Lord of All Realms - Chapter 1579: Guide

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The Nether River finally vanished.

As the Spirit Scepter burst forth with endless divine light, a storm of soul power seemed to be unleashed by the Spirit Scepter to fill that area of the starry river with fluctuations.

Meanwhile, the five evil gods screeched.

Nie Tian’s true soul gazed at the scepter, and seemed lost in Grand Monarch Heavenly Spirit’s residual will.

He had never expected that he would come into such a connection with Grand Monarch Heavenly Spirit so long after his battle against the first-generation Tree of Life, where they had practically killed each other, and that all of this had started with him accidentally obtaining a Spirit Pearl.

Perhaps Grand Monarch Heavenly Spirit’s residual will had been the reason why the Nether River had actively approached him in the Seven Stars Realm Sea.

The Nether River in the Silent Star Sea had been vested with Grand Monarch Heavenly Spirit’s will to kill and conquer. As hard as it had been to contain, he had managed to succeed and refine it into a Profound Truths Crystal.

Now, after he had obtained the Spirit Scepter and entered the Spirit World, the Nether River in the Nether Realm had somehow taken it upon itself to merge with the Spirit Scepter, which belonged to him now.

All of these were signs that Grand Monarch Heavenly Spirit had approved of him to some extent.

“Are you choosing me to guide your descendants to freedom now, when Grand Monarch Soul Ferry has died and the Phantasms are on the verge of being enslaved by the Netherspirits?” Nie Tian asked inwardly.


At this moment, the five evil gods seemed to sense the responsibility Grand Monarch Heavenly Spirit had given them from within the Spirit Scepter, as they left Nie Tian and flew off in the Nether Realm’s direction.

A mysterious and natural connection seemed to have formed between the Nether Realm and the evil gods, whose bloodline power was soaring through the ceiling.

A layer of vast cyan space seemed to be cut open by the five evil gods.

They, who were outside the Floragrims’ main realm, somehow ripped through the layers of space and traveled to the Nether Realm directly.

Nie Tian was confused. “Why did those five leave for the Nether Realm in such a hurry?

“The Nether River there has flown here and merged with the Spirit Scepter. Even the stone statues that used to seal their flesh auras have been taken here, and they had strengthened themselves with the flesh auras they contained.

“Don’t tell me that something is happening in the Nether Realm, and their power is needed to contain the situation?”

Having absorbed the flesh auras sealed within those stone statues, each evil god was now stronger than Grand Monarch Bloodlust and Grand Monarch Nether Channeler. Even though they hadn’t joined the ranks of late tenth grade grand monarchs, the gap between their strength and that of late tenth grade grand monarchs should be quite narrow.

Nie Tian even felt that together, they probably wouldn’t lose a battle against Grand Monarch Eternal Purgatory of the Demons.

Then again, after they had obtained those flesh auras and lifted their strength to a new level, he started to feel that it might not be so easy to control them from now on.

“Now that none of the true experts of the Spirit World are around, I suppose those five have nothing to fear here,” Nie Tian thought to himself. “As long as Grand Monarch Eternal Purgatory doesn’t return from the Mortal World with the late tenth grade grand monarchs from the Void World, I guess I’ve got nothing to worry about.”

Even though the five evil gods had left, his soul connection with them seemed to be tight, and showed no sign of breaking.

This made him slightly relieved.

“Nie Tian!” A furious, violent voice suddenly echoed from the depths of the dim, icy starry river.

Before Nie Tian could realize what was happening, a Demon grand patriarch entered his sight, wreathed in strong killing intent.

Having activated Ancestral Awakening, the Demon grand patriarch looked like a robust, raging bull. Pitch-black and back covered in solid armor, he emanated purple light.

Nie Tian let out a laugh of derision. “Only at the ninth grade.”


A Fiend grand patriarch, a Bonebrute grand patriarch, and another Demon grand patriarch showed themselves after him.

After their arrival, the four outsider grand patriarchs first looked down at the Floragrims’ main realm with a hint of apprehension in their eyes. Only after seeing that no one seemed to be coming out of it did they put their minds at ease.

They knew that Grand Monarch Primal Wood of the Floragrims had already joined the ranks of late tenth grade grand monarchs, and that the Tree of Life was still there.

For that reason, after the Floragrims and the Ancientspirits had decided to work with the humans, even though these outsiders lived close to the Floragrims’ main realm, they hadn’t dared to rashly approach it.

