Lord of All Realms - Chapter 1553: Overwhelming Fighting Power!

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When Grand Monarch Bloodlust of the Demons looked up, he couldn’t help but scream, “Nie Tian!”

Not long ago, he had fought a fierce battle against Nie Tian in the Domain of Endless Snow.

In that battle, he had felt that he and Nie Tian had been somewhat equally matched, so he hadn’t suffered any serious injuries at first.

However, later, while he had over-consumed his flesh aura, Nie Tian had been able to recover his flesh aura with his clansmen’s flesh aura thanks to his mysterious bloodline talent, and become the slightly stronger one in the match.

But now...

After he cast a quick glance at Nie Tian’s body that had emerged once again, his heart kept thudding.

A deep fear and unease that was rooted in his bloodline instantly sprang up.

The soul of the Demon Moon Saber that Grand Monarch Bloodlust was holding screeched with demon sounds that only he could hear, making him feel a wrenching pain in his mind.

Even his hair stood on end despite himself.

This was a natural reaction that his body would have only in the face of a life-threateningly strong enemy!

After the exclamation, Grand Monarch Bloodlust shouted to Grand Monarch Nether Channeler and the early tenth grade grand monarch of the Devils, “Be careful, everyone! His Excellency Grand Monarch Thousand Spirits has sent a message, asking us to end our battle against his flame doppelganger and the Ripper Behemoth and retreat from the floating continent now!”


A rich, deep purple flesh aura sea instantly burst forth with demonic power.

The giant rocks from the broken upper part of the floating continent were shattered into powder by the rays of purple demonic light that Grand Monarch Bloodlust released.

All of a sudden, Grand Monarch Bloodlust’s mountainous body abnormally shrank to… an ordinary high-tier Demon form.

He was only two meters tall, splendidly dressed, and handsome after shrinking.

Amid the gravel and in the face of the boundless floating continent and Nie Tian, who was nine thousand meters tall, Grand Monarch Bloodlust appeared extremely small, and it was difficult to perceive his movements.

Besides, he tried hard to cover his strong demon flesh aura and violent heartbeat; he clearly wanted to avoid Nie Tian’s flesh aura perception.


After shrinking, Grand Monarch Bloodlust was as nimble as a swimming fish. He flitted through the spaces among the gravel and gradually broke free from the pursuit of Nie Tian’s eyes.

Nie Tian’s true form descended. Glancing at Grand Monarch Bloodlust, he exclaimed softly. “Come back.”

His flame doppelganger was fretting in the lower part of the floating continent where the Ripper Behemoth was suffering.

Suddenly, his flame doppelganger condensed into a streak of flame light, rose from the lower part of the floating continent, and vanished in the chest of his true form like a drop of water merging into the sea.


Sparks sputtered from his giant body.

“Bloodline, Life Search!”

With the power of his bloodline talent, Grand Monarch Bloodlust’s flesh aura manifested like a brilliant purple sun. No matter how hard he tried to hide himself, he shone too brightly to be hidden.

“Now that you’re here, don’t leave so fast,” Nie Tian said.

Unhurriedly, he summoned the Star Behemoth bone and swung it casually in the sky. The movement seemed to be vested with the mysteries of his bloodline and heaven and earth.

Then, a ray of scarlet blood light so dazzling that it made people’s eyes sore and swell traversed heaven and earth, as if it were going to sever even the sea of clouds above the floating continent.

Wherever it went, the blood light seemed to create a bloody realm that carried the aura, power, and charm of an evil god.

Grand Monarch Bloodlust, who was escaping, was instantly scared out of his wits when he looked back.

In both his sight and his soul’s perception, the blood light somehow transformed into a strange, unknown star behemoth.

The terrifying aura it exuded was even stronger than that of the Ripper Behemoth.

Even his demon blood was suppressed by the aura, and shivered.

It seemed that the unknown star behemoth had been transformed from the bone in Nie Tian’s hand. Its boundless flesh aura filled Grand Monarch Bloodlust’s path of escape, as if sealing the entire area of the starry river.

