Lord of All Realms - Chapter 1556: I Can Kill You Today!

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The Realm of Crystal Snow was still enshrouded in darkness.

Nie Tian couldn’t sense the movements of the living beings in the Realm of Crystal Snow until he activated Life Detection. “A powerful Devil of the Void World!”

As Nie Tian perceived with his bloodline, the boundless flesh aura of the Son of Darkness was incomparably eye-catching, so he instantly knew that a Devil from the Void World was making waves inside.

Darkness enshrouded everything.

The Devil was clearly proficient in dark power. In the Realm of Crystal Snow, he was naturally in his element.

It seemed Grand Monarch Primal Wood and the three grand monarchs of the Ancientspirits had been bogged down and had difficulty moving in the darkness. They were greatly limited by the dark power.

“Agatha, is the Devil in the Realm of Crystal Snow your companion?” “Nie Tian asked.

Agatha didn’t hide the truth from him. “He is the Son of Darkness, a descendant of the Dark King. Grand Monarch Tuta, the one you killed, was his subordinate.”

Nie Tian nodded. “Got it. He’s descended from the Dark King. But I don’t care who he is. Since he dares to run amuck in the Realm of Crystal Snow, a human realm, then...”

Snorting, he didn’t spare Agatha another look, and was ready to charge into the Realm of Crystal Snow.

After returning from the endless blood sea, he had gained a deeper understanding of the mysteries of the blood realms and had acquired new bloodline magics. Hence, he was unprecedentedly confident.

He had forced both Grand Monarch Bloodlust and Grand Monarch Nether Channeler to escape and killed Grand Monarch Tuta. This gave him a feeling that even the grand monarchs from the Void World and the descendants of the Dark King weren’t to be feared.

Agatha, who had captured Nie Tian alive in the Void World, was angered by his contempt. “Nie Tian! Do you not see me? Have you forgotten that I was able to do anything to you in the Void World?”


Ten ropes made of twisted purple lightning suddenly shot out of Agatha’s fingertips. “Soul-Imprisoning devilish snake!”

The ropes were like devilish snakes from forbidden devil-refining lands in the Void World that could engulf all living beings. With burning dark purple devil flames, they flicked their forked tongues and bit at Nie Tian.

Wherever the snakes flew, they filled the icy starry river with surging devil power.

Nie Tian sneered. “Agatha, you said yourself that it was when we first met in the Void World. Sure, you once imprisoned me with this bloodline magic in the Void World. Do you think you can do it again now?”

He came to a stop in the void.

He let the devilish snakes wind him round and round like ropes with billowing streaks of devil power light.

When he had been captured in the Void World, his flesh aura, spiritual power, and soul awareness had all been restricted, and become unusable.

This time, strands of Agatha’s pure flesh aura once again flew out from the rope-like devilish snakes to penetrate his flesh aura in order to bind and imprison him.

Nie Tian let out a disdainful chuckle.

His shoulders, which had been constrained by the devilish snakes, suddenly stretched.

A terrifying brute force burst from his every muscle, like an exploding domain.

In Agatha’s perception, it seemed as if the devilish snakes that she had used her flesh aura and devil power to condense with the bloodline magic were actually wrapped around an ancient behemoth from the Primal Era!

Once the behemoth was slightly angered, it would be able to burst forth with brute violent power and break realms with its palm alone.


As Nie Tian expanded his chest and his shoulders stretched, the devilish snakes snapped.

Nie Tian, who had freed his hands, used his hands to grab the rope-like snakes and rip them apart one by one.

Every time a snake was broken, it exploded into streaks of purple hair-like blood light that flew back to Agatha, wanting to return to her bloodline.

Nie Tian turned to look at Agatha and grinned. “It is the greatest shame in my whole life that I was captured by you in the Void World. Whatever your relationship with that man is, I will repay you for the insult you have inflicted on me.”

With a considerable distance between them, he raised his palm and pressed in Agatha’s direction.

His palm suddenly expanded. In the boundless blood Qi, stars flickered, flames billowed, and pure spiritual power flashed like lightning bolts, but it looked as if all of this came from the giant, god-like palm.

Agatha’s expression suddenly changed.

In her eyes, the giant palm with billowing power took up heaven and earth.

Thick dark purple flesh aura condensed into layers of barriers above her head. The glittering surface of the devil armor she wore had ancient devil patterns that formed sixteen kinds of defensive formations of the Devils in the Void World.

The giant hand crashed down like heaven collapsing!


All of Agatha’s flesh aura barriers broke. Most of the sixteen kinds of ancient devil formations engraved on her devil armor disappeared right away.

Impacted by the tremendous brute force, Agatha’s inviting body dropped tens of thousands of miles.

It sank into the unknown starry river below and disappeared, like purple light spots.

Nie Tian’s arrogant laughter rang out in the surrounding world, “Agatha, this is not like before. You could capture me alive in the Void World, but if I want to kill you in the Mortal World now, it won’t be difficult.”

With that, he penetrated the realm barrier of the Realm of Crystal Snow that had been permeated by darkness, and reached the inner world.

A fiery light burst from his eyes, illuminating the Realm of Crystal Snow as he tried to see through the darkness-enshrouded scenes. “Who is the Son of Darkness?”

To his surprise, hardly had his eyes burst forth with light when the light was assimilated and drowned by the darkness, and he couldn’t see anything anymore.

Dong Li in the Realm of Crystal Snow could clearly see that the moment he came down, the two Eyes of Darkness floating in the sky suddenly fixed on him.

What had swallowed the light was the Eyes of Darkness, which were the eyes of the Dark King of the Devils.

Aztec’s howl billowed and shook every darkness-enshrouded corner. “Nie Tian! Nie Tian!”

The moment Nie Tian came, the many God domain experts, Grand Monarch Primal Wood, and the three grand monarchs of the Ancientspirits could unexpectedly hear his voice, and knew of his arrival.

In fact, none of the God domain experts and grand monarchs of the Ancientspirits were weak.

They were only trapped because of the eyes of the Dark King and the Dark Aureole’s true power, which had been galvanized by Aztec’s bloodline.

Those powers, after all, had belonged to the Dark King.

As soon as Nie Tian had arrived, the Dark King’s eyes suddenly fixed on him, so their restrictions on the Realm of Crystal Snow had been naturally weakened.

On the frigid land of the Realm of Crystal Snow, the God domain experts and grand monarchs of the Ancientspirits looked up and saw vaguely the figures of Nie Tian, Dong Li, and Aztec, who claimed to be the Son of Darkness.

A large portion of the immense darkness that enveloped the earth seemed to dissolve as the Eyes of Darkness looked up.

“Son of Darkness!” Angry eyes suddenly converged on Aztec, making even the Son of Darkness feel a chill down his spine.

Nie Tian exclaimed softly internally. “Bloodline...”

His every drop of Blood Essence was ignited, and he let out a bloodline cry towards the black tortoise.

With his drops of Blood Essence, the black tortoise squealed joyfully, abandoned Dong Li, and flew obediently towards him.

As it did, its body got bigger and bigger. Many dark devil patterns on its shell rippled like water, releasing pure magical light.

The black tortoise, whose bloodline was at the tenth grade, grew at lightning speed, as if it had morphed into a black landmass.

The boundless darkness and strong dark power that filled the Realm of Crystal Snow began to flow toward and fuse into the black tortoise as more and more mysterious dark devil patterns emerged on its shell.