Lord of All Realms - Chapter 1586: A Mysterious Lake

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“Nie Tian,” You Qimiao greeted him.

He had a haggard face, sunken cheekbones, and a dying appearance.

However, his eyes shone brightly like stars.

With Nie Tian’s current cultivation base and accomplishments, he could see through You Qimiao’s problem even if his true form wasn’t here. “Flesh aura...”

You Qimiao had been badly injured after losing his battle against Grand Monarch Eternal Purgatory of the Demons.

His injuries were mainly to his body and god domain.

A human body was frail. Grand Monarch Eternal Purgatory’s flesh power must have penetrated You Qimiao’s body, gnawing at him day and night, so he had to use his extreme cold power and extreme hot power to fight against Grand Monarch Eternal Purgatory’s residual power from time to time.

Many years before, Fang Tianyi of the Fang Clan had been severely wounded during his battle against Grand Patriarch Blood Warden, Cardy of the Demons, and his Saint domain had been tainted with Cardy’s flesh aura, which had made him suffer a lot.

With Nie Tian’s help, the flesh aura had eventually been dealt with.

The so-called origin demon power within Cardy’s terrifying flesh aura, which had been so dreadful, had been from Grand Monarch Eternal Purgatory, the master of the Blood Purgatory Sea.

Cardy had also been Grand Monarch Eternal Purgatory’s descendant.

“Sure enough, it’s the exact same issue: the terrifying flesh aura of the Blood Purgatory Sea is corroding your god domain,” Nie Tian said after carefully examining You Qimiao for a while. “Sorry. You asked one of the Remote Beginning Heavenly Sect elders to tell me how strong Grand Monarch Eternal Purgatory was, and asked me to think of ways to deal with your injuries. But I had too much on my plate, so...”

After the battle against Grand Monarch Eternal Purgatory, You Qimiao had retreated to the Remote Beginning Heavenly Sect’s headquarters and silently healed his injuries.

He had used a strand of his soul awareness to record the details of his battle against Grand Monarch Eternal Purgatory before he had arranged for an elder to find Nie Tian and show him the record, so that Nie Tian could know how terrifyingly powerful Grand Monarch Eternal Purgatory actually was.

You Qimiao had done this because he had thought that after his defeat, Nie Tian would most likely be the only human who would have a chance at stopping Grand Monarch Eternal Purgatory.

In addition, he had also told Nie Tian that the flesh aura that Grand Monarch Eternal Purgatory had left in him had been damaging his body and god domain. If he had to deal with it himself, it would cost him far too much time and energy, so he had wondered if Nie Tian could help him.

Nie Tian had had a lot of work to do at that time, so he had told the elder that he would help later.

However, he had been preoccupied since then.

“It doesn’t matter,” You Qimiao said with an expressionless face. “The power Grand Monarch Eternal Purgatory has left can’t hurt my foundation. It’s just quite troublesome. However, I do have a keen interest in the mysterious cold lake in the human birthplace that you’ve talked about.”

At this moment, Yu Suying arrived with her junior martial sister Han Qing. “Nie Tian,” she said.

Han Qing, who was young, fair and pretty, had a distant temperament. She was currently at the early God domain.

Nie Tian’s true soul examined her carefully, and unexpectedly saw a strange scene in her spiritual sea in her dantian region. “Mm!”

He saw a familiar lake in her spiritual sea.

The lake was as smooth as a mirror and covered with cold white fog. Many mysterious ice patterns that contained incomparably profound principles and truths of ice could be seen on the frozen surface of the lake.

Nie Tian suddenly came to a realization, and stared at Han Qing in surprise. “Is that the Frigid Depths in the Domain of Frigid Depths, that transformed from the broken domain of Ice Emperor Xuan Yu? Have you merged what’s left of the Ice Emperor Xuan Yu’s profound meanings of ice into your spiritual sea, and made it a part of you?”

Han Qing, who usually wore a straight face and kept to herself, nodded slightly.

Yu Suying chuckled and said, “That’s all thanks to you. I knew that because of you, Grand Monarch Ice Bones, who had hogged the Frigid Depths, was suppressed by your master Wu Ji and carried away to an unknown land by his River of Time, so that we could enter the Domain of Frigid Depths, where the Extreme Coldness Palace was located, and thus find the Frigid Depths. To my surprise, my junior martial sister only sat quietly in the Frigid Depths for several days, and the whole Frigid Depths fused into her dantian and became a part of her.”