Before Grand Monarch Bloodlust could activate his Indestructible Form, he saw the behemoth open its mouth.

A huge net made from strings of bloodline crystal light emerged. It seemed that the net, which had been branded with the true meaning of the behemoth’s bloodline, was a natural threat to him.

When the huge net came down, not only Grand Monarch Bloodlust, but even Grand Monarch Nether Channeler and the early tenth grade Devil grand monarch from the Void World were also affected.

In a moment, pieces of flesh were cut off in the giant net, spilling purple blood and green Blood Essence.

Grand Monarch Bloodlust, Grand Monarch Nether Channeler, and the early tenth grade Devil grand monarch wailed inside the blood net.

Nie Tian pursed his lips derisively as his huge mountainous body slowly landed. “Grand monarchs’ power... I’m so not impressed. They fall prey to me just as others do.”

“Blood Essence Shadow!”

An ancient demon voice rang out from Grand Monarch Bloodlust’s heart.

The demon voice was deep, and sounded like the chanting of an old devil god of the Void World.

Grand Monarch Bloodlust’s fleshly body quickly split and morphed into drops of amethyst-like blood beads in the blood net, which quietly condensed into purple devilish shadows.

Each devilish shadow was different from Grand Monarch Bloodlust’s true form. Some were like rough bulls, while others were like ferocious giant pythons. If one took a closer look, they were quite similar to many devil beasts in the Void World.

Those devilish shadows were the gods of the devils in the Void World, which were their original forms.

The devil grand monarchs in the current Void World had also evolved into their current forms from devil beasts through generations of evolution and enhancement of their bloodlines.

At this moment, the most ancient secret bloodline imprints in Grand Monarch Bloodlust’s heart broke out.

His flesh was first condensed into Blood Essence. After the Blood Essence morphed into numerous original devil shadows, they broke free from the shackles of the blood net, and flew away from the floating land with swishes.

As Grand Monarch Nether Channeler saw this, he was so frightened that his body instantly shrank to a heart-like mass of foreign abominations that was filled with Gupi’s acrid poisonous fumes.

As soon as the mass of foreign abominations was formed, toxic fluid dripped from it, eroding the blood net and breaking free.

Upon coming out, the mass of foreign abominations morphed back into Grand Monarch Nether Channeler, who fled the floating continent in a panic.

However, the early tenth grade Devil grand monarch from the Void World had overestimated his own abilities, and wasn’t as decisive as Grand Monarch Bloodlust and Grand Monarch Nether Channeler as he attempted to escape the blood net with the power of his devil body.

However, the more he struggled, the tighter the net became.

In the end, the strings of the blood net penetrated his fleshly body. The flesh power from the blood net paralyzed him like countless electric bloodline lights.

Nie Tian froze for a moment and thought, “I didn’t expect Grand Monarch Bloodlust and Grand Monarch Nether Channeler to have mastered such life-saving bloodline magics,”

When he looked down, he found that only the early tenth grade devil grand monarch was still trapped in the blood net.

Nie Tian was a little regretful. “Forget it. Though he’s only an early tenth grade grand monarch, he’s still a devil from the Void World. A devil of the Void World should be a little more powerful than a demon with the same grade.”

Then, he sank into the endless black sea and said, “Why don’t you fly the floating continent to the Realm of Crystal Snow? I’ll help you deal with the Behemoth Crawlers.”

The Ripper Behemoth was surprised. “Have you figured out a way to deal with the Behemoth Crawlers?”

“My doppelganger couldn’t deal with them, but my true form can,” he replied with a smile.

Suddenly, thousands of lines of blood light flew into the Ripper Behemoth’s body like lightning, “Behemoth Crawlers are also a race of living beings. As long as they’re living beings and carry flesh auras and consciousness, I can deal with them.”

His words were very imperious, showing his great confidence.

The Ripper Behemoth was about to say something when it immediately sensed unusual movements in its body.

The Behemoth Crawlers that were unscrupulously gnawing at its body and flesh aura suddenly seemed to feel that doomsday was coming. The hundreds of thousands of them all shared one feeling: despair.