Lord of All Realms - Chapter 1589: The Day Will Come!

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Nie Tian in his soul form clutched the Spirit Scepter, cast a glance at Grand Monarch Soul Breaker, and said, “Is there something wrong with that? How much do you know about Grand Monarch Heavenly Spirit? Do you think only the Netherspirits of the Void World carry pure bloodlines and qualify to inherit his marvelous soul magics? Hasn’t the Nether River in the Realm of Dark Souls been contaminated by you?”

Grand Monarch Soul Breaker was surprised. “Contaminated? What are you talking about?”

“The Nether River in the Realm of Dark Souls was left by Grand Monarch Heavenly Spirit. It contains his immortal will.” Nie Tian replied with a cold face. “But now, it’s being eroded and contaminated by power from another source year after year. It was because Grand Monarch Heavenly Spirit’s remaining will sensed what was happening that it chose me to guide the Phantasms of the Spirit World.

“All the Phantasms in the Spirit World are his bloodline descendants!

“Barbara and you, the Netherspirits from the Void World, acted as if you were their superiors in the Nether Realm, and gave them orders. Without Grand Monarch Heavenly Spirit’s Nether River, would your race have risen to the same heights as the Bonedrudes and Devils, and thrived for so long in the Void World?”

The Bonedrudes, Devils, and Netherspirits weren’t the only races in the Void World.

There were many other strong races that also had solid foundations and long histories.

The reason why the Bonedrudes, Devils, and Netherspirits were able to dominate the Void World was because they had respectively produced Grand Monarch Heavenly Spirit, the Bone Emperor, and the Dark King.

The powers, bloodline inheritance, and soul magics that the three paragons had left had been influencing generations of the three races.

No matter how hard the other Void World races tried, they couldn’t catch up with the three outsider races, because they had never seen a paragon in their history!

Similarly, tenth grade grand monarchs had never appeared among the Blackscales, Birdmen, and Stonemen despite their long histories.

Therefore, in terms of ranking among the races, the Blackscales, Birdmen, and Stonemen were always considered to be second-tier.

Since Grand Monarch Heavenly Spirit, the Bone Emperor, and the Dark King had been paragons, the three outsider races would always be first-tier in the Void World, and be able to mobilize and command the other races.

The other races would be unlikely able to join the first tier unless they produced experts at that level one day.

“As the spirit of the Spirit Scepter, Barbara fought alongside Grand Monarch Heavenly Spirit for many years. I don’t think it was wrong for her to teach Grand Monarch Heavenly Spirit’s descendants a few lessons,” Grand Monarch Soul Breaker said with a snort. “At the very least, their differences with the Phantasms was our internal affair. You’re just a human. You have no right to interfere with our internal affairs, nor to judge us!”


Terrifying evil souls emerged one by one behind Grand Monarch Soul Breaker.

At first glance, they seemed to be the soul forms of humans and Ancientspirits.

However, upon a closer look, one would see that those evil souls seemed to be mixed with the features of other races’ souls. They seemed to be messy combinations of human and outsider souls.

Nie Tian sneered. “The strongest evil souls that have undergone a metamorphosis after killing the weaker and surviving the law of the jungle. I have a good knowledge of the Netherspirits’ soul-raising magics. I’m afraid you’ll be disappointed if you try to attack me with those evil souls.”

Grand Monarch Soul Breaker’s eyes burst forth with dark light. “Really? I don’t believe it. As a human, even if you are a hybrid, your bloodline isn’t from our race. What gives you the right to wield the Spirit Scepter? Today I’ll take back that priceless treasure of our race. Let’s see who can stop me.”

“Millstone of Souls!” he shouted before the evil souls suddenly gathered and condensed into a colossal black millstone.

The millstone turned slowly. With every rotation, the piercing sad wails of countless living beings’ souls came from it, shaking the souls of those who heard it to the verge of dissipation.

Nie Tian’s main soul, which was holding the Spirit Scepter, was also affected.

As soon as the millstone started rotating, it suffered wrenching pain.

His main soul was clearly far away from the millstone, but he had a strange feeling that he was being pulled into the millstone and slowly crushed.

The scariest part was that the feeling wasn’t illusory.

He clearly sensed that strands of his soul power were vanishing with the wrenching pain.

In a flash, he recalled the Grand Soul Grinder of the Spirit God Sect in the Domain of the Falling Stars. It seemed that the Grand Soul Grinder had been derived from the Millstone of Souls that Grand Monarch Soul Breaker was now displaying.

Their names were different, but their effects were much the same.

“Soul magics?” Nie Tian muttered.

Seeing that Ophelia and the other grand monarchs only eyed him with hostility and weren’t in a hurry to make a move, he said, “It seems that I should show you what I’ve inherited.”

He lifted his Spirit Scepter.


A murky Nether River manifested out of thin air. Hundreds of millions of spots of cyan light sank in the Nether River like pebbles, recording endless histories and the true meaning of souls that Grand Monarch Heavenly Spirit had comprehended.

“Great Soul-conjuring Spell!”

As soon as he yelled, a large amount of cyan light burst forth from the Nether River and enveloped the Millstone of Souls.

As the curtain of cyan light shone on the colossal millstone that was slowly turning, the evil souls that had been influenced by the Great Soul-conjuring Spell suddenly split apart.


The evil souls reformed quickly afterwards, but they were now emitting smoke.

The smoke was Grand Monarch Soul Breaker’s soul seals!

He had gone to great lengths to merge unique seals into the evil souls, but the moment Nie Tian activated his Great Soul-conjuring Spell, they melted and vaporized, and no longer belonged to him.

All the evil souls cheered with excitement, rushing towards the Spirit Scepter like crazy, as if the scepter were their home, their paradise of bliss, and their most desired abode.


Summoned by the Spirit Scepter, they all merged into it.

Grand Monarch Soul Breaker, who was a middle grand monarch, froze, as if he were unable to accept what he had seen. “Impossible. It took me three thousand years to collect those fragmentary souls of God domain humans and Ancientspirit grand monarchs. I used thirty-two kinds of soul magics and countless spirits to refine and feed them!”

His heart was bleeding.

Squinting, Grand Monarch Eternal Purgatory said, “It looks like he really is capable of exerting great power with the Spirit Scepter. In this case, it would be rather difficult for Phantasms or Netherspirits to kill him with soul magics.”

After a pause, he ordered, “Ophelia, go have a try.”

“Aye!” Ophelia agreed.

Drops of amethyst-like blood suddenly oozed out of the newly-made Demon grand monarch’s chest and fused into the Doom Blade.

Ophelia swung it, and a bright purple blade light containing a terrifying will that could destroy realms and annihilate all the living beings in them slashed at Nie Tian’s main soul with surging murderous intent.


At that very moment, a beam of overwhelming sword light shot out of the Realm of Middle Continent, and smashed into the destructive blade light like a reverse waterfall.


The starry river outside the Realm of Middle Continent was suddenly lit up, boundless light created by the collision between the blade light and sword light spreading out like waves.

The surrounding space collapsed inch by inch.

“Yin Xingtian of the Streamcloud Sword Sect!”