Lord of All Realms - Chapter 1567: Soul Devourer

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As soon as the Spirit Scepter flew out, every expert present couldn’t help but shudder.

Its shaft, which was neither made from metal nor wood, was engraved with winding Nether Rivers.

Countless cyan spots that were branded with profound soul symbols could be seen lying at the bottom of the flowing rivers like cobblestones. The rivers seemed to contain the profound truths of souls, and ancient wonders that originated from the River of Souls.

Embedded on the pommel of the scepter, the Profound Truths Crystal, which had replaced that gem, shone with soul-capturing light, like a third eye on the forehead of a Phantasm.

Looking at the Spirit Scepter, everyone felt their souls start to float out from their minds like balloons with severed strings.

Their souls were leaving their seas of awareness.

As powerful as Yuan Jiuchuan was, he shouted with a grim expression, “No!”

Bolts of lightning shot out of his sea of awareness, wrapped around his soul, and dragged it back into his sea of awareness.

Feng Beiluo and the others hastily withdrew their gazes from the Spirit Scepter and shut their eyes. They each cast secret soul spells to hold fast to their souls, preventing them from breaking away from their seas of awareness and being captured by the Spirit Scepter.


To everyone’s surprise, peculiar light suddenly blossomed in the depths of the eyes of Mo Heng, whose aura was weak and whose cultivation base was on the decline. Countless rays of light densely interwove into what looked like two mysterious soul seals.

As this happened, a fierce gruesome look filled Mo Heng’s eyes, giving him a sense of unfamiliarity.

However, at the same time, his face was distorted, as if he was in a lot of pain.


Tiny wisps of lightning sputtered from the corners of Mo Heng’s eyes.

Mo Heng clenched his teeth to stop himself from letting out painful wails. However, as lightning wisps continued to sputter from the corners of his eyes, blood started flowing from his nose and ears, giving him a scary look.

“Nie Tian...” He suddenly held his head and struggled to close his eyes.

However, he couldn’t even do that.

His eyes seemed to be kept open by a mysterious, undefeatable force.

The peculiar soul seals within his pupils seemed to be absorbing power from his sea of awareness, and rapidly assuming their complete form. It appeared that someone wanted to exchange gazes with Nie Tian through them, despite the boundless space between them.

“Who’s there?!” Nie Tian let out an explosive roar, the ring of holding on his finger suddenly lighting up.

As soon as the Spirit Pearl was released, the five evil gods, which he was in full control of, flew out, giving rise to loud whooshes. Staring at the increasingly clear soul seals within Mo Heng’s pupils, he said with a cold face, “Grand Monarch Thousand Spirits, is that you? I defeated that doppelgänger of yours first in the Seven Stars Realm Sea, and then again in the Domain of Endless Snow! And that Barbara from your clan lost the Spirit Scepter to me. This has made you angry, hasn’t it?”

Feng Beiluo, who had buried his head in his hands and shut his eyes, suddenly took a deep breath and said, “It’s not Grand Monarch Thousand Spirits.”

After a dozen pale auras shrank back into his body and formed a silver protective shield made of corpse power, Feng Beiluo finally opened his eyes, free from the influence of the Spirit Scepter and the peculiar soul seals that were forming in the depths of Mo Heng’s eyes.

“Even though Grand Monarch Thousand Spirits is the high chieftain of the Netherspirits, he’s not their strongest expert,” Feng Beiluo explained. “Grand Monarch Thousand Spirits has only risen to his position because the unique soul incantation he practices allows him to split into a large number of doppelgängers and sub-souls. Thanks to the profound connections between his doppelgängers, sub-souls, and true self, he can juggle various matters that happen in the three worlds at the same time.

“However, his excessive number of doppelgängers and sub-souls also causes his power to be scattered. Even if they all come into one, his battle prowess will suffer.

“Therefore, even though he’s the high chieftain, he’s not the strongest individual Netherspirit.

