Lord of All Realms - Chapter 1563: Making Stronger Followers

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Like the Shatter Battlefield, the floating continent was also a super-large-scale realm.

After numerous interracial battles, the Shatter Battlefield had been severely damaged and broken into many pieces. Even so, it still contained numerous wonders and precious materials that attracted powerful experts from across the Spirit World and the Mortal World to explore it.

The spatial treasure Pei Qiqi had found and named the Space Boundaries Crystal had come from the Shatter Battlefield.

Great treasures like it were unearthed in the Shatter Battlefield from time to time.

However, since the Shatter Battlefield was connected to the Mortal World and the Spirit World by spatial tunnels, a large proportion of the precious treasures in the Shatter Battlefield had already been harvested.

Things were different with the floating continent.

Due to the existence of the Ripper Behemoth and the fact that the floating continent had drifted from place to place over the past hundreds of thousands of years, only disciples of the Ancient Fragmentary Star Palace with low cultivation bases had set foot on it, and they had been restricted to a very small trial area designated by the Ripper Behemoth.

For this reason, the floating continent, which was also a super-large-scale realm, got to keep almost all of the wonders and treasures it had accumulated over the ages.

Now, as the Ripper Behemoth manifested the dazzling precious materials to them according to its agreement with Nie Tian, Wei Lai, Yin Xingtian, and the others were completely flabbergasted.

Master Blood Spirit was flushed with excitement as he swooped down to Nie Tian. Sensing the existence of rich flesh power in several areas with the Blood Spirit Sect’s secret magics, he exclaimed, “Master! I sense the existence of the remains of powerful spirit beasts! Even though they don’t seem to spark the Ripper Behemoth’s interest, I think I can forge them into a spiritual tool that agrees with me!”

Nie Tian smiled and pointed in several directions. “You’re talking about there, there, and there, right?”

Master Blood Spirit nodded repeatedly.

Nie Tian then said, “They’re the remains of spirit beasts the Ripper Behemoth captured a long time ago. Even though it has devoured their flesh and blood, their bones still contain considerable flesh power. With minimum forging and sanding, you can turn them into sharp weapons.”

“So can I...?” Master Blood Spirit asked.

Nie Tian waved his hand. “Go ahead. Now that you’ve entered the God domain, you need a spiritual tool that truly suits and belongs to you. Aside from the spiritual materials on the floating continent, you can also ask Jing Feiyang for the materials you need. We’ll do everything we can to get the spiritual materials you need. I believe your battle prowess will rise to a whole new level after you have a divine tool of your own.”

“No words can express my gratefulness for your great kindness!” Full of gratitude, Master Blood Spirit morphed into a streak of blood-colored light and flew off towards the areas where the remains of powerful spirit beasts were buried.

Nie Tian then turned to Mo Qianfan, Yin Xingtian, and Yu Suying, and said, “The same goes for you. You’ll find all sorts of treasures on the floating continent. Some of them can be fused into your divine tools to boost their might. Some can be used to help you recover strength speedily. As for the materials you don’t need, you may consider distributing them to those who will come after you.

“I’ve already reached an agreement with the Ripper Behemoth. We’re allowed to consume or use any spiritual material or precious treasure we can see or find on the floating continent.”

Overjoyed, Yu Suying said, “I sense the existence of strange silver stones that can help strengthen my Heaven-purging Divine Light!”

“Any materials that you can sense and see are allowed to be harvested,” Nie Tian said with an encouraging tone. “Go ahead and strengthen your Heaven-purging Divine Light with those silver stones.”

Yu Suying then left in a great mood.

After a moment of hesitation, Yin Xingtian decided to approach Nie Tian, and said, “The soul of my Heavenbreaker has also sensed several types of rare metals that only exist in the Spirit World. I can refine those metals into my Heavenbreaker to improve its grade.”

“What are you waiting for then?” Nie Tian said.

Yin Xingtian bowed slightly and then flew off, giving rise to a whoosh.

“I...” Mo Qianfan said with excitement.

Nie Tian grinned. “I know what you want to say. There are quite a few places on the floating continent that contain raging lightning power. Those places have spawned many unique lightning fruits that you can use to further cleanse your soul. Those fruits may achieve better results with you than Soul-cleansing Origin Elixir. Perhaps you can even make another advance with your cultivation base.”

