Lord of All Realms - Chapter 1578: Heavenly Spirit’s Will

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Countless wisps of cyan flesh auras slithered on and disappeared into the five evil gods’ bodies like snakes made of lightning.

The evil gods roared, baring their fangs and brandishing their claws. As they devoured these flesh auras that were completely compatible with them, their sinister, enormous bodies seemed to be refined very effectively.

At the same time, wisps of pure Nether Qi flew out of the Nether River.

They fused into the evil gods, as if to help with their body refinement.

The evil gods grew stronger with each passing second.

The five stone statues that the Nether River had taken to this place continued to crack and peel off, the pieces crumbling and falling into the Nether River.

While the stone statues grew smaller and smaller, the evil gods grew stronger and stronger.

Nie Tian’s true soul floated there quietly, completely unharmed by the various impurities in the starry river.

“If the five evil gods regain their peak strength, they’ll definitely be of great help in the upcoming battles! The only thing I need to worry about is whether the Heavenly Spirit Seals will continue to limit them after they do.”

The Heavenly Spirit Seals had been branded on the foreheads of the evil gods, like the prismatic crystals on the foreheads of Phantasms.

They were what was restraining the evil gods and making them follow his every command.

However, he wasn’t Grand Monarch Heavenly Spirit after all. Could the Heavenly Spirit Seals he had condensed make five late tenth grade grand monarchs serve him obediently?

He wasn’t so confident in that.

Then, he fixed his eyes on the Spirit Scepter, and saw that countless soul symbols and cyan spots within the Nether River had started fusing into its shaft and the glittering cyan Profound Truths Crystal after it fell into the Nether River.

After observing for a while, Nie Tian came to a realization. “Even though it’s only a reflection of the River of Souls, it contains Grand Monarch Heavenly Spirit’s residual power and will!”

He had created this Profound Truths Crystal by refining the Nether River branch in the Silent Star Sea with his Blood Essence, soul power, and with the help of Grand Monarch Primal Wood and the three Ancientspirit grand monarchs.

A profound connection had formed between him and the Spirit Scepter from the moment it had been embedded on the pommel of the scepter.

It was the key to his control of the Spirit Scepter.

Now, after the Spirit Scepter fell out of his hand and into the Nether River, he felt somewhat confused watching the numerous soul symbols, soul imprints, and soul strands within the Nether River that were vested with the profound truths of souls be absorbed by the scepter.

This branch of the Nether River had remained in the Nether Realm for many millennia. Now, however, after having been summoned here by the Spirit Scepter, it was actually taking the initiative to merge with the Spirit Scepter. This was very strange.


Grand Monarch Heavenly Spirit’s residual will seemed to be detonated within the Profound Truths Crystal.

In a flash, numerous secret soul imprints that no one could read were branded in the crystal, and almost at the same time, were acquired by Nie Tian.

At this moment, a giant ancient soul shadow suddenly manifested out of nothing within the crystal.

Startled, Nie Tian shuddered violently. “Grand Monarch Heavenly Spirit!”

He thought the deceased Grand Monarch Heavenly Spirit was going to revive himself through this Profound Truths Crystal.

However, the giant soul shadow only existed for a brief moment before dissipating completely.

However, the soul imprints that seemed to carry pieces of lost history didn’t dissipate with it, but were left in their entirety.

Nie Tian’s true soul was deeply shocked as information poured in. “What? The Phantasms in the Spirit World are actually Grand Monarch Heavenly Spirit’s descendants who carry his bloodline! The Nether River in the Nether Realm carries most of his wonders!”

Many of Grand Monarch Heavenly Spirit’s memories and secrets that had been kept in the Nether River unraveled before his eyes.

He saw image after image of the past, from which he learned that Grand Monarch Heavenly Spirit, in his prime, had had a supreme aspiration: build a new species!

As an expert who had transcended the tenth grade, Grand Monarch Heavenly Spirit had hidden his identity and powers, and traveled through the Mortal World and the Spirit World. Eventually, he had chosen the Nether Realm in the Spirit World to be the place where he carried out his grand creation.

However, before he could, the first-generation Tree of Life had discovered his plan.

A fatal battle had broken out between them. After the battle, the Tree of Life had withered, its seed drifting to the Floragrims’ main realm, where it had grown into the second-generation Tree of Life.

Grand Monarch Heavenly Spirit had perished. After his residual will had communicated with the River of Souls, a branch of the so-called Nether River had manifested in the Silent Star Sea, vested with his will to conquer all those who opposed him.

Another branch of the Nether River had manifested in the Netherspirits’ ancestral land in the Void World, vested with his will to guard his own kind.

A third branch of the Nether River had manifested in the place of his choice, the Nether Realm, vested with his will to create a new species!

As it turned out, he had succeeded.

All Phantasms could be viewed as his creation. This was similar to how the second-generation Tree of Life had created the Floragrims in the Floragrims’ current main realm.

Technically speaking, the origin of the Floragrims’ bloodline lay with the Tree of Life, while the origin of the Phantasms’ bloodline lay with Grand Monarch Heavenly Spirit.

The five evil gods, who had fought alongside him until they had died doing so, had been given the responsibility of guarding the Phantasms, his descendants that carried his bloodline.

Since the evil gods had died before him, he had sealed their residual flesh auras in stones with his divine abilities, and shaped them into five statues.

He had also scattered their soul fragments, which should have dissipated as time passed, across the Mortal World, Spirit World, and Void World.

If it hadn’t been for Grand Monarch Heavenly Spirit, the five evil gods would have perished completely, devoid of any chance at rebirth.

Grand Monarch Heavenly Spirit had paved the road for their rebirth, and his residual will had illuminated the truth to his descendant, Grand Monarch Nether Spirit, who had thus forged the Spirit Pearls to collect the evil gods’ soul fragments.

It appeared that the Phantasms in the Nether Realm were more important to him than his people in the Void World.

The Netherspirits in the Void World were his clansmen, but the Phantasms were his descendants that carried his bloodline!

From the memories, Nie Tian also learned that something had happened to the Nether River in the Void World recently.

The sudden and mysterious deaths of Grand Monarch Soul Ferry and his son had a great deal to do with it.

After that, Grand Monarch Unholy Wind had been aided and become the new high chieftain of the Phantasms. Then, he had secretly contacted Grand Monarch Thousand Spirits and done everything he could to join the Netherspirits. This also had a great deal to do with it.

Grand Monarch Heavenly Spirit’s residual will in the Nether River in the Void World seemed to have been gradually wiped out or assimilated by something.


The five enormous stone statues finally exploded, the dust vanishing into the Nether River.

The five evil gods roared, shaking the starry river.

Their roars seemed to be filled with fury and discontent as they roared in the Nether Realm’s direction.


The Nether River that had remained in the Nether Realm since its creation slowly dissipated, all of the spirits, soul spells, and soul power it contained fusing into the Spirit Scepter.

Floating in the starry river, the scepter seemed like a supreme soul tool that could dominate the souls of all living beings.

Grand Monarch Heavenly Spirit’s residual will within the Profound Truths Crystal also presented a few requests.

Face filled with disbelief, Nie Tian said, “What? You want me to guide the Phantasms, your descendants? All of the Phantasms have been convinced that the origin of their bloodline lies in the Void World thanks to Grand Monarch Unholy Wind’s persuasion, and the Netherspirits’ demonstration. What makes you think I can get them to trust me just because I hold the Spirit Scepter?

“Also, I’m a human. Why do you think I would want to go to the Void World and help find out what happened to the Nether River there?”