Lord of All Realms - Chapter 1564: Going In The Opposite Direction

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In the depths of the Shatter Battlefield.

A group of people were walking slowly, their leader being Feng Beiluo from the Heavenly Corpse Sect.

Yuan Jiuchuan, the Thunder Devil, who had long since entered the God domain, was walking behind Feng Beiluo and glancing around from time to time.

They were surrounded by Heavenly Corpses that Feng Beiluo had refined. Even his martial uncle Wu Yi’s corpse, which was like an enormous tenth grade ape, had been refined into a Heavenly Corpse, and followed his commands now.

After a long while, Feng Beiluo came to a stop and said, “This is it. This is where that Star Behemoth is buried.”

Everyone’s expressions instantly grew stern.

Ages ago, Feng Beiluo’s martial uncle, Wu Yi, had attempted to turn this Star Behemoth into the most powerful Heavenly Corpse through mighty means, but failed.

After that, the Star Behemoth had remained buried in the depths of the Shatter Battlefield.

Holding a grudge towards Nie Tian for ruining his grand plan, Wu Yi had made repeated attempts to kill him. However, after joining hands with Jiang Yuanchi and losing for the last time, he had been killed by a group of powerful experts led by Feng Beiluo. Feng Beiluo had only reserved a wisp of his soul.

However, his body had been turned into Feng Beiluo’s sharp weapon: a Heavenly Corpse.

As the current sectmaster of the Heavenly Corpse Sect, Feng Beiluo knew all of their sect’s secrets. There was clearly a reason for their sudden arrival in this particular place in the Shatter Battlefield.

“Get moving.”

As soon as Feng Beiluo gave the order, all of the Saint domain experts that had come with him, along with his Heavenly Corpses, went into action. Many of them appeared to be skilled in building spell formations.

Towering stone columns that contained different wonders were soon erected in a special formation.

It was like building a cluster of towers at the heart of the Shatter Battlefield.

If one looked down from the heavens, they would be able to see lofty stone columns standing densely in an area of a thousand square kilometers. Each and every one of them was channeling energies from heaven and earth and the starry river, gradually forming mists of different colors that enshrouded the area.

At the same time, wisps of corpse power could be seen being pulled out of the earth.

In order to refine that Star Behemoth into the strongest Heavenly Corpse this world had ever seen, Wu Yi had done everything within his power to fuse it with corpse power. It had only sought cooperation with Nie Tian because it couldn’t allow itself to descend into a senseless Heavenly Corpse.

Now, the residual corpse power within its body was somehow being sucked out by the grand spell formation.

The Star Behemoth clearly welcomed such a change.

Even though it didn’t know why Feng Beiluo was doing this, it was happy to let his wondrous spell formation extract the corpse power from its body and the underground space it was in.

The Heavenly Corpses Feng Beiluo had brought with him, however, continued to absorb and refine the corpse power into themselves in order to make them stronger.

By the time all of the residual corpse power in the Star Behemoth’s body and the earth at the heart of the Shatter Battlefield was extracted by the grand spell formation, a sudden change took place.

All sorts of violent energies split open a strange hole at the center of the spell formation.

Flesh auras of various sorts came pouring out of the hole. There were Devil flesh auras, Phantasm flesh auras, and the flesh auras of other races.

The hole gave people a bleak, silent, and gruesome feeling. It was unknown where it led to.

However, the seemingly endless flesh auras poured madly down into the earth, like water flooding through a broken dam.

Both Nie Tian and Pei Qiqi had entered and obtained power from the unusual underground space the Star Behemoth had created with its flesh aura.

Now, immense flesh power suddenly started pouring down into it, strengthening the unique space and nourishing the Star Behemoth’s body.

In the depths of the earth, the terrifying body of the Star Behemoth actually started healing and recovering at a noticeable rate due to the infusion of the flesh auras.

If an outsider grand monarch was killed, they would be able to return to life by relying on a drop of their Blood Essence.