“The one who badly injured Mo Heng was actually Grand Monarch Soul Devourer. Like Grand Monarch Thousand Spirits, he’s also at the late tenth grade. However, his battle prowess outmatches Grand Monarch Thousand Spirits’. It was him who inflicted heavy injuries on Mo Heng with secret soul magics, and left indestructible soul seals in his mind. Those soul seals are consuming Mo Heng’s soul power and causing his cultivation base to drop.”

Nie Tian’s face grew grim. “Grand Monarch Soul Devourer!”


The originally blurry soul seals finally finished their formation in the depths of Mo Heng’s pupils.

The two of them were in strange prismatic shapes, with numerous fine soul strings slithering within them like tiny snakes. The gravitational force they generated continued to pull in Mo Heng’s soul power.

The peculiar soul seals had originally resided in Mo Heng’s sea of awareness. They had only manifested in his pupils after being stimulated by the Spirit Scepter.


Nie Tian frowned as he realized that he couldn’t determine where the bizarre soul seals within Mo Heng’s pupils had come from.

He had derived enlightenment from the Nether River branches in the Seven Stars Realm Sea and the Silent Star Sea. He had obtained numerous profound soul imprints, and even acquired the ability to generate Grand Monarch Heavenly Spirit’s Heavenly Spirit Seals.

The Profound Truths Crystal he had condensed from the countless soul symbols and soul formations within the Nether River branch in the Silent Star Sea contained a large number of Grand Monarch Heavenly Spirit’s exquisite soul incantations.

After he had embedded it in the Spirit Scepter, reaching perfect compatibility, his understanding of souls had risen to another level. This had made him believe that even though he wasn’t well-versed in the Netherspirits’ wide array of wondrous soul magics, he could at least recognize them all.

After all, according to the legends, Grand Monarch Heavenly Spirit had been well-versed in almost all of the Netherspirit and Phantasm soul magics and bloodline talents.

“Nie Tian,” Mo Heng said, his voice remote and ethereal. “Grand Monarch Soul Devourer is the one of our time that has the best chance at touching the ultimate truths of souls. The two soul seals he condensed are absorbing my soul power with every passing second, and I can’t get rid of them. Eventually, they’ll drain my soul power and assume their most powerful form.

“I only came back because I need to take care of some personal affairs within the shortest time possible.

“After that, I’ll detonate my soul, giving up my chance at rebirth, so that Grand Monarch Soul Devourer won’t get what he wants.”

As he spoke, the peculiar seals flickered in the depths of his eyes.

Like Grand Monarch Soul Devourer’s eyes, they stared coldly at Nie Tian, with a hint of derision.

At this moment, Nie Tian realized that Grand Monarch Soul Devourer was actually examining him with rapt attention through the strange soul seals in Mo Heng’s pupils.

“Grand Monarch Soul Devourer!” Nie Tian bellowed.


There was a strange place filled with strong soul fluctuations countless kilometers beyond the Doomed Star Sea in the Void World.

A dark snort suddenly echoed out. “Nie Tian...”

Clusters of soul power that were floating like cyan ghostly fires rapidly came together and morphed into an extremely large and terrifying soul shadow.

Every time it breathed, it would create violent soul fluctuations that spread through this peculiar place, and wails would echo from all directions. “Hmm, I can’t believe a human hybrid brat like you actually thinks he can eliminate the seals I planted in Mo Heng’s sea of awareness.”

“Bloodline: Soul Essence Cross Boundaries!”

In a split second, several of the powerful clusters of souls in this heaven and earth exploded like glorious fireworks.

A wisp of soul will then crossed boundless space and floated into the space disruption zone, where it entered hidden rifts and entered the Shatter Battlefield with incredible precision.

The peculiar soul seals within Mo Heng’s pupils suddenly started gathering soul will of an unknown origin.

Mo Heng immediately sensed what was happening. Face ghastly, he exclaimed, “He’s here, Nie Tian!

“A wisp of Grand Monarch Soul Devourer’s soul will has left his body, and is on its way here from the Void World under the guidance of the soul seals within my eyes.”