Lord of All Realms - Chapter 1561: Bad News Doesn’t End

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Meteors floated densely around the Realm of Shattered Earth like countless grains of sand.

Even though they seemed small from afar, upon closer looks, one would see that most of them were pieces of land that had broken from the Realm of Shattered Earth. Each one could easily take up hundreds of cubic kilometers.

Right now, ancient starships could be seen berthed on many of them. Teleportation portals were being built.

All of this seemed to be done around the Realm of Shattered Earth.

God domain experts like Yin Xingtian, Mo Qianfan, Yu Suying, Master Blood Spirit, and many Saint domain experts who had sworn their allegiance to Nie Tian were currently staying on the meteors in the vicinity of the Realm of Shattered Earth.

The Domain of Forbidden Heaven was where the Realm of Shattered Earth bordered the Domain of Heaven’s Boundaries, which had already fallen into the outsiders’ hands.

If the outsiders from the Void World and the Spirit Realm wanted to invade the Domain of the Falling Stars, they would have to sail through the Domain of Forbidden Heaven

The Domain of Forbidden Heaven had been occupied by the outsiders from the Spirit World for a long time.

It was Ji Cang, the current sectmaster of the Ancient Fragmentary Star Palace, who had joined powerful experts of the Ancient Fragmentary Star Palace with experts of other sects and driven the outsiders out of the Domain of Forbidden Heaven. He had still been a Son of the Stars back then.

That battle had shaken heaven and earth, plunging many lively realms of the Domain of Forbidden Heaven into dead silence.

After that fierce and bloody battle, such a vast domain had been turned into ruins.

Since a large number of realm fragments filled the starry river in the Domain of Forbidden Heaven, large-scale ancient starships could hardly sail through it.

Living beings could rarely be seen in realms other than the Realm of Shattered Earth, which made it a perfect battlefield.


Huge meteors suddenly started exploding in the distant starry river.

Yin Xingtian, who was in recuperation, sprang to his feet and gazed into the distance with a grim expression.

Mo Qianfan, Yu Suying, and Master Blood Spirit rose nervously to their feet after him.

The Realm of Shattered Earth was very close. Even though many talented youngsters from the Nie Clan and different parts of the Domain of the Falling Stars had been relocated, some had insisted on staying.

Nie Donghai was among them.

Yin Xingtian was worried that the outsiders that had arrived through the Seven Stars Realm Sea had marched into the Domain of Forbidden Heaven on their way to invade the Domain of the Falling Stars.

Even though the explosions were happening very far away, Master Blood Spirit said with absolute certainty, “Wait! That’s not the outsiders! That’s the Ripper Behemoth and the floating continent!”

Yu Suying’s expression flickered with astonishment. “The Ripper Behemoth!”

Master Blood Spirit nodded and pointed in the direction of the explosions, saying, “My perception of flesh auras has improved significantly after I broke through to the God domain. The Ripper Behemoth is simply too conspicuous in my flesh aura perception. I haven’t come across another living being that carries such an immense flesh aura so far, so it can only be it.”

As expected, the floating continent soon entered everyone’s view. Wreathed in pale-gray tearing currents, it crushed meteors as it approached.

Putting his heart at ease, Yin Xingtian said, “It appears that Nie Tian told the Ripper Behemoth that he was going to defend against the outsiders in the Domain of Forbidden Heaven. Or the Ripper Behemoth started flying towards the Domain of Forbidden Heaven even before he left to deal with Aztec, the Son of Darkness. After all, it’s so large, and couldn’t fit through spatial rifts created by Ji Yuanquan like Nie Tian could.”


Fierce beastly howls echoed from around a spatial tunnel in the starry river northeast of the Realm of Shattered Earth.

Enormous dragons, mountain-like titans, and numerous gigantic Ancientbeasts were gathered in that area.

They were so large that they seemed to fill up that area of the starry river.

Since Nie Tian had given them his word, Chatvic, Scotte, and the Golden-feathered Divine Finch had been transferring their younger generations to this area, which had been designated by Nie Tian, from their ancestral lands.

Ji Yuanquan, who was well-versed in spatial power, along with a few elders of the Void Spirit Society, had helped them open up spatial tunnels.

