Lord of All Realms - Chapter 1590: The Bell of Death!

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“Yin Xingtian!” Ophelia and Grand Monarch Bloodlust of the Demons exclaimed simultaneously.

Yin Xingtian’s Heavenbreaker shot out of the Realm of Middle Continent with an unstoppable momentum, and completely neutralized the blade light Ophelia had slashed towards Nie Tian with her Doom Blade.

In the form of a glowing river, it separated Nie Tian and the outsider grand monarchs.

Countless wisps of sparkling sharp sword intent could be seen flying and chirping within it, as they all had their own awareness.


More glorious rays of sword light shot out of the Realm of Middle Continent in a stream.

“The Godspan Sword Formation!”

The multicolored rays of sword light spread out behind Nie Tian like the divine aura behind the Buddha’s back.

The endless sword intent within the Godspan Sword Formation manifested the Dao of the sword in different forms, which morphed every second.

Only at this moment did Yin Xingtian charge out of the Realm of Middle Continent himself, unhurried and expressionless.


Immense sword intent suddenly burst forth from within him, and spread into his surroundings like torrential rivers.

Strange fizzing sounds came from the six outsider grand monarchs’ flesh aura seas as the billowing sword intent washed against them.

The flesh aura sea of Ophelia, whose grade was the lowest, was even infiltrated by the sword intent. She felt burning pain all over her body as blood oozed out, forming beads on her skin.

Ophelia’s expression flickered violently.

Technically speaking, as an early tenth grade grand monarch, her strength should match that of Yin Xingtian, who was at the early God domain.

She even thought that even Grand Monarch Bloodlust might not be able to suppress her completely now that she had entered the early tenth grade.

Her confidence in her Doom Blade was sky-high.

However, Yin Xingtian, who was only at the early God domain, had managed to neutralize the blade light of her Doom Blade with a casual slash of his Heavenbreaker. Now, as he unleashed his endless sword intent, she felt so much pressure that she had a terrifying feeling that she was going to be crushed.

“How can this old man be so powerful?” she couldn’t help but wonder.

“Yin Xingtian!” Grand Monarch Bloodlust of the Demons muttered, and immediately realized something. Expression flickering violently, he asked, “How did you come to the Spirit World?”

The same question struck the other outsider grand monarchs as soon as they heard this. Their expressions flickered as well.

Yin Xingtian was a pure human. If he could get here, didn’t it mean that others also could?

The thought shocked them deeply.


As if to respond to their astonishment, God domain human experts charged out of the Realm of Middle Continent one after another at this moment. All of them entered the starry river in their dharma idol forms, wielding their Immortal grade divine tools.

“Zu Guangyao, Ye Wenhan, Ji Yuanquan, Yu Suying, Mo Qianfan...” Grand Monarch Bloodlust, Ophelia, and Grand Monarch Nether Channeler called out their names one after another.

The more names they called out, the more apprehensive they became.


All of a sudden, Grand Monarch Primal Wood of the Floragrims, Chatvic the titan, Scotte the lightning dragon, and the Golden-feathered Divine Finch also charged out into the starry river.

While these renowned experts of the Spirit World emerged one after another, even Grand Monarch Eternal Purgatory of the Demons grew very grim. “Who would think that the humans actually set up a trap in our world?”

Nie Tian let out a derisive snort. “Your world? The Realm of Middle Continent is the very place where humanity originated. For millennia, our people have made great efforts to return to the Spirit World and liberate our people from this world of suffering. I never thought that what we’ve striven for for so long would actually come to fruition today.”

The God domain experts and Ancientspirit grand monarchs quietly spread out to surround the six outsider grand monarchs.

It appeared that they were hoping to kill all six of them with this one go.

However, to Nie Tian’s surprise, the six grand monarchs from the Spirit World and the Void World didn’t flee at the first possible moment. Instead, they seemed rather composed, even though they were surrounded by powerful adversaries.

“Don’t tell me that you think you can even the odds by yourself, Eternal Purgatory.” Grand Monarch Primal Wood of the Floragrims frowned and cast a cold glance at Grand Monarch Eternal Purgatory. “I know that you sustained injuries in your battle against You Qimiao from the Remote Beginning Heavenly Sect, and have yet to recover. You can’t change the course of this battle by yourself!”

With a nasty grin, Grand Monarch Eternal Purgatory of the Demons said, “Is that so? You’re nothing but a junior to me, Primal Wood. You only entered the late tenth grade because the Tree of Life bestowed its power upon you. A late tenth grade grand monarch like you is nothing compared to Grand Monarch Life Wood.”

Apparently, he didn’t attach any importance to this Grand Monarch Primal Wood before him.

“Not to mention...” Grand Monarch Eternal Purgatory added, turning to fix his eyes on Grand Monarch Ash Bone of the Bonedrudes. “I won’t be the one to fight you. He is your natural enemy.”

Hearing this, everyone subconsciously turned to look at Grand Monarch Ash Bone, whom none of them had met before.

“Grand Monarch Ash Bone...”

Under everyone’s gazes, a smidgen of uncanny green light blossomed in the depths of the hollow eyes of Grand Monarch Ash Bone, who had come all the way from the Void World.

An intense death aura instantly spread out.


A large bell suddenly flew out of Grand Monarch Ash Bone’s bony chest. Through the mouth of the bell, gray bones could be seen burning inside.

Suddenly, the peculiar bell seemed to be struck by an unknown power, giving rise to an unusual toll.

Everyone who heard it felt a sharp pain in their heart, as if they were stabbed by a sharp blade.

Faces twisted with unbearable pain, they all turned to fix the bell with gazes of astonishment.

Wreathed in wisps of death aura, the peculiar pale-white bell seemed to be made from the bones of some rare beast.

Bones were burning in raging flames in its mouth.

Everyone who looked at it felt as if they were looking at a god that spread death, and that their life force was being sapped by it.

Grand Monarch Eternal Purgatory of the Demons looked coldly at Grand Monarch Primal Wood. Face full of sneering disdain, he said, “How do you feel about the Bonedrudes’ Bell of Death?

“Grand Monarch Ash Bone took this bell specifically from his clan to use it against the Tree of Life in your ancestral land.

“Our original plan was to first come to the Realm of Middle Continent and snuff out Nie Tian’s true soul without his help.

“Then, we would head to your ancestral land, where he’d destroy Nie Tian’s true form, which was under the Tree of Life’s protection, with his Bell of Death.”

As he spoke, Grand Monarch Ash Bone’s death aura continued to build up.

Nie Tian couldn’t help but exclaim softly, “He’s a late tenth grade grand monarch!”

He had mistaken Grand Monarch Ash Bone as a middle tenth grade grand monarch upon first seeing him, and assumed that Grand Monarch Eternal Purgatory was the only late tenth grade grand monarch they had to deal with.

Only now, after he had summoned the Bell of Death and released his death power did he realize that he had been hiding his bloodline power.

Many God domain human experts gasped, their faces growing grim.

“A late tenth grade grand monarch!”

“A late tenth grade Bonedrude grand monarch from the Void World!”

“And he wields a powerful tool of his clan!”

They had heard that every late tenth grade grand monarch from the Void World was exceedingly mighty.

The Grand Monarch Thousand Spirits they had dealt with before had only been a doppelgänger. His true form had been in a whole other world.

Only humans like Ji Cang, Chu Yuan, Qu Yi, and Shao Tianyang could match late tenth grade grand monarchs from the Void World in battle. Grand Monarch Primal Wood and the late Grand Monarch Unholy Wind were nothing compared to them.

Furthermore, the Bell of Death was a highly regarded tool in the entire Bonedrude race, a tool that was even more powerful than the Bonebrutes’ Bone Shatterer.

By merely looking at it, the God domain human experts felt a deeply uneasy feeling that their life force was leaving them. Then, with a single toll, it managed to inflict heavy blows upon them, making them feel as if their hearts had been punctured and paining them to the point where they wanted to die. This put fear in their hearts, and greatly undermined their confidence in their victory.