Lord of All Realms - Chapter 1566: Heavily-injured Mo Heng

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What Feng Beiluo had just said was simply unbelievable.

However, those present, like Yuan Jiuchuan the Thunder Devil, didn’t seem to have the slightest doubt about it.

Heartfelt reverence filled their faces.

Nie Tian, however, fell silent after hearing these words.

Nie Tian pondered in silence, but huge waves rose in his heart. “I can’t believe he actually managed to take the Dark Aureole from a Devil expert at that level. He actually possesses such power...”

The information he had acquired about the man from Wei Lai, Mo Heng, and the others had been very limited.

He knew that whoever could fight the outsiders from the Void World in the Doomed Star Sea must not be weak.

However, he had never expected the man to be so powerful.

If he had taken the Dark Aureole from a Devil expert that possessed power like the Dark King’s, wouldn’t it mean that he also possessed power at that level?

If this was true, then he was probably stronger than Ji Cang, Qu Yi, Chu Yuan, and Shao Tianyang.

What level would it be if a human expert transcended the late God domain?

Had the man done it already, or was he on his way to succeed?

A series of questions filled Nie Tian’s mind, plunging him into silence.


The hole surrounded by stone columns was still spewing flesh auras that belonged to various races, which was then fused into the earth and absorbed by the Chaos Behemoth.

Soon, sounds started coming from the depths of the earth.


Its heartbeat was faint at first, but gradually grew as loud as drum beats.

The eyes of Yuan Jiuchuan, the Thunder Devil, lit up as his face split into a brutal grin. “The Chaos Behemoth’s heartbeat has resumed! We’re almost there. Once it’s revived and tossed into the Doomed Star Sea, we’ll have a good show to watch.”

With a faint smile, Feng Beiluo glanced around at the enormous corpses that were breathing in corpse power that had been channeled from the depths of the earth, and said, “My Heavenly Corpses have also grown significantly stronger. Also, Nie Tian...”

Upon hearing Nie Tian’s name, several Qi warriors that had followed him here from the Doomed Star Sea started whispering among themselves with flickering light in their eyes.

“I’ve heard that the young master has the name of Godmaker.”

“He managed to single-handedly make multiple God domain experts. What a divine thing to do!”

“Not just that, but he seems to have visited the Void World and taken back precious Soul-cleansing Origin Elixir. Plus, the Ripper Behemoth on the floating continent appears to have a close relationship with him as well. As we know, the floating continent is one of the most wondrous lands throughout the three worlds. It’s said that it holds a large number of precious treasures that can’t be found elsewhere.”

All of them were Saint domain experts that had been held in good repute in the human world.

They were from the same generation as Yin Xingtian and Yu Suying. It was because they practiced unorthodox incantations and had gotten into the habit of killing that they had been hunted and driven into the Doomed Star Sea by the four great sects, where they had eventually been subdued and joined the force that fought against the outsiders from the Void World.

They were well-aware of Nie Tian’s relationship with their leader. It was only natural that they had the idea of advancing to the God domain with his help.

Yuan Jiuchuan, the Thunder Devil, chuckled, his eyes shining with greedy light. “That’s right. He has such abilities. The moment he arrived, I sensed that an incredible lightning treasure was unearthed on the floating continent.”

That spatial tunnel connecting the floating continent and the Shatter Battlefield hadn’t existed for very long. However, Yuan Jiuchuan had managed to sense Mo Qianfan’s aura, from which he had learned that Mo Qianfan had obtained an amazing lightning treasure.

Even he couldn’t resist the idea of seeking Nie Tian’s help.

The band of violent rogue experts suddenly fixed Nie Tian with eager gazes. “Young Lord...”

“Silence!” Feng Beiluo said with a stern look in his eyes. “What do the treasures on the floating continent have to do with you? If you want to enter the God domain, focus on defeating the outsiders from the Void World in the Doomed Star Sea. There are even more rare treasures in the Void World. Perhaps you can even transcend the God domain with their help, not to mention entering the God domain.”

“The Void World...” Upon the mention of the Void World, some of the experts seemed to be filled with killing intent, while others seemed to suddenly grow apprehensive.

At this moment, Nie Tian, who had been silent thus far, said, “If the Chaos Behemoth down there can be revived, then...”

With these words, he took the bone of the Rampage Behemoth from within his ring of holding. “This bone belongs to the Rampage Behemoth. If you have enough flesh power to transfer here, can we revive the Rampage Behemoth with this bone as well?”

Feng Beiluo’s expression grew bitter as he shook his head. “That’d be extremely difficult, young master. The Chaos Behemoth’s remains have been kept in a special underground space it built with its flesh aura. However, this bone is the only thing that’s left of the Rampage Behemoth. It’s almost impossible to revive it with so little to start with. Besides, the Chaos Behemoth is going to be more useful in large-scale battles.”

Nie Tian seemed a bit disappointed after hearing this. However, after a moment of pondering, he asked, “Do you have enough flesh auras to transfer here from the Doomed Star Sea?”

“Enough to revive the Chaos Behemoth,” Feng Beiluo said.

“Will there be leftovers?” Nie Tian asked.

“I suppose so,” Feng Beiluo answered. Then, with a confused expression, he asked, “Why do you ask, young master?”

“I want whatever flesh auras are left over.”

Feng Beiluo took a moment to ponder, then said, “Let’s focus on reviving the Chaos Behemoth first. Once it’s revived and put into the Doomed Star Sea, more flesh auras will come naturally.”

Just as Nie Tian was about to speak, a figure flew through the hole, and Nie Tian cried out, “Grand Elder!”

He barely saw the figure, but he recognized him: Mo Heng from the Ancient Fragmentary Star Palace.


Mo Heng stopped before him.

However, unlike what Nie Tian had expected, Mo Heng’s aura was extremely weak. His soul fluctuations were surprisingly unstable as well, as if his soul could explode at any time.

Upon seeing Mo Heng, Feng Beiluo, Yuan Jiuchuan, and the other experts fell silent.

They all fixed him with pitiful gazes. Some even let out soft sighs.

With a surprised look in his eyes, Mo Heng asked, “Nie Tian? How come you’re here in the Shatter Battlefield?”

Then, he turned to Feng Beiluo and the others, and asked, “How is it going?”

Nie Tian sensed him with rapt attention before his expression flickered violently. “Your cultivation base has dropped, Grand Elder?! It has dropped from the middle God domain to the early God domain?! And it appears to be dropping still! What happened?”

“Heavy injuries to the soul,” Feng Beiluo said with a sigh.

The flames of fury were instantly ignited in Nie Tian’s heart. “Which Netherspirit grand monarch did this? Was it Grand Monarch Thousand Spirits?”

Mo Heng was the one he respected the most in the Ancient Fragmentary Star Palace. He had helped him over and over when he had been weak. Even though they had never talked much, he had always helped with actions.

Now, Mo Heng had sustained heavy injuries, his cultivation base in recession. It must have been the Netherspirits’ doing.

“It’s not important whether my cultivation base is dropping or not,” Mo Heng said with a calm expression. “I was very glad to hear that you managed to defeat outsiders from the Spirit World and the Void World repeatedly. The most important thing is that you and the Pei girl are growing stronger, and becoming our main force to fight the outsiders.”

“Who? Who did this to you?” Nie Tian asked again.

Mo Heng pondered in silence. Just as he was about to speak, Nie Tian summoned the Spirit Scepter with a swift move, and said, “Let me see what kind of soul injuries you’re suffering from.”