Lord of All Realms - Chapter 1554: He’s Comparable To A Legend!

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No matter how the Behemoth Crawlers evolved, they were still living beings with fleshly bodies.

As long as it was a living being formed by a fleshly body, Nie Tian’s bloodline could definitely work on it!

Countless blood strings that contained Nie Tian’s consciousness and were dozens of times thinner than a hair had flown into the Ripper Behemoth’s body like lightning when it had canceled the defensive mechanism of its body.

Nie Tian looked expressionless, but there was a trace of expectation in the depths of his eyes.

The Behemoth Crawlers were small, but there were a large number of them. Hundreds of thousands of Behemoth Crawlers could also be a large source of flesh aura.

Soon, the life blood auras caught the first Behemoth Crawler in the Ripper Behemoth’s body.

“Life Drain,” Nie Tian said.

As soon as the bloodline talent was activated, the Behemoth Crawler, which was as small as a grain of rice, was immediately infiltrated by the flesh aura.

It’s body instantly stiffened. Under the influence of Nie Tian’s bloodline power, the Behemoth Crawler even didn’t have the power to struggle before wisps of its flesh aura all flowed into Nie Tian’s flesh aura.

Nie Tian chuckled. “That’s it!”

With his soul awareness, he subtly manipulated all the flesh aura to move around in the Ripper Behemoth’s body.

He became extremely focused as he did this.

After all, he couldn’t be too aggressive as he swallowed the Behemoth Crawlers with his flesh aura. Otherwise, he would absorb even the Ripper Behemoth’s flesh aura.

He had to be focused and avoid even the slightest mistake, because a lot of the Ripper Behemoth’s flesh aura had been eaten away by the Behemoth Crawlers. If he used his bloodline to absorb more of the Ripper Behemoth’s flesh aura, it could easily cause a big problem.

The Ripper Behemoth might be driven into an irrational state of frenzied eating again.

He had seen the Ripper Behemoth in that state before. He didn’t want it to happen again.

At the same time, the early tenth grade Devil grand monarch, who had been trapped in the blood net, wailed unceasingly.

In the scarlet blood net, the early tenth grade Devil grand monarch named Tuta was cut into pieces and infiltrated by Nie Tian’s bloodline aura, which nibbled at his flesh aura essence.

Tuta had been slow to react. When he had tried to activate a life-saving bloodline magic, he had found that his heart had been completely infiltrated by the blood net’s power, and he couldn’t even display the unique escaping bloodline talent of the Devils.

His wailing gradually stopped, and his huge devil body was completely broken down and turned into wisps of rich flesh aura that merged into Nie Tian’s body.


When Nie Tian, who was nine thousand meters tall, got his flesh aura, his bones crackled, as if relatively fragile bones were being smashed and rebuilt.

“An early tenth grade grand monarch of the Devils,” he thought to himself.

He multitasked. While he helped the Ripper Behemoth get rid of the Behemoth Crawlers inside its body, he also channeled the early tenth grade Devil grand monarch’s boundless flesh aura into his body to temper it and condense Blood Essence.

Steered by the Ripper Behemoth, the floating continent flew toward the Realm of Crystal Snow.

Nie Tian was well-aware that Dong Li and many God and Saint domain experts were making plans in the Realm of Crystal Snow as to how to fight against the outsiders from the Void World.

If Grand Monarch Thousand Spirits and many outsider grand monarchs had shown up here to deal with the Ripper Behemoth, the Realm of Crystal Snow must be in trouble as well.



Grand Monarch Bloodlust’s fresh purple blood escaped from the floating continent. Strands of fresh purple blood came together, condensed, and morphed into his true form again in the starry river.

He looked pale; it was very clear that he had been badly injured.

After that, drops of green jade-like blood beads with an acidic, foul smell gathered together and condensed into Grand Monarch Nether Channeler of the Fiends.

He didn’t look much better than Grand Monarch Bloodlust. Still rattled, he asked, “How could Nie Tian get so much stronger in such a short time? I… I almost couldn’t even escape!”

The two middle grand monarchs watched the floating continent fly away, but had no intention of pursuing it.

Once upon a time, either of them would have been able to kill Nie Tian effortlessly.

During their most recent battle, Grand Monarch Bloodlust and Nie Tian had been equally matched, which had given Nie Tian a headache.

Now suddenly, Nie Tian had defeated the three of them after flying out of the Domain of Flying Snow. While trapping an early tenth grade Devil grand monarch, he almost trapped them in the blood net as well.

Moreover, they felt a solid threat of death from Nie Tian.

Nie Tian’s rapid progress and horrifying speed of improvement made them more and more frightened.


While the two grand monarchs were still frightened, Barbara, Grand Monarch Thousand Spirits’ sub-soul, and the other grand monarchs from the Void World all approached with gloomy faces.

Watching the floating continent fly farther and farther away, Grand Monarch Thousand Spirits’ soul shadow asked, “Where’s Grand Monarch Tuta? He’s part of the retinue of Aztec, the Son of Darkness. He...”

“I’m afraid he’s dead now,” Grand Monarch Nether Channeler said in a bitter tone.

Grand Monarch Thousand Spirits was surprised and asked. “Dead? The Ripper Behemoth’s body has clearly been penetrated by the Behemoth Crawlers. Reasonably speaking, it should have been too busy to deal with you.”

Grand Monarch Bloodlust lowered his head and said in frustration, “It wasn’t the Ripper Behemoth. It was Nie Tian. He has become much stronger than before. I don’t know why his power has increased so quickly. But in my opinion, even if I went all-out, I wouldn’t be able to match him in battle.”

Upon hearing this, the people of the Void World all screamed, “Nie Tian!”

“So Nie Tian has really become an expert like Ji Cang and Mo Heng?”

“That man is a great threat to us!”


In the Realm of Crystal Snow.

The whole realm was enshrouded by boundless darkness. Seen from the starry river, it looked as if the Realm of Crystal Snow were wrapped in an ink-black cloth, and no light shone in it.

Agatha of the Devils gazed silently at the Realm of Crystal Snow in the cold and lonely starry river outside the realm.

Suddenly, devilish sounds rang out from a magical crystal on her neck.

She squinted, and the message in the devilish sounds instantly melted into her soul.

Her expression suddenly changed as she pressed the crystal with her fingertip.


A purple light flew into the crystal, as if it carried some sort of information.

In the depths of endless darkness.

Aztec, the Son of Darkness, unhurriedly controlled the dark stone with his bloodline to fight Dong Li.

A magical crystal on his chest shook suddenly.

His devil body shuddered violently. “Tuta is dead!”

He, who had been leisurely waiting for the arrival of Grand Monarch Thousand Spirits, suddenly became impatient. “Tuta was my subordinate. All of these people who have connections with Nie Tian shall die!”


His body expanded like crazy as purple crystalline light shone like stars in the depths of his bloodline.

“Break!” he growled.

After his devilization, he brought his fist down towards Ji Yuanquan like a giant hammer.

Ji Yuanquan, who had never given up in the darkness, had tried again and again to use his spatial power to open spatial rifts so that they could break away from the Realm of Crystal Snow.

Suddenly, his soul felt fear that originated from the darkness.

He instantly realized that he had been targeted by Aztec, who wanted to kill him.