Lord of All Realms - Chapter 1550: Refinement!

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Rivers of flesh auras that belonged to outsider grand monarchs fell out of the heavens.

They should have been absorbed by Nie Tian like rivers joining the ocean thanks to his Life Drain bloodline talent.

However, the moment Nie Tian’s true self opened his eyes, the rivers of flesh auras changed directions.


What seemed like crimson lightning bolts suddenly burst forth from Nie Tian’s eyes, illuminating the frigid Realm of Falling Snow with blood-red light.

As this happened, the falling rivers of flesh auras exploded into clusters of bloody mist with loud booms.

Then, the clusters of mist surged and rapidly condensed into large drops of Blood Essence!

The Blood Essence that belonged to Devils and Demons looked like amethysts, the Phantasms’ Blood Essence looked like cyan crystals, and the Fiends’ Blood Essence looked like emeralds.

The Blood Essence of different colors were all crystal-clear, and sparkled with dazzling, gorgeous light.

Each and every drop contained as much flesh power as a ninth grade grand patriarch as they floated quietly in the heavens in the Realm of Falling Snow.

If the Tree of Life had been here, looking up at the numerous drops of Blood Essence in the heavens, it would probably think of another place: the endless blood sea, the bloodline origin it shared with Nie Tian.

Nie Tian sprang to his feet.

As soon as he did, countless beams of crimson light shot in every direction.

It was as if he had turned into the mysterious magnetic field of life at the heart of the endless blood sea, and started releasing the light of life that contained the profound truths of life power.


Beams of crimson light pierced through the cyan, green, and purple drops of Blood Essence floating in the heavens, as if to brand them with the profound knowledge of life Nie Tian had mastered, along with wisps of his soul awareness.

All of a sudden, every drop of Blood Essence started spinning. Vested with life and awareness, they slowly morphed into what seemed like smaller versions of Nie Tian.

It was as if the Devil, Phantasm, and Fiend Blood Essences were transforming into tens of thousands of Nie Tians.

Then, as his true self raised his land and made a grabbing motion, the Spirit Pearl flew into his palm with the five evil gods holed up inside of it.

They were afraid of the Spirit Scepter that had been following them like their shadow after being cast out by Barbara.

“The Spirit Scepter,” Nie Tian muttered with countless dazzling sparks shining like stars in the depths of his eyes, and crimson lightning wisps flashing across from time to time.

This gave his eyes a deeply mysterious look, as if the entire starry river, along with the myriad stars and everything on them, had been included in his eyes.


Nie Tian’s true soul suddenly flew out of his sea of awareness to float above the top of his head.

His true soul had been branded with the essence of his soul, his lifetime of memories and experiences, and his understanding of soul power.

Numerous cyan soul strings and mysterious soul symbols could be seen flickering and flowing like winding rivers within his true soul.

Upon a closer look, one could see that those flowing soul strings and soul symbols resembled the Nether River a great deal.

They seemed to carry all sorts of soul wonders and profound soul magics, and represented the magical laws of soul power that seemed to originate from the origin of all souls: the River of Souls.


The realm barrier of the Realm of Falling Snow was split open by the arriving Spirit Scepter and the illusory Nether Rivers that followed it.

The Spirit Scepter effortlessly flew into the Realm of Falling Snow.

On the pommel of the scepter was a cyan gem that looked like a dark cyan moon. The bleak aura it exuded was very similar to Barbara’s aura.

All of a sudden, a blurry soul shadow of Barbara manifested in the gem, and rapidly grew clear.

“Nie Tian!” Barbara’s sharp soul cry echoed out.

Her soul shadow, which was now distinct, seemed to be filled with hostility and hatred, like an evil ghost that had been imprisoned in the gem struggling to break free and make all lives suffer.

Looking at her, Nie Tian was baffled as to why this Netherspirit from the Void World hated him so much.

As far as he could remember, he didn’t seem to have had many encounters with Netherspirits before.

Grand Monarch Thousand Spirits’ sub-soul that had possessed the sectmaster of the Nether Spirit Society was perhaps the only one.

