Lord of All Realms - Chapter 1572: The Envious

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On the floating continent.

Streaks of rainbow light flew across the bottom continent as deafening wild laughter echoed out from time to time.

Hardly had Nie Tian entered the floating continent from the Shatter Battlefield when he saw the hustle and bustle of the land.

Saint domain experts like Jing Feiyang, Zhongli Jian, and Qu Mingde, as well as many Void domain experts whose faces Nie Tian didn’t even recognize, had swarmed in.

He also spotted Hua Mu, Qi Bailu, and many others from the Domain of the Falling Stars.

The Saint and Void domain experts from the Domain of Heaven Python, the Domain of Heaven’s Boundaries and the Domain of the Falling Stars who had attached themselves to him were all flying about on the floating continent to search for precious materials and treasures that could help improve their cultivation bases or their spiritual tools.

After the Ripper Behemoth had opened the floating continent up, many rare spiritual materials that it had spawned over hundreds of millions of years had helped many of the visitors achieve new levels.

News that experts broke through kept coming out.

In the depths of the clouds, Nie Tian overlooked the land below and communicated with the Ripper Behemoth for a while, telling it that Feng Beiluo and the others had gone to the Shatter Battlefield to revive the Chaos Behemoth.

Then, he flew away from the floating continent and returned to the area where the Ancientspirits were gathered.

He summoned his Flame Dragon Armor and opened a passage connecting to the Silent Star Sea. Then, he watched as Chatvic and the others gave loud instructions, and young titans, dragons, Ancientbeasts, and a large number of Floragrims entered in order and started a new life in the Silent Star Sea.

The Golden-feathered Divine Finch of the Ancientbeasts fixed her golden feathered wings and said slowly, “That Pang Chicheng...”

Nie Tian asked, “Have you found out the source of his bloodline yet?”

“Yes,” she replied in a sharp voice. “His father is Pang Bo, and his mother is an Ancientbeast— a ninth grade flame qilin. According to the records of our race, she has long since abandoned our race, and it seems she has been banished to the Doomed Star Sea.”

He was startled. “The Doomed Star Sea?”

“Mm, her bloodline was at the ninth grade and she had not yet become a grand monarch before she was banished,” she said. “We do not know how she met Pang Bo later and how she broke through to the tenth grade and gave birth to Pang Chicheng.”

“Why did she turn her back on your race?” he asked curiously.

She was also puzzled. “I don’t know. We’re keeping Pang Chicheng prisoner in the place where the flame qilins live. The flame qilin blood and fiery flesh aura in his body have been stripped by a spell formation to help the young flame qilins grow rapidly. He is still alive for the time being. If you want him, we can bring him to you at any time.”

He shook his head. “No need.”

Nie Tian didn’t pay attention to people like Pang Chicheng anymore now.

Even if Pang Chicheng escaped, retook the Four Manifestations Flame Soul Cauldron, and his cultivation base and bloodline returned to the peak, Nie Tian could still easily kill him.

As long as Pang Bo wasn’t revived and restored to his prime, Pang Chicheng would hardly pose a threat to him.

This was also why he was indifferent to the life or death of the betrayer of the fire element sect.

He had taken away the Four Manifestations Flame Soul Cauldron and given it back to the fire element sect anyways.

The Ancientspirits were as large as mountains, but they had a far smaller population than the humans.

In just one day, all of the weak Ancientspirits and Floragrims were transferred to the Silent Star Sea through that spatial passage.

The Ancientspirits and Floragrims that remained in the Domain of Forbidden Heaven were all at least at the eighth grade.

Only then did Grand Monarch Primal Wood of Floragrims whisper to Nie Tian, “Nie Tian, the third generation of Tree of Life hopes that you can go to the Floragrims’ ancestral land. The power of the Spirit World has been exhausted, so the third generation of the Tree of Life has to seek another place to live. It’s not strong enough now, and the Spirit World doesn’t have enough wood power to help it grow stronger within a short time.”

Nie Tian nodded. “Sure.”

It wasn’t very long ago when he had run into the third generation of Tree of Life in the endless blood sea by accident.