Now, the sudden arrival of the floating continent and the Ripper Behemoth was making them tremble with fear. They even muffled their howls, fearing that they would attract the Ripper Behemoth’s attention.

Some of them had witnessed and been flabbergasted by the massacre and bloody feeding session it had conducted in the Domain of Heaven Span.

After spending a while in fear, they discovered that the Ripper Behemoth seemed to be quiet and unaggressive. Only then did they go back to transferring their younger clan members to the Domain of Forbidden Heaven, where Nie Tian would have spatial tunnels opened and arrange for them to continue their lives in the Silent Star Sea, eliminating their scruples.

As time passed, pieces of news came from various sources.

The four great sects spread word of the outsiders’ atrocities in the human domains. More and more human realms were falling. Some human sects and clans that were without honor even gave up resistance and went to serve the outsiders from the Spirit World and the Void World.

Soon, a quarter of the human domains fell into the outsiders’ hands.

Most of the fallen domains were advanced domains protected by Saint domain experts and powerful sects, while the weaker developing domains didn’t seem to spark the outsiders’ interest, and remained fairly safe.

As for the Seven Stars Realm Sea, it seemed to have been engulfed in rich Devil Qi, Nether Qi, and Death Qi, which humans couldn’t adapt to.

It appeared that the vast array of powers and spiritual energies in the starry river in the Domain of Heaven’s Boundaries were being transformed by the outsiders’ grand tool, the Void Energy Converting Wheel, causing the entire Domain of Heaven’s Boundaries to descend into a paradise for the three races of the Void World.

On this day, the uneasy humans that were gathered in the Realm of Shattered Earth received another piece of shocking news: You Qimiao had been defeated!

Standing on one of the meteors, Wei Lai, who had just arrived from the Ancient Fragmentary Star Palace, said to Yu Suying, Yin Xingtian, and the other experts, “You Qimiao was defeated.

“He returned to the Remote Beginning Heavenly Sect badly injured. He even sealed their headquarters off after his return. As for Grand Monarch Eternal Purgatory of the Demons, he went to the Seven Stars Realm Sea with the glory of a victor, and was met with a grand reception by the outsiders from the Void World.

“Grand Monarch Eternal Purgatory is a late tenth grade grand monarch. Even though he’s also suffered injuries from his battle against You Qimiao, he’ll most likely have a speedy recovery with the help of the Devils from the Void World.

“However, it’ll be much harder for You Qimiao to recover his battle prowess.

“After all, he’s only entered the late God domain recently, and hasn’t familiarized himself with his new cultivation base and the usage of his newly-gained power.”

Even though Wei Lai had never liked You Qimiao, frustration and sympathy filled his face at this moment.

You Qimiao represented the peak strength of the human world. If he hadn’t stepped up and fought Grand Monarch Eternal Purgatory, the humans would probably have been crushed in the Domain of Endless Snow.

Now that he had lost, the outsiders from the Spirit World and the Void World had an even greater momentum.

The humans, on the other hand, were wallowing in despair. Their wails of doom filled many domains.

Furthermore, everyone knew that the outsiders that had poured in from the Void World were only the first batch. Their truly powerful experts hadn’t even arrived yet.

Chu Rui had been defeated. If Grand Monarch Eternal Purgatory hadn’t shown mercy, he might have died already.

Now, You Qimiao had been defeated as well. When Grand Monarch Eternal Purgatory recovered with the help of the Devils from the Void World, who would be able to match him in battle?

At this moment, spatial fluctuations spread from a teleportation portal on a meteor not far from them.

A voice then echoed out from that meteor, “I’m an elder of the Remote Beginning Heavenly Sect. I’m here to see Nie Tian and deliver a message from our sectmaster.”

Wei Lai’s expression flickered with astonishment. “A messenger from the Remote Beginning Heavenly Sect!”

Yin Xingtian and Yu Suying exchanged confused glances.

Dong Li should have been the one to handle these things. However, she had returned to the Dong Clan’s ancestral land in the Realm of Unbounded Desolation to refine that Profound Truths Crystal that had been refined from Aztec.

“Come here.” Nie Tian’s voice suddenly echoed out.