Lord of All Realms - Chapter 1548: The Spirit Scepter

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The new arrival appeared to be a very young female Netherspirit.

Judging by human standards, she only looked like a thirteen-year-old girl.

However, her cyan pupils were as cold and fierce as remote mountains and frosty lakes.

For some reason, Ophelia of the Demons looked at this Netherspirit girl in a very strange way, her face filled with reverence.

Ophelia was a Demon. Even if she were going to pledge her allegiance, she should pledge her allegiance to the Devils.

While clearly spirited by the young female Netherspirit’s arrival, Grand Monarch Thousand Spirits’ sub-soul hastily explained the situation. “If I release the Behemoth Crawlers, Nie Tian will...”

Apparently, even he treated her with great respect.

“Leave him to me.” After taking on the important task in an arrogant manner, she turned to look at Nie Tian. “It’s you, right? You don’t carry a rich flesh aura. You’re nothing but a normal human being.”

“No, Barbara. That’s only his doppelgänger.” Grand Monarch Heavenly Spirit said.

“His doppelgänger?”

The little Netherspirit girl, who he referred to as Barbara, said, numerous mysterious soul symbols appearing in her deep, cold eyes.

Like cyan lightning bolts, the soul symbols combined into a mysterious formation in the depths of her eyes, brewing a wondrous soul magic.

All of a sudden, a sharp, ear-piercing drone filled the mind of Nie Tian’s flame doppelgänger.

He felt a heart-wrenching pain.

Since his flame power sub-soul wasn’t his true soul, it hadn’t been branded with the profound truths he had derived from the Nether River, and it wasn’t immune to the Netherspirits and Phantasms’ various powerful soul magics.

He had only been able to contend against Grand Monarch Thousand Spirits because the five evil gods had been helping him.

However at this moment, the five evil gods were simply sitting by and letting Barbara attack him with soul magics.

Seeing the pain on Nie Tian’s face, Grand Monarch Thousand Spirits’ sub-soul was instantly spirited. While releasing the Behemoth Crawlers, he shouted, “Barbara, the magical seals on the brows of the five lords are Grand Monarch Heavenly Spirit’s Heavenly Spirit Seals!”

The remaining Behemoth Crawlers then flew out once again in formidable swarms, and flooded towards the Ripper Behemoth that was massacring outsiders of different races.

The three major races of the Void World had bred the Behemoth Crawlers with the sole purpose of dealing with Star Behemoths. As long as they could find Star Behemoth flesh auras to devour, they could reproduce infinitely.

Even if Nie Tian burned ninety percent of them with the raging flames he channeled from the Flame Land, the remaining ten percent would still be able to reproduce at a shocking speed as long as they could find enough Star Behemoth flesh auras.

Seeing that Grand Monarch Thousand Spirits had released the Behemoth Crawlers again, the Ripper Behemoth, which looked like a humongous centipede, felt a strong threat and grew anxious.

It howled and cried out Nie Tian’s name, signaling for him to burn the Behemoth Crawlers.

However, Nie Tian’s head was splitting with pain as he suffered from Barbara’s soul magic. He couldn’t even use the spell formation within his flame domain to summon flame power from the Flame Land.

As this happened, the Heavenly Spirit Seals on the brows of the five evil gods started flickering.

That was a manifestation of Nie Tian’s attempt to communicate with the five evil gods and command them to attack Barbara of the Netherspirits.

However, even though the evil gods had dared to attack Grand Monarch Thousand Spirits and any other Netherspirit or Phantasm, they seemed too timid to attack Barbara.


Failing to see any response on Nie Tian’s part, the Ripper Behemoth let out an angry howl as it turned its terrifying colossal centipede-like body around and flew towards the floating continent.

The floating continent was its sanctuary.

“Wanna run?”

With a cold snort, Barbara, the little Netherspirit girl, took out a scepter that didn’t seem to be made of metal or wood.

However, winding Nether Rivers could be seen carved on it, as if they were flowing inside of it.

As soon as she took out the scepter, every outsider grand monarch present and even Nie Tian felt a jolt in their souls.

Many Devils and Bonedrudes couldn’t help but exclaim upon seeing the scepter, “The Spirit Scepter!”

Holding it, Barbara seemed to suddenly turn into an evil god that controlled all spirits and souls as her tiny form sped towards the Ripper Behemoth like a petal flying lightly in the wind.

As she did, she pointed towards the Ripper Behemoth with the scepter in her hand and made a gentle slashing motion.


Several Nether Rivers seemed to suddenly manifest out of nowhere before rapidly stretching toward the Ripper Behemoth.

As mighty as the Ripper Behemoth was, its humongous centipede-like body shook violently.


Wisps of light smoke rose from the head of the Ripper Behemoth as a significant amount of its soul power appeared to be vaporized by the power of the Spirit Scepter.

Upon seeing the Spirit Scepter, Nie Tian, who was suffering from an excruciating headache, realized that the five evil gods were only so timid because they feared that scepter.

Barbara must carry the scepter’s unique aura. Therefore, after sensing it, the five evil gods instinctively wanted to avoid it.

As its soul power was being dissolved at a high rate, the Ripper Behemoth slowed down flying towards the floating continent.

Some newborn Behemoth Crawlers shot forward like bolts of lightning, leaving the other Behemoth Crawlers behind. In an effortless manner, they entered the Ripper Behemoth’s flesh aura sea and started gnawing at its flesh.


Stung by the insects, the Ripper Behemoth shook its colossal body and roared at Barbara.

Even the void was shattered by its roar, as thousands of streaks of unknown light poured out of the rifts towards Barbara like magnificent waterfalls.

No matter how Barbara brandished the Spirit Scepter, she couldn’t stop such substantial damage with it. She had to muster her flesh power to defend against the devastating light that poured towards her in an overwhelming fashion.


The flesh aura shield she released exploded upon impact from the light, and scattered like cyan rain.

In such a brief moment, Barbara was badly injured and couldn’t stop coughing blood.

Grand Monarch Thousand Spirits’ face turned pale with fright. “Barbara!”

Many other Netherspirits rushed to her side to protect her by putting their lives at risk.

Like the Spirit Pearl in Nie Tian’s possession, the Spirit Scepter was a mighty soul weapon, which had an exceeding suppressing and destructive effect on the souls of all lives.

However, it couldn’t help Barbara prevent materialized damage.

Even though she was at the middle tenth grade, she wasn’t strong enough to neutralize the Ripper Behemoth’s mighty power.

Even though she was puking blood, she had a fierce and complacent look on her face as she said, “That Ripper Behemoth is done for! The Behemoth Crawlers have already found their way into its body!

“Those that have entered its body are from the newest generation. They’ll gnaw at and destroy it more thoroughly.”

The Behemoth Crawlers had been upgrading through generations since Grand Monarch Thousand Spirits had released them to gnaw at the Ripper Behemoth’s flesh aura ward along the borders of the Domain of Endless Snow.

The Behemoth Crawlers of the new generations were even more powerful and deadlier for the Ripper Behemoth.

After all, they had been upgrading through devouring the Ripper Behemoth’s flesh aura.

The Ripper Behemoth finally charged into the floating continent, its heaven-destroying, earth-extinguishing roar echoing from behind the pale-gray mist that enshrouded the floating continent. “Nie Tian!”

Apparently, it was desperate for Nie Tian’s assistance.