Nie Tian marveled at it, saying it was unbelievable.

The Frigid Depths had been transformed from Ice Emperor Xuan Yu’s broken god domain. Back in the day, Grand Monarch Ice Bones had regained his strength through the Frigid Depths and studied the extreme cold power that the Ice Emperor had left behind.

However, even Grand Monarch Ice Bones could only understand part of the profound meanings the Frigid Depths contained.

Who could have expected that Han Qing would merge the whole Frigid Depths into her spiritual sea after only sitting in the Frigid Depths for a few days?

“This lake...” You Qimiao muttered, taking the Yin Yang Chaos Mirror out. As streaks of sparkling cold light swirled out of his sleeves, he morphed into a streak of cold sharp light and flew into the piercing cold lake.

Unlike Zhao Shanling, You Qimiao, who was at the late God domain, sank straight into the depths of the lake, holding the Yin Yang Chaos Mirror, and disappeared.

The lake was very weird, since even with the Spirit Scepter’s help, Nie Tian’s true soul couldn’t sense what was in its depths. He could only wait silently.

However, they ended up waiting for a very long time.

It took such a long time that Han Qing, who had also become a top expert at extreme cold power after merging the Ice Emperor Xuan Yu’s broken god domain into her dantian, lost her patience. “I’ll go down too.”

Before Yu Suying could stop her, Han Qing dove into the lake just as You Qimiao had.

With a strange look on his face, Zhao Shanling said, “Sectmaster Yu, your junior martial sister is acting a little rashly. After all, You Qimiao is at the late God domain, which allows him to move around in the lake, but she has just reached the early God domain. I’m worried that...”

On their way here, he had told both Yu Suying and Han Qing about the terrors of the lake.

Yu Suying was also worried as she berated inwardly, “The girl is too stubborn!”

She turned to Nie Tian and asked, “Nie Tian, will You Qimiao of the Remote Beginning Heavenly Sect do anything to my junior martial sister in the lake?”

As a person who also cultivated cold power, You Qimiao’s attainments and cultivation base were clearly more profound and powerful.

You Qimiao didn’t have a good reputation in the human race. If he hadn’t come forward to fight Grand Monarch Eternal Purgatory in a time of crisis, he would have still been an enemy of the human race.

Yu Suying didn’t like him at all.

Nie Tian sounded uncertain as he said, “I don’t think he will. Even though I can’t see through him and don’t know what he wants to do, I think he’ll give me face instead of making trouble when we’re in the Realm of Middle Continent. What I’m afraid of is that even without You Qimiao… your junior martial sister may not be able to stand the cold in the lake.”

Yu Suying retorted. “I have confidence in her in that respect.”

“Oh, if so, then good,” Nie Tian said.

His true form was still breaking through to the God domain with the Tree of Life’s help. Without it, he couldn’t use the marvelous power of his flame domain. Therefore, at this moment, he couldn’t discover the secrets of the lake by relying solely on his true soul.

Meanwhile, the six grand monarchs of the Void World and Spirit World were coming towards the Realm of Middle Continent, so he had to reserve his strength.

After pondering for a moment, he looked at Zhao Shanling. “How did things go in the Domain of Forbidden Heaven? Have you informed all of our God domain experts?”

“Don’t worry,” Yu Suying answered before Zhao Shanling could. “All the experts of the four ancient sects that have reached the God domain and haven’t been in secluded cultivation have gone to the Realm of Unbounded Desolation. My junior martial sister and I came here without a problem. That means they can all teleport directly to the Realm of Middle Continent from the Realm of Unbounded Desolation. I’m also dying to see how the outsider grand monarchs who want to wipe out your true soul will react after they suddenly see a group of God domain humans appear in the Realm of Middle Continent.”

At the same time...

A beam of dark demonlight shot skywards from the ruins of the Dong Clan that were surrounded by mountains in the Realm of a Hundred Battles in the Domain of the Falling Stars.


The demonlight exploded, pure blackness enshrouding the whole realm, like an eternal black curtain.

People of the several clans and the Water Moon Chamber of Commerce that still lived in the Realm of a Hundred Battles suddenly found that the whole realm was plunged into darkness, and that they couldn’t see or perceive anything. “Dong Li must have merged that other dark stone into her completely.”