Mo Qianfan laughed heartily. “It was thanks to you that I was able to break through to the early God domain. If it weren’t for your help and bestowal, I would have been destroyed in both body and mind. I assumed that after barely making the breakthrough into the early God domain with the heart of a Thunder-devouring Whale, I wouldn’t have a chance to make another advance in my cultivation. Who would have thought I’d actually have this opportunity to harvest unique fruits that contain the profound truths of lightning power?!

“With their help, I may be able to capture the great magical laws of lightning power and actually advance to the middle God domain!

“Many thanks!”

After bowing respectfully towards Nie Tian, he assumed the form of a Thunder-devouring Whale and flew towards a lightning power-infused area like a gigantic whale that was surrounded by glorious lightning bolts and breathing thunderballs.

Within such a short time, Master Blood Spirit, Yin Xingtian, Mo Qianfan, and Yu Suying had all flown off towards their respective targets.

Wei Lai was the only one who was still floating in the sky, looking somewhat awkward. After all, he wasn’t Nie Tian’s follower.

He had also sensed the existence of some wondrous materials on the floating continent that would help him with his breakthrough in cultivation. Even though he couldn’t tell what they were exactly, his spiritual cores had grown restless, and were urging him to take action.

“What are you still waiting for, Elder Wei?” Nie Tian asked with a puzzled expression.

Wei Lai pointed at himself and said with a wry smile, “Me? Umm...”

Up to this day, even though Nie Tian still had the title of Son of the Stars, his exceeding battle prowess and abundant force had almost made his influence rise above the entire Ancient Fragmentary Star Palace. This was acknowledged by many, including Wei Lai.

Right now, even the position of the Lord of the Stars might not necessarily spark Nie Tian’s interest.

Judging by the behaviors of Dong Li, Master Blood Spirit, Mo Qianfan, and the other experts who followed Nie Tian, they didn’t seem to consider themselves as a part of the Ancient Fragmentary Star Palace either, but more like an individual force: the so-called fifth great sect!

Nie Tian took a deep look at him and said, “You’ve treated me kindly from the day I was taken in by our sect. Now, you’re only a step away from entering the God domain. There’s a profound connection between our sect and this floating continent. That thing you’re sensing will play an important role in your breakthrough to the God domain. Because of that, you have my permission to take it for yourself.”

“But that thing can help you too,” Wei Lai said.

“I don’t need it anymore.” With these words, Nie Tian smiled and spread his star domain.

Right in front of Wei Lai, the Heavenly Stars Flower within his star domain seemed to manifest various profound secrets of the stars as it channeled glowing spots from the distant starry river and fused them into his star domain.

Deeply shocked, Wei Lai said, “I see.”

After that, he added, “You Qimiao lost his battle. Why did he send an elder of his sect to meet with you?”

“He wants me to be careful with Grand Monarch Eternal Purgatory, and he told me how strong he is,” Nie Tian answered. “Also, he asked me to do something for him.”

With a bitter expression, Wei Lai said, “Nie Tian, Grand Monarch Eternal Purgatory has won the battle. The truly powerful experts might be on their way from the Void World. The Domain of Forbidden Heaven borders the Domain of Heaven’s Boundaries. Are you sure you want to fight the upcoming battle here?”

“Sort of,” Nie Tian said vaguely.

Then, after a moment of pondering, Wei Lai asked, “Do you think we’ll win if a battle actually breaks out here?”

After taking a moment to ponder, Nie Tian said with a serious expression, “There are too many uncertainties, but there are still plenty of things that I can do before the battle. It’s not like we don’t have others to turn to besides the Ancientspirits and the Floragrims.”

Wei Lai was baffled. “What others?”

Nie Tian suddenly fixed him with a blazing gaze. “I’d like to learn about someone, Elder Wei. Someone from the previous generation of our sect used to outshine our current sectmaster, Ji Cang. It was also him who first put forth the idea of breeding hybrids, and took grand elder Mo Heng into the sect.

“I want to know everything about him!”

Wei Lai was flabbergasted, and hastily said, “What?! I was merely a normal disciple back then, and only had the privilege to meet him a couple of times. I don’t know much about him either.”

“Just tell me what you know.”

“Umm... Alright."