Lord of All Realms - Chapter 1588: The Inheritor

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The changes in the Realm of Middle Continent continued.

Apart from the cold lake, golden mountain, thunder and lightning, and torrential rainstorm full of wood power, strange changes were popping up in other areas of the Realm of Middle Continent.

Because of the violent thunder, Nie Tian’s main soul that held the Spirit Scepter dared not act recklessly.

He left the follow-up exploration to Zhao Shanling and Yu Suying.

Nie Tian’s main soul deliberately stayed away from the place where the thunder kept roaring, and pondered. “This is so very strange.”

The sudden changes in the Realm of Middle Continent were simply too unusual.

Moreover, this was a time when the energies of heaven and earth in the whole Spirit World, including the realms of the Ancientspirits and all the outsider races, were fading away.

Nie Tian thought hard. “What’s going on in the Spirit World? Are the weird changes in the Realm of Middle Continent caused by natural or man-made reasons? If it’s man-made, then why can’t we find any clues? Besides, the humans in the Realm of Middle Continent can’t be strong enough to cause these changes!”

On the next day.

Through the Spirit Scepter’s transcendent perceptivity, Nie Tian’s main soul finally sensed the fluctuation of the first outsider grand monarch’s soul. “A middle Netherspirit grand monarch of the Void World.”

With a sneer in his heart, he secretly communicated with Zhao Shanling, asking him and Yu Suying to suspend their search of the Realm of Middle Continent and go to the Realm of Unbounded Desolation.

Since the cold lake that You Qimiao and Han Qing had sunk into could even ward off his soul awareness, the middle Netherspirit grand monarch could never sense it.

In the sky, Zhao Shanling’s voice came from a spatial light blade that had remained by Nie Tian’s side. “Got it.”

Zhao Shanling shifted between locations in the Realm of Middle Continent by relying on his spatial power.

He quickly located Yu Suying. After meeting with her, he activated his spatial power and left for the Realm of Unbounded Desolation through the secret spatial teleportation portal in the Realm of Middle Continent.

At the ruins of the Bone Sect.

As soon as Zhao Shanling and Yu Suying arrived, they were taken aback.

The first thing they saw was Dong Li in a black dress. Her enchanting and coquettish qualities made her look like a goddess of darkness.

The moment they looked into her eyes, both of them had a scary feeling that they were sinking into a dark abyss from which they could never escape.

They only broke free of the feeling after Dong Li moved her lips and smiled.

Yu Suying, who was at the middle God domain and had recently made extraordinary progress on the floating continent, pointed her fine fingers at Dong Li, and asked, “You... What is your current cultivation base? All I can see and sense after I close my eyes is darkness, darkness that shrouds your spiritual and soul auras entirely.”

“I feel the same way,” Zhao Shanling chimed in with a wry smile.

The other God domain experts of the four ancient sects like Zu Guangyao, Dou Tianchen, Ye Wenhan, and Ji Yuanquan also said with bitter smiles, “So do we.”

The moment Dong Li had entered the Realm of Unbounded Desolation from the Realm of a Hundred Battles, all the experts who had gathered in front of the Bone Sect ruins waiting for Nie Tian’s dispatch had felt as if the whole Realm of Unbounded Desolation had been instantly plunged into darkness.

In fact, it had been daytime in the Realm of Unbounded Desolation, with the sun hanging high in the sky, emanating scorching heat.

However, Dong Li’s arrival had made their hearts and souls experience such strange feelings.

Due to her arrival, the whole realm had seemed to be quietly assimilated.

The scariest part was that the God domain experts hadn’t been able to detect Dong Li’s cultivation base or strength, whether they had tried to see it with their eyes or sense it with their eyes closed.

When they had examined Dong Li, it was as if they were looking into a dark, mysterious, unfathomable abyss.

Over time, it seemed that even they themselves had been assimilated by the darkness, and were completely affected by Dong Li.

Dong Li’s mouth tightened into a thin line. “Relax. I’ve just refined the other dark stone and comprehended the true meaning of darkness it contained. My cultivation base and my knowledge of dark power are still not profound enough. Perhaps a battle will help me digest what I’ve learned.”

Crouching on the ground, the black tortoise took a lazy glance at those present.

Zhao Shanling hurried to say, “Nie Tian sensed that the first outsider grand monarch, who is also a Netherspirit, is going to reach the Realm of Middle Continent soon. He believes that other grand monarchs are also going to arrive shortly, so he wanted us to come here and get everyone ready.”

“Where’s You Qimiao?” Ye Wenhan asked curiously.

Several of the God domain experts present were well-aware that Zhao Shanling had secretly asked You Qimiao of the Remote Beginning Heavenly Sect to go to the Realm of Middle Continent first.

“Where’s Han Qing? Why hasn’t she come back?” Ji Yuanquan asked.

Zhao Shanling was a little hesitant. “Well...”

After a pause, he said, “Strange changes are taking place in the Realm of Middle Continent. It’s as if it’s reviving, but we can’t figure out why.”

Hearing his words, the three grand monarchs of the Ancientspirits and Grand Monarch Primal Wood of the Floragrims were dumbstruck. “What?!”

Grand Monarch Primal Wood fixed his eyes on Zhao Shanling. “How is that possible? Are you mistaken? How can the Realm of Middle Continent, the birthplace of the human race, experience such miraculous changes when the rest of the Spirit World is withering and running out of energy?”

Chatvic of the titans couldn’t believe it either. “The realms of our Ancientspirits and many outsider races have perished one by one. Why is the birthplace of the human race suddenly regaining its vitality?”

Zhao Shanling spread his hands. “Well, perhaps when Nie Tian summons you later on, you can go over and see if you can figure out why.”

“The Realm of Middle Continent!”


In the dark starry river.

A total of six grand monarchs arrived at almost the same time.

The one taking the lead was Grand Monarch Eternal Purgatory of the Demons, who had recently fought against You Qimiao.

In addition to him, there were also Grand Monarch Bloodlust, Grand Monarch Nether Channeler, Grand Monarch Soul Breaker of the Netherspirits, and Grand Monarch Ash Bone of the Bonedrudes.

The last one was Ophelia, who was also a Demon.

Ophelia had joined the ranks of the tenth-grade grand monarchs now, and she held the Doom Blade. Even though she was only an early tenth grade grand monarch, in others’ opinions, she was every bit as dangerous as Grand Monarch Bloodlust.

She was also the one who spoke first in the starry river. “Nie Tian!”

She brandished her Doom Blade before the roar of its demon spirit shook heaven and earth and drowned the Realm of Middle Continent, like a storm that could destroy everything.

In the Realm of Middle Continent, the voice of Nie Tian’s main soul seemed to tear the sky apart as it echoed out. “Ophelia!”


Holding the Spirit Scepter, Nie Tian instantly charged out of the barrier of the Realm of Middle Continent.

At the sight of the scepter, Grand Monarch Soul Breaker of the Void World said darkly, “The Spirit Scepter! It’s the most powerful soul weapon of my race, and a lost treasure that belongs to Grand Monarch Heavenly Spirit! Was it you who killed Barbara?”

Nie Tian, who was in a pure soul form, smiled contemptuously. “Oh, you mean the former spirit of the Spirit Scepter? That mere spirit named Barbara thought she could do as she pleased since she had a fleshly body. I guess she was so bent on killing me because she knew that I’m the true successor of Grand Monarch Heavenly Spirit.”

Grand Monarch Soul Breaker was taken aback. “You? Grand Monarch Heavenly Spirit’s successor? A human?”