Lord of All Realms - Chapter 1575: Heaven Or Hell

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The God domain currently represented the peak of human cultivation.

Even though there were as many Saint domain cultivators as the stars in the starry river, God domain cultivators were as rare as phoenix feathers and qilin horns.

Entering the God domain was the dream of every Saint domain cultivator.

Experts like Wei Ming, Patriarch Snowy Peak, Li Wanfa, and Zhang Qiling had worked hard for thousands of years with the sole purpose of advancing to the God domain.

The Saint domain and the God domain were separated by a chasm. One either crossed into heaven or fell into hell.


Streaks of emerald green auras hovered in Nie Tian’s wood domain. On the exuberant green land, pure wood power was ever-changing, as if to manifest the profound truths of life in various ways.

Some were manifested in the mysterious patterns on the Godspirit Tree, and the sky-reaching trees that had transformed from the seventy-two branches.

Some were manifested in the faint energy rivers that flowed through the land.

Some were manifested in the green clouds that floated high above.


One of Nie Tian’s sub-souls suddenly flew out of his sea of awareness and stopped above the green land.

It was his wood power sub-soul.

It was a cluster of green mist at first, but quickly morphed into an illusory version of Nie Tian with clear edges.

“This is amazing.”

Floating above the green land, his wood power sub-soul watched green light streak past him, and he was struck by a feeling that this was similar to when his true soul had entered the endless blood sea to derive the profound truths of life power.

“My life bloodline contains the wonders of both flesh power and wood power,” he muttered to himself as he attempted to derive new enlightenment. “All of the bloodline magics I’ve derived from the Blood Realm are flesh power-related. Life Drain, Blood Essence Condensation, Life Blend, and all the other bloodline talents and magics are to be used on myself or other fleshly beings.

“However, these wonders that are being manifested in the streaking light and tree patterns in my wood domain are all wood power-related.

“In other words, they’re the profound truths of wood power the Tree of Life has obtained from the Blood Realm.

“Both kinds carry the profound truths of life power, as they share the same origin...”

He focused on deriving enlightenment.


Fata and Grand Monarch Primal Wood stood shoulder to shoulder in midair and gazed off at the green forbidden area.

“The last piece of green land in our ancestral land is dying,” Fata said.

Grand Monarch Primal Wood remained silent.

Both of them could see very clearly that the place where the third-generation Tree of Life stood was losing its rich wood power at an alarming rate.

From this, they suddenly realized that the third-generation Tree of Life must have summoned Nie Tian here to present him with a great fortune and opportunity. Otherwise, it wouldn’t be fusing its last remaining wood power into Nie Tian’s wood domain.

After hesitating for a while, Fata finally decided to ask the question that had been weighing on his mind, “Has my father really died in the Void World?”

Grand Monarch Primal Wood nodded. “I’m afraid so. The Spirit World is a lost cause. What I worry about now is where the third-generation Tree of Life will go. It hasn’t grown up yet. It needs a vast amount of wood power and a long time to regain its power.”

“Why is this happening to the Spirit World? Is there really no way to fix it now?” Fata asked in frustration.

Grand Monarch Primal Wood let out a sigh. “Even though I’ve entered the late tenth grade with the Tree of Life’s help, I still can’t figure out the reason for all this. Actually, the Silent Star Sea isn’t the ideal place for us to migrate to either. There must be realms in the Void World that are more suitable for us.”

Fata’s expression flickered with astonishment. “The Void World? Why not the Mortal World?”

With a thoughtful expression, Grand Monarch Primal Wood said, “Your father, those late tenth grade Ancientspirit grand monarchs, and outsider grand monarchs like Grand Monarch Primal Demon all went to the Void World. They clearly knew that the ultimate power that would allow them to transcend their limits lay there. The same goes for the peak human experts. Unfortunately, they all seem to have failed to get what they were after.

“However, the fact that the Void World has produced the Dark King, the Bone Emperor, and Grand Monarch Heavenly Spirit proves a lot.

“If we can defeat the outsiders from the Void World and figure out the secrets of the Void World, then perhaps we may be able to pinpoint the problem with the Spirit World.”

Both hope and apprehension filled Grand Monarch Primal Wood’s eyes as he said these words.

Fata sighed in a low voice. “The Void World...”

All of a sudden, pillars of emerald green light blasted into the heavens from the forbidden area.

Like heaven-piercing swords, they pierced through the realm barrier of the Floragrims’ main realm and reached the dim starry river.

At the same time, an enormous plant emerged from the exuberant green land, surrounded by what seemed like dazzling stars.

The Heavenly Stars Flower, which seemed to be planted in a vast sea of stars, slowly rose from the forbidden area towards the starry river.

“The Heavenly Stars Flower! That’s Nie Tian’s star domain!” Fata examined it with rapt attention, as he discovered that even Nie Tian’s star power sub-soul was inside that sea of stars with the Heavenly Stars Flower, and the sea of stars was expanding.

Fata pondered for a brief moment before frowning and saying, “Nie Tian’s star domain has left his true form and is rising into the boundless starry river in the Spirit World. Why is he doing this? With the realms in the Spirit World dying, can he be hoping to gather the star power within those realms with his star domain and the Heavenly Stars Flower?”

“Perhaps,” Grand Monarch Primal Wood said.


The dazzling sea of stars rose out of the Floragrims’ main realm and into the starry river.

Within it, standing on a branch of the Heavenly Stars Flower, Nie Tian’s star power sub-soul suddenly burst forth with gorgeous starlight, its connection with his true soul incomparably clear and strong.

In the Floragrims’ main realm, his wood domain was being refined toward a higher level with the power of the Tree of Life.

It was this profound wood power that had driven his star domain into the starry river.

“The Spirit World... It’s said that humanity was born here.”

Nie Tian’s star power sub-soul had become one with his star domain. As it spread its soul power into its surroundings, it seemed to be able to sense even the slightest movements of the stars that were millions of kilometers away.

However, no pure star power flew towards it after being channeled by the Heavenly Stars Flower and the star domain.

According to his soul perception, all of these stars in the Spirit World seemed to have become dark and lifeless.

Plus, there didn’t seem to be any considerable star power in the starry river that he could refine into his star domain to use as external help.

All stars and floating lands had star cores.

Star cores released star power, which the majority of the Ancient Fragmentary Star Palace disciples relied on to practice cultivation. The star souls Nie Tian had been bestowed when he had been made a Son of the Stars had been refined from star power.

Right now, the star cores of many stars and realms in the Spirit World had become weak, their lost star power untraceable.

The other types of power of those realms had had also dissipated. He had no idea as to where they had gone, or why such a vast world would enter such a sudden and sharp decline after a period of long-lasting prosperity.


While he contemplated, his flame domain and flame power sub-soul also left his true self and entered the starry river.

Immediately after that, his true soul left his true self and the realm well.

As soon as it flew into the starry river, he was overtaken by a feeling that something was appealing to him from millions of kilometers away.

“The Nether River!”