Lord of All Realms - Chapter 1570: I’ll Give You A Hand

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In the Void World.

“Nie Tian!” Grand Monarch Soul Devourer’s roar shook heaven and earth.

As soon as his roar came out, the souls of every tenth-grade Netherspirit grand monarch in the Void World were shaken as they heard it very clearly.

Several Netherspirit grand monarchs were either in secluded meditation or recovering from their wounds in the ancestral land of the Netherspirits. Others were refining powerful, ferocious souls at the Nether River and mysterious forbidden lands.

They all opened their eyes as soon as they suddenly heard Grand Monarch Soul Devourer’s angry roar.

“Why is Grand Monarch Soul Devourer so angry?”

“And who is Nie Tian? There doesn’t seem to be a human being from the Doomed Star Sea or an Ancientspirit who is called Nie Tian.”

“Grand Monarch Soul Devourer doesn’t normally get this furious!”

Suddenly, streaks of brilliant cyan light flitted in the boundless starry river in the Void World, as if they were shuttling between layers of space.

It was the Netherspirit grand monarchs, who were relatively close to each other, communicating with their bloodline and soul magics.

Grand Monarch Thousand Spirits’ sub-souls were playing an important role in informing all the grand monarchs in his race of Nie Tian’s deeds.

Within a short time, the name of Nie Tian began to spread among the Netherspirits, and then to the Devils and Bonedrudes as well.

“What? Nie Tian repeatedly destroyed our plans in the Mortal World? The Spirit Scepter has been robbed by him?”

“He killed the Son of Darkness of the Devils?”

“Is it him who’s causing us trouble in the Mortal World?”

Soon, every truly important figure of the three races in the Void World heard the name “Nie Tian”, and secretly kept it in mind



One of Grand Monarch Thousand Spirits’ sub-souls flew to the unusual area with violently surging soul power where Grand Monarch Soul Devourer was.

Grand Monarch Soul Devourer, who had been furious, quickly calmed down after its arrival.

A huge soul shadow slowly emerged from the land that was filled with surging soul power.

As soon as it did, shrill howls and wails came from the vast floating lands in its surroundings, as if thousands of dead souls and evil spirits were crying together.

The dead souls and evil spirits seemed to know that their doom was upon them, so they uttered their last wails.

Grand Monarch Soul Devourer’s soul shadow snorted and opened its mouth to exhale, as if to vent its anger.

In its vicinity, a dozen or so floating lands were full of wandering dead souls and evil spirits. At this moment, all of those souls that didn’t have physical bodies morphed into clouds and were devoured by the soul shadow, becoming its nourishment.

“My battle against Chu Yuan has over-consumed my soul power,” Grand Monarch Soul Devourer’s soul shadow said darkly. “My plan was to wait a little longer and see if the spirits could kill and swallow each other to make some promising intelligent spirits, but my patience has run out. If the Mortal World is still not conquered, I’ll go there personally.”

Hearing this, Grand Monarch Thousand Spirits’ sub-soul said, “You don’t have to go to the Mortal World in person for the moment. Our allies among the Devils and Bonedrudes will send strong reinforcements.”

Grand Monarch Soul Devourer snorted coldly and said, “That little human brat Nie Tian smashed the soul seeds I planted in Mo Heng’s body. In addition, the Chaos Behemoth buried beneath the Shatter Battlefield is being revived by them. The Chaos Behemoth is exceedingly powerful. Once it wakes up, it will definitely stir up great trouble.”

“Even still, you can’t go to the Shatter Battlefield now,” Grand Monarch Thousand Spirits tried to persuade him. “A strand of your soul awareness going to the Shatter Battlefield has shown the humans that you already know the situation there. If you force your way into the Shatter Battlefield now, I’m afraid...”

Grand Monarch Soul Devourer was bewildered. “What?”

“I’m afraid the other side will be well-prepared for the arrival of your true form,” Grand Monarch Thousand Spirits said. “Also, you’ve seen Nie Tian. Can’t you see who he resembles?”

Grand Monarch Soul Devourer asked in puzzlement. “Who?”

Thinking carefully for a while, he seemed shocked as he asked, “You mean…?”

“You’ve guessed it,” Grand Monarch Thousand Spirits said in a very serious tone. “That’s the one! We have solid information to prove that that person has recovered.”

Hearing his words, Grand Monarch Soul Devourer calmed down. “Fine, I’ll wait a little longer. I will go and snuff out Nie Tian’s soul after I comprehend the essence of the soul magic.”


On the Shatter Battlefield.


The Spirit Scepter flew out of Mo Heng’s eye.

The two uncanny seals that had previously existed in the depths of his eyes were completely gone.

Mo Heng, who had suffered a serious loss of soul power, suddenly looked extremely relaxed. “I’ll recover my lost soul power, and my cultivation base will be restored along with it.”

Feng Beiluo came up and said, “Congratulations!”

Yuan Jiuchuan laughed and congratulated Nie Tian. “Nie Tian, I was really surprised that you could break even Grand Monarch Soul Devourer’s soul seals.”

Nie Tian, who had shrunk into his normal form, held the Spirit Scepter.

A strand of his soul awareness flew into the Profound Truths Crystal of the scepter.

In the Profound Truths Crystal, Grand Monarch Soul Devourer’s uncanny soul seals that had exploded appeared in a fragmentary form, with many soul strands continuously merging into them.


The two seals burst forth with electric light from time to time, as if they were struggling against the power of the Profound Truths Crystal.

“Grand Monarch Soul Devourer is really extraordinary,” Nie Tian said gravely. “Even the Profound Truths Crystal can’t quickly derive the profound truths from his uncanny seals. What arrived here was only a strand of his soul awareness, but it forced me to use the Spirit Scepter with only the power of the stray ghosts in the Shatter Battlefield and the soul seals in Mo Heng’s eyes.

“If I hadn’t used the Spirit Scepter, perhaps I wouldn’t have been able to defeat that strand of his soul awareness with only the five evil gods and Spirit Pearl.”

At that moment, he suddenly realized how incredibly powerful a person who was expected to become a paragon really was.

He had seen Grand Monarch Thousand Spirits’ sub-soul. Compared to Grand Monarch Soul Devourer, it was obviously much weaker.

Mo Heng thought for a moment, then said, “Nie Tian, Grand Monarch Soul Devourer called the soul seals he planted in my sea of soul awareness ‘seeds.’ They started with swallowing my soul power. When they took root and sprouted, they began to merge into my soul awareness. Eventually, when they were fully grown, I would no longer be me.”

Nie Tian’s expression changed. “They would have possessed your soul?”

Mo Heng slowly nodded and said, “Basically, yes. Grand Monarch Soul Devourer would have made himself stronger with my soul, but thankfully, I survived. His soul magics will no longer affect me when I regain my strength and enter the late God domain.”

He seemed to have great confidence as he said these words.

He had lost to Grand Monarch Primal Demon and Grand Monarch Soul Devourer, but he hadn’t been depressed. Instead, he had become tougher and tougher.

“I’ll give you a hand and help you obtain some pure soul power,” Nie Tian said with a smile.

Then he threw the Spirit Scepter into the sky before it stretched across the sky of the Shatter Battlefield like a winding mountain range. Suddenly, it released dark circles of light that fell into the nearby mountains, deep chasms, and marshes.


In a flash, hidden sinister souls and evil spirits seemed to be forced out of them by the power of the Spirit Scepter.

Even Grand Monarch Soul Devourer couldn’t do this.