It was because of its help that he had been able to see the truth of the Blood Realms, the so-called River of Souls, the Mountain of Death, the Origin of Darkness, and the River of Time.

The Tree of Life had revived twice. Even though its soul was still strong, its body had been weakened by its revivals.

If the new Tree of Life wanted to grow rapidly, it would need boundless wood power, just as Nie Tian would need an astronomical amount of flesh aura if he wanted to make his bloodline break through to the tenth grade.

However, he was just about to leave when a surprised look suddenly appeared on his face.

There were spatial fluctuations coming from a giant meteorite close to the Realm of Shattered Earth.

Given Nie Tian’s current cultivation base, as long as he wanted, he could easily find out exactly how many people were coming, and what their cultivation bases were.

The nine arrivals were all at the late Saint domain. According to the detection of Nie Tian’s bloodline, they were all long-lived patriarchs.

He knew only one of them — Patriarch Snowy Peak of the Domain of Endless Snow.

Patriarch Snowy Peak’s melodious voice suddenly sounded. “Nie Tian, my young fellow cultivator.”

Nie Tian frowned with a disdainful look at the corners of his mouth. “Patriarch Snowy Peak.”

When the Domain of Endless Snow had been invaded by the outsiders, Patriarch Snowy Peak, the sectmaster of the Heavenly Ice Sect, had seen the unfavorable situation, and thus left in a hurry without putting up a fight.

On the contrary, many middle-level disciples of the Heavenly Ice Sect had fiercely fought the outsiders before all of them had been killed.

Many years ago, Patriarch Snowy Peak had imprisoned Fan Kai and the others to force Nie Tian to show himself. However, under pressure from Xie Qian and Nie Tian’s status as a Son of the Stars, Patriarch Snowy Peak had been forced to let them go with resignation.

Since then, Nie Tian had been very dissatisfied with him. It was just that since his cultivation base had been rather high, Nie Tian hadn’t been able to do anything to him.

Nie Tian also knew that White Rose, who had chosen to attach herself to him, had also been a Heavenly Ice Sect disciple to begin with. She should have been the sectmaster of the Heavenly Ice Sect, but she had been set up by Patriarch Snowy Peak and thus left her sect and become a Star Hunter.

Right now, she was at the middle Saint domain, and was looking for frigid spiritual materials on the floating continent.

When Nie Tian had flown away from the floating continent, he had perceived that the White Rose had made strides in her cultivation, and might be able to break through to the late Saint domain with the Divine Frigid Crystal on the floating continent.


In a flash, Nie Tian left the place where the Ancientspirits had gathered and arrived above the giant meteorite.

A gray-haired old man stepped forward and said with a smile, “You’re really young and high-achieving. I am Wei Ming, the previous sectmaster of the Heavenly Sea Sect. We heard the legendary floating continent has opened up in the Domain of Forbidden Heaven, so we came to witness the magnificence of the floating continent the Ripper Behemoth has chosen.”

The other old men, who seemed to be on the verge of dying of old age, also introduced themselves. It turned out that they were all from strong sects in remote high-level domains.

“I am...”

“My name is...”

They either smiled while stroking their long beards, or continuously threw quick glances at the floating continent with twinkling eyes.

After patiently listening to their self-introductions, Nie Tian frowned and said, “Not long ago, I didn’t seem to see any of you in the fierce battles in the Domain of Heaven Span or the Domain of Endless Snow.”

Wei Ming from the Heavenly Sea Sect forced a smile and looked slightly embarrassed. “Well... We are all old, and have been stuck at the Saint domain for nearly ten thousand years. We haven’t shown ourselves in public for such a long time that we’ve almost forgotten how to fight. All of us are working hard to advance to the God domain.

“But the God domain is like a sky-high barrier that we cannot cross.”

The other old men sighed, their eyes full of regret.

Nie Tian nodded, showing his understanding. “Oh, I see. In that case, why don’t you go home and continue breaking through to the God domain? Presumably, you’re too old to help in our battles against the outsiders from the Spirit World and Void World. Just leave it to us, the younger generation, to fight your battles.”

As soon as he said these words, the smiles on the old men’s faces froze.