As for this Barbara, he didn’t have any memories of her.

However, he found the way she glared at him very familiar. It was as if she couldn’t wait to flay him alive to collect a blood debt.

The illusory Nether Rivers arrived after the scepter.

As soon as they flew into the Realm of Falling Snow, countless discarnate souls in the frigid, silent realms in the vicinity were channeled.

They were the discarnate souls of the humans that had been slaughtered by outsiders, the spirit beasts that had been devoured, and the seventh and eighth grade outsiders that had been killed recently, and hadn’t dissipated completely.

“Those are the discarnate souls and evil intentions of the perished lives!” Barbara’s cold voice echoed from within the gem on top of the Spirit Scepter. “That Spirit Pearl of yours could never gather such a large number of them. Throughout the Mortal World, the Spirit World, and the Void World, the Spirit Scepter is the only thing that can gather and utilize such a large number of discarnate souls!”

As she said these words, the Spirit Scepter suddenly burst forth with blinding light!

Countless discarnate souls and evil spirits, along with all sorts of negative emotions, seemed to quickly form a nation of ghosts under the power of the Spirit Scepter.

Blood-curdling, scalp-numbing soul cries penetrated the realm barrier of the Realm of Falling Snow.

It was as if the entire Realm of Falling Snow was engulfed by the nation of ghosts in a split second.

In Nie Tian’s view, the mountains, lakes, and wastelands in every part of the Realm of Falling Snow had suddenly become distorted and unreal, as if he had entered another dimension.

Millions of discarnate souls, evil spirits, and various negative emotions swept towards him like gusts of wind and pouring rain.

Standing in the Realm of Falling Snow, he felt like a small boat in the middle of a devastating storm, ruthlessly ravaged by the waves and the storm. It was as if he could be ripped to shreds and devoured by the storm at any moment.

“That’s right. All of her attacks are soul-related.” Holding fast to his soul, Nie Tian seemed to manage to see through the layers of illusions and fix his eyes on the Spirit Scepter.

He noticed that the Nether River engravings on the scepter were already gone.

His lips curled into a cold smile. “The power it’s using must be from the Nether River or the River of Souls. When my soul wisp emerged from the Sea of Life in that chaotic unknown place, I sensed intimacy from that River of Souls. I suppose my soul is also favored by the River of Souls. If I could refine the Nether River branch in the Silent Star Sea, maybe I can...”

“Profound Truths Crystallization!” As soon as he let out a bellow, the drops of Blood Essence that Nie Tian had refined into fist-sized versions of himself that filled the sky suddenly began burning.

They released pure flesh power, which Nie Tian mixed with his own Blood Essence and soul power using his bloodline talents, and sent towards the illusory Nether Rivers created by the Spirit Scepter.

This was the same method he had adopted to refine everything wondrous within that Nether River stretching towards the first-generation Tree of Life in the Silent Star Sea into a crystal.


Rich flesh power continued to be released by the furiously-burning tiny Nie Tians, and poured out of the sky like scarlet waterfalls.

The condensation of Profound Truths Crystals required a tremendous amount of flesh power.

The fact that he had been able to condense that Profound Truths Crystal in the Silent Star Sea was largely thanks to the assistance of Grand Monarch Primal Wood and those three Ancientspirit grand monarchs. Otherwise, he wouldn’t have been able to succeed.

This time, he used external assistance as well.

He took advantage of the flesh power of the outsider grand monarchs that had been killed by the Ripper Behemoth.


Just as he was hoping to condense a new Profound Truths Crystal with his bloodline talent, the Profound Truths Crystal he had condensed in the Silent Star Sea suddenly flew out of his ring of holding on its own.

As soon as it did, all of his flesh power and soul power gathered and poured into it.

Then, to his surprise, the Profound Truths Crystal actually took upon itself to refine the illusory Nether Rivers that had flown out of the Spirit Scepter, and pull the nation of ghosts transformed from countless vicious souls and evil spirits into itself!