Now, however, Nie Tian’s true soul had flown out into the starry river by itself.

“Kill it!” The Demon grand patriarch in the form of a raging bull bellowed. “What makes Nie Tian so powerful is his fleshly body and unique bloodline power. Without his fleshly body, his true soul is nothing to be feared!”

“That’s right! That’s Nie Tian’s true soul!” The Fiend grand patriarch said in a shrill voice that was full of excitement.

The Bonebrute grand patriarch sensed around with his death bloodline, and shuddered. “His true form is in the Floragrims’ main realm, and wreathed in rich life force! It appears that he’s trying to make breakthroughs in his bloodline and cultivation with the Tree of Life’s help! This is a great opportunity!”

The four outsider grand patriarchs’ murderous auras were instantly aroused.

They were facing a golden opportunity to kill Nie Tian. As long as his true soul was annihilated, his cultivation breakthrough and bloodline upgrade would definitely be interrupted. There was even a chance that his fleshly body would explode.


Like lightning bolts, dark purple demon power morphed and manifested various bloodline talents and wonders in the dim starry river.

The roars of ancient demonic gods echoed out from within the twisting lights, emanating an aura of violence and destruction that yearned to engulf Nie Tian’s true soul.

At the same time, the Fiend grand patriarch tossed out a porcelain bottle. The foul-smelling liquid that spilled from it instantly morphed into a green river that stretched towards Nie Tian’s true soul.

The pale-gray particles in the depths of the Bonebrute grand patriarch’s eyes suddenly burst forth with dazzling, soul-capturing light, as a bloodline talent called Death Grinding was activated.

As soon as that happened, Nie Tian’s true soul started losing soul power.

With a derisive laugh, Nie Tian said, “A bunch of fools with death wishes.”

Even though this was a laugh let out by his true soul, it traveled through the nearby realms in a split second. Every Floragrim in their main realm caught every word he had said.

Of course, Grand Monarch Primal Wood and Fata also heard him perfectly.

Even without flying out of their main realm, their eyes with emerald green pupils could see through the realm barrier. A hint of mockery appeared on their cold faces as they realized what the four outsider grand patriarchs were trying to do.

“Do you really think you can win, even though it’s Nie Tian in his soul form?” Fata muttered.

At this moment, Nie Tian’s true soul lifted the Spirit Scepter. He pointed it towards the four outsider grand patriarchs respectively and exclaimed softly, “Soul-capturing Hands!”

Four giant, scary hands made of nothing but evil spirits and vicious souls flew out of the Spirit Scepter one after another.

Each and every one of them blocked out a large area of the starry river as they reached towards the four outsider grand patriarchs.

Nie Tian’s true soul looked like a god who controlled souls, casting spells on the four grand patriarchs with his overwhelming power and an indifference to the lives before him.

As the Soul-capturing Hands descended, the four grand patriarchs’ souls were gripped tightly and yanked out of their heads like chickens captured by eagles that swooped down from the sky.

No matter how hard they struggled and how much power they summoned, all soul wards and protections seemed to be rendered useless as soon as the giant hands reached in.


The four grand patriarchs’ souls were grabbed and stuffed into the Spirit Scepter.

They had just launched attacks towards Nie Tian, yet they lost before their bloodline magics could even manifest their might.

Nie Tian let out a cold laugh. “How laughable.”

Devoid of any life, the four grand patriarchs’ bodies fell towards the Florigrims’ main realm.

The Bonebrute grand patriarch’s body exploded and turned into ashes upon contact with the realm barrier.

The other three Demon and Fiend grand patriarchs’ bodies fell through the realm barrier. Channeled by some invisible power, they fell towards the area where Nie Tian’s true form was in the middle of a breakthrough, like streaks of glorious light.

“The Nether Realm!”

At this moment, Nie Tian’s sub-souls that had profound connections with the five evil gods’ souls suddenly saw images of the Nether Realm through the evil gods’ eyes.

Numerous Phantasms were looking up into the sky, watching the five evil gods they had worshiped for generations descend into the Nether Realm in flesh and blood.

After the Nether River had left, along with the stone statues, all of them had fallen into despair and the feeling that their ancestors and gods had abandoned them.

Now that the five evil gods had returned in fleshly forms, they were lifted from their despair, their hope reignited.

In contrast, Barbara and the other Netherspirits looked very grim, their eyes filled with anger.