Lord of All Realms - Chapter 1574: Revisit

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In the Floragrims’ main realm in the Spirit World.

Ancient trees that were hundreds of meters tall stood like mountain peaks. However, all of them were withered, their leaves fallen. Clearly, they had been dead for some time.

The wood aura was also fading in the realm.

“This is our ancestral land, the place where my people have lived for many generations,” Grand Monarch Primal Wood said.

His face was filled with sorrow as he watched the once-exuberant forest that had withered because it could no longer absorb wood power from the starry river.

Though reluctant, he knew that they had to abandon this realm.

Floating high in the sky, Nie Tian gazed off into the distance, and saw a piece of green land, which appeared to be the only one left in this realm.

That was where the third-generation Tree of Life was.

His life bloodline grew unusually active the moment he entered the realm.

As he activated his Life Detection bloodline talent, every one of the few remaining Floragrims in this realm manifested before his eyes like lanterns in their precise locations.

All of them were at the eighth or the ninth grade.

“Those members of my clan have stayed behind to collect saplings,” Grand Monarch Primal Wood explained. “If we start our new lives in the realms in the Silent Star Sea without a large enough variety of trees, it’ll limit the growth of our bloodlines.”

Nie Tian nodded to show that he understood.

The third-generation Tree of Life’s soul call suddenly echoed from the green area, and he caught every word of it.

Grand Monarch Primal Wood bowed slightly, his face filled with respect. “It’s calling upon you.

“Since it’s only you that it wants to see, why don’t you go meet it yourself? I’ll take you back to the Domain of Forbidden Heaven after your meeting is over.”

As of this day, Grand Monarch Primal Wood had gradually realized that what Nie Tian had said to him before was true.

It was true that Nie Tian’s bloodline was fundamentally above theirs.


Nie Tian suddenly released his wood domain and activated his life bloodline.

His wood domain looked like an exuberant land where the Godspirit Tree had taken root, and the tree branches had taken the form of sky-reaching trees.

Enveloped in his wood domain, he flew in the direction of the third-generation Tree of Life.


On his way there, he gazed into the starry river from time to time, and sensed his surroundings. A surprised look appeared on his face.

Before, as soon as he released his wood domain, it would start absorbing wood power from its surroundings, whether he was in a realm or the starry river.

At this moment, however, not only did he not sense any wood power flowing towards him from the starry river, but not a single wisp of wood power seemed to be converging on him from within the realm either.

He sensed more carefully, and discovered that wisps of faint wood power were gathering towards the place where the third-generation Tree of Life was.

Moments later, he arrived at the wondrous land where the ancient trees were still green.


He felt as if he had penetrated an invisible ward before suddenly arriving inside of another heaven and earth.

Glancing around, he couldn’t help but exclaim in astonishment, “Ahh!”

The wood power here was so rich that it felt like a liquid that filled the dense forest. Emerald green auras floated in midair like numerous green ribbons.

The moment he entered, rich wood power started pouring into his wood domain.

Standing in mid-air, he was overtaken by a strong sense of familiarity with this place.

Years ago, he and Dong Li had clearly tumbled into this wondrous place, where he had found a young Tree of Life and obtained a few Fruits of Life.

“I... I can’t believe it’s here.”

Eyes filled with surprise, he morphed into a streak of green light that flew directly to the Tree of Life’s location, seeming to know this place rather well.

The shallow pond from years ago had already become a green lake. The green sapling had also now grown to a huge tree that was close to a hundred meters tall, with each leaf fresh and green like emeralds and their veins containing the profound truths of life power. He also quickly discovered that a mysterious light seemed to be flowing over the patterns on its trunk and branches.

He took a deep breath, and felt a soothing comfort he couldn’t describe.

His activated wood domain also started to experience changes after he entered this heaven and earth.

Bathed in the divine light of the Tree of Life, the Godspirit Tree and the seventy-two tree branches seemed to be branded with the divine patterns of life power, which continued to morph in a subtle manner.

With a self-mocking smile, Nie Tian muttered, “It’s hard to believe that I’m here again. Back in the day, I tried everything I could to find this place in the Realm of Unbounded Desolation in order to help the Heaven-equal Vine return to its ancestral land, but failed. It appears that this place Dong Li and I found had moved to this forbidden area of the Floragrims’ main realm.”

“You’re finally here.” The Tree of Life’s voice seemed to echo from its every leaf. “There are many things that I didn’t have the time to tell you in the Blood Realm. I sent Primal Wood for you so I can tell you those secrets, but there’s also something of great importance we need to do.”

Nie Tian was taken aback. “What is it?”

The Tree of Life took its time to explain, “Your cultivation base is at the late Saint domain, which is only a step away from the God domain. In the Silent Star Sea, you helped prevent my first-generation form from being damaged by that branch of the Nether River. Now, you’ve helped the Floragrims move into the Silent Star Sea. And there’s a profound connection between you and me to start with, so I’d like to help you enter the God domain.”

“You want to help me enter the God domain?”

“Yes, it’s about time you took that step.”


Countless rays of divine green light burst forth from within the emerald green tree leaves before flying into Nie Tian’s wood domain like wisps of lightning.

Each and every ray of light contained profound wood power that made his soul cheer.

His wood domain rapidly absorbed all of the divine green light like a sponge absorbing water, and then started expanding bit by bit under Nie Tian’s gaze.

The Godspirit Tree started growing at a noticeable rate.

Curious changes happened to the lush green trees that had morphed from the seventy-two tree branches, as the trees started to vary, as if they belonged to different species now.

It appeared that they had been nourished and prepared for such changes since he had arrived here.

“Such concentrated and pure power!” Nie Tian exclaimed.

Then, looking at the changes of his wood domain, he said doubtfully, “I cultivate three different powers. Can I really enter the God domain by relying only on one of them?”

It was said that the more powers one cultivated, the harder it would be for them to make advances in their cultivation.

Humans had rather limited lifespans. Most cultivators wouldn’t even reach the point where they were ready to break through to the God domain before they died of old age. Therefore, most cultivators would choose only one power to cultivate, and try to master it fully.

“You’re not like the others,” the Tree of Life responded. “Your wood domain interacts with your life bloodline. Thus, with my assistance, I think I can carry you through the barriers and into the God domain. After you enter the God domain, your battle prowess will rise to a new level.

“Only then will you be able to fight against the truly powerful late tenth grade grand monarchs from the Void World.

“And your power will also be needed to end the turmoil in the Mortal World.”

As the Tree of Life spoke, wisps of pure wood power continued to fuse into Nie Tian’s wood domain, causing it to change constantly.

Meanwhile, streaks of green light hovered around it, protecting the land of rich life force like a realm barrier protecting a realm.