny rattans Grand Monarch Primal Wood had refined with his Blood Essence broke to pieces and exploded.

With every piece that exploded, Grand Monarch Primal Wood lost part of his flesh aura.

Before Grand Monarch Ash Bone could even reach his side, his grade drooped from the late tenth grade to the middle tenth grade.

It was hard to believe that Grand Monarch Ash Bone beat him to the point that his bloodline retrograded.

Strong killing intent filled Grand Monarch Ash Bone’s icy pupils as he said, “Good, this is the grade you should be at. Now taste the true might of my Bell of Death and die the same way Grand Monarch Life Wood did.”

The bell suddenly expanded.

Like Mount Tai, it slammed down towards Grand Monarch Primal Wood’s head.

All of the human and Ancientspirit experts were still deeply affected by the Bell of Death, and couldn’t shake off the death power haunting their hearts.

There was only one exception.

The Bell of Death slammed hard into a scepter.


The peculiar bell that had been branded with the magical laws of death seemed to slam into a piece of divine metal. Not only was there not a single crack on the scepter, but the Nether River engravings on it started flowing rapidly, giving rise to splashing sounds.

Since the countless evil spirits within those Nether Rivers had long since died, the death power didn’t hold them in fear at all.

Instead, they swarmed into and flooded the Bell of Death. Even the pale flames burning fiercely within it seemed to be extinguished by water of the Nether Rivers.

Clutching the Bell of Death with his huge bony hand, Grand Monarch Ash Bone glared down at the scepter, and let out a snort. “The Spirit Scepter!”

“Your Bell of Death doesn’t work on me!” Nie Tian’s true soul said, holding up the Spirit Scepter.

In pure soul form, he didn’t seem to be under much pressure facing the Bell of Death as he wielded Grand Monarch Heavenly Spirit’s unmatched soul tool.

The Bell of Death didn’t even leave a mark on the Spirit Scepter after such a heavy hit.