Star Behemoths had dominated the three worlds during the Primal Era. If they died, they would have a chance at rebirth as well, as long as they weren’t refined completely.

Any bone, drop of Blood Essence, or piece of flesh carried their unyielding will and the instinct to revive themselves.

This Star Behemoth had only chosen to die and bury itself in the Shatter Battlefield because it had hoped to take advantage of super-large-scale realms’ unique capability of channeling energies from the starry river, so it could earn itself a chance at revival after many years of accumulation.

Unfortunately, the Heavenly Corpse Sect had learned about its existence and plan.

Generations of sectmasters of the Heavenly Corpse Sect had dreamed about and dedicated themselves to refining it into a Heavenly Corpse. Not only had they sabotaged its chance at revival, but they had even nearly succeeded.

Wu Yi was the one who had been the closest to success.

Feng Beiluo, the current sectmaster of the Heavenly Corpse Sect, however, didn’t contribute to that cause. Not just that, but he even went in the opposite direction.

He had first drawn residual corpse power from the Star Behemoth and the earth around it, then infused it with rich flesh aura to help it regenerate its flesh and blood, pushing it down the path of resurrection.

The Star Behemoth’s soul awareness had originally been dormant, but now, sensing the unusual changes, it gradually awoke.


Its mighty soul voice suddenly echoed in Feng Beiluo’s mind.

He was the only one who could hear it. Even Yuan Jiuchuan, who was standing right next to him, didn’t hear a thing.

“All three worlds are in turmoil,” Feng Beiluo answered. “My master thinks we need you to be revived at this crucial moment. Don’t worry about your flesh aura supply. This hole here will continue to provide you with flesh auras from the Doomed Star Sea. Fierce battles are taking place in the Doomed Star Sea as we speak. Many grand patriarchs and grand monarchs from the Void World have died in battle.

“The torrential flesh power your revival requires can only be generated by the deaths of numerous outsider grand monarchs and grand patriarchs.

“We, however, happen to be able to make this happen, and help you soar in the three worlds again.”


On the floating continent.

Figures flashed about on the floating continent like streaks of glorious light.

They were Saint and Void domain cultivators from the Divine Seal Sect, the Golden Vast Sect, the Thousandsword Mountain Sect, the Beast-controlling Sect, the Divine Flame Sect, and the Domain of the Falling Stars. They were all followers of Nie Tian.

With Nie Tian’s permission, they had entered the floating continent to seek resources that would help them make new breakthroughs in their cultivations, or simply strengthen themselves.

They discussed excitedly as they searched, as if they had found a brand new world.

“There are so many precious materials!”

“The reserves on the floating continent are indeed shocking, and much greater than those in the Shatter Battlefield!”

“That’s because the Shatter Battlefield has practically been mined dry by the joint efforts of various races. After all, we and the outsiders have taken countless exploration trips to the Shatter Battlefield via different means over the past hundreds of thousands of years. Every time, we’d return with tremendous gains.”

“The reason why we could unearth all those rare treasures in the Shatter Battlefield is because that Star Behemoth is dead.”

On an island on the black sea.

Wei Lai from the Ancient Fragmentary Star Palace thought hard as he told Nie Tian everything he knew and could remember about that man.

Nie Tian spent most of the time listening in silence, and would only ask questions every once in a while.

A long time passed.

Waves suddenly rose on the tranquil surface of the black sea as the Ripper Behemoth’s soul voice suddenly echoed in Nie Tian’s mind. “There’s an upheaval in the Shatter Battlefield. That one is rapidly regathering its awareness! This is very strange, because its awareness shouldn’t be reviving at this time!”

“Who?” Nie Tian asked with a puzzled expression.

“The one that’s buried in the Shatter Battlefield, and didn’t descend into a walking corpse thanks to your help,” the Ripper Behemoth answered. “I don’t know if this upheaval is good or bad for us. I’m sending you there to take a look.”