Lord of All Realms - Chapter 1544: The Wrath of the Behemoth!

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In the Flame Land in the Domain of Flame’s End.


Numerous volcanoes shook violently, erupting with rivers of heaven-burning, earth-destroying lava that flowed to every corner of the vast land, filling the air with a strong sulfuric smell.

At the same time, mysterious veins of flames interconnected in the depths of the earth, forming the most profound flame formation throughout the three worlds.

This grand spell formation helped the Flame Land channel flame power from the nearby realms, and boosted its reserve power steadily.

In a blazing lava lake deep underneath the earth’s surface, Nie Yan’s eyes suddenly snapped open. “Father...”

He sensed Nie Tian’s flesh aura and heard his soul call.

Then, he looked down at his own form, which was floating in the lava lake like a fiery crystal.

Numerous meridians could be seen glittering through his skin. Magnificent and wondrous, every single one of them seemed to be branded with the ultimate secrets of fire.

All of a sudden, his body burst forth with endless fiery light as it started interacting with the grand flame formation of the Flame Land in a profound fashion.


Many rivers of boiling lava that were blazing through the earth suddenly came together and shot up into the sky, where they seemed to break the barrier of space and go to another place in the starry river.

Outside the Realm of Falling Snow...

Burning rivers flew out of the ‘eye’ of the spell formation in Nie Tian’s flame domain one after another.

Each and every one of them carried flame power mighty enough to burn down any realm.

Cooperating with the blazing rivers, Nie Tian cast exquisite fiery incantations as the Flame Dragon Armor released torrential flames without holding anything back.


Millions of Behemoth Crawlers were soon reduced to ashes in the devastating flames.

The outsider grand monarchs from the Void World, along with Grand Monarch Bloodlust and Grand Monarch Nether Channeler, were all flabbergasted by the raging flames that had appeared out of nowhere.

By the time they snapped out of their daze, a large proportion of the Behemoth Crawlers they had brought from the Void World had already died.

If put under a magnifying glass, the Behemoth Crawlers also had thick exoskeletons and sharp teeth. Even normal Spirit Channeling grade spiritual tools couldn’t annihilate them.

After all, they had been bred from a wide variety of powerful insects from across the three worlds.

It was almost impossible for the flames released by a regular Saint domain expert to hurt them.

However, facing the devastating flames channeled from the Flame Land, even these outsider grand monarchs were feeling great pressure, not to mention the Behemoth Crawlers.

Both Grand Monarch Thousand Spirits’ sub-soul and Grand Monarch Bone Posterity of the Bonedrudes exclaimed in shock, “The Behemoth Crawlers!”

Grand Monarch Bone Posterity was in the middle of the sea of Behemoth Crawlers. Now, as the flames spread wildly, even his white bony body was surrounded by red fiery light.

“This flame aura...” Grand Monarch Bone Posterity’s body suddenly shone with the pale light of death as his eyes wandered, as if he were searching his memories for something.

A moment later, a bone broke from his chest to float before him.

Crystalline strings of his death bloodline could be seen flickering within the bone, which was wreathed in a strong aura of death and corruption.

“Bones of the Dead!” Grand Monarch Bone Posterity whispered in an ancient language as he cast a bloodline spell that allowed him to control the bone to fly and probe into the sea of raging flames.

In a burst of crackling sounds, the crystalline strings vaporized in a split second.

Astonishment appeared in the depths of Grand Monarch Bone Posterity’s eyes as he exclaimed, “Grand Monarch Thousand Spirits, we need to take the Behemoth Crawlers back now! That flaming aura is from that forbidden area of our world!”

Many outsider grand monarchs were rattled upon hearing this.

Grand Monarch Thousand Spirits’ sub-soul was also bewildered by Grand Monarch Bone Posterity’s words for a few seconds before hastily casting a bloodline magic to activate a special storage ring with his soul.

A miniature arcane realm slowly manifested in his palm.

In the next moment, all of the surviving Behemoth Crawlers fled desperately from the sea of flames into the mysterious cyan arcane realm.

“Burn! Burn them all!”

Nie Tian’s flame doppelgänger shouted wildly in the raging flames that stretched as far as the eye could see.

He had never felt so wonderful before.

Even though this was only his flame doppelgänger, he had managed to channel blazing flame power from the Flame Land with it, and gained an overwhelming advantage when facing the Behemoth Crawlers.

The raging flames were still burning away. Even Grand Monarch Thousand Spirits and Grand Monarch Bone Posterity didn’t dare to approach them.

Originally, Grand Monarch Thousand Spirits’ profound soul magics should have been a great threat to Nie Tian. However, thanks to the joint efforts of the five evil gods, this sub-soul of Grand Monarch Thousand Spirits couldn’t cast Netherspirit soul magics to annihilate or suppress his flame power sub-soul no matter how hard it tried.

Because of this, he could control the extraordinary flame power to burn the Behemoth Crawlers under minimal pressure.


More streaks of flames shot out of his flame domain to ignite the Behemoth Crawlers that fell behind.

As the Behemoth Crawlers were turned to ashes, tiny bits of flesh power flew out.

However, since this was only Nie Tian’s flame doppelgänger, it couldn’t rely on his unique bloodline talents to channel the dissociative flesh power into its body.

Moments later, Grand Monarch Thousand Spirits gathered all of the surviving Behemoth Crawlers.

The previously-formidable sea of Behemoth Crawlers vanished completely, revealing Grand Monarch Thousand Spirits’ sub-soul, Grand Monarch Bone Posterity, Grand Monarch Bloodlust, Grand Monarch Nether Channeler, and the other grand monarchs from the Void World in front of the floating continent.

“Puny insects!” the Ripper Behemoth’s roar echoed from within the floating continent, rumbling through the starry river.

Clearly, it had been enraged by the Behemoth Crawlers. For the first time, it, which had spent countless years hiding in the depths of the endless black sea, rose out of the sea’s surface.


An incredibly humongous shape slowly rose through the pale-gray mist that enshrouded the floating continent.


As it let out a howl of wrath, even the space around it showed fine fissures like a cracked mirror. Each and every fissure seemed to connect to an uncharted area of the starry river.

With a howl, it actually shattered space!

This was the true might of the Ripper Behemoth.

Only after that did the Ripper Behemoth fly out of the mist-enshrouded floating continent completely.

Nie Tian’s flame doppelgänger jerked his head towards it and couldn’t help but exclaim, “What the…!”

The Ripper Behemoth’s true form was like a humongous centipede with countless razor-sharp feet. A few tentacles were growing out of its gigantic, scary-looking head.

Its gigantic tentacles had reached out from the floating continent before, where they had seemed as enormous as heavenly dragons to people.

However, as the Ripper Behemoth revealed its true self, those tentacles now seemed incomparably small and tender.

The Realm of Falling Snow, which was not far from the Ripper Behemoth, looked like an unimpressive snowball compared to its incredibly humongous body.

In comparison, Grand Monarch Bloodlust and all of the grand monarchs from the Void World looked as tiny as ants.

Even Nie Tian, who was about nine thousand meters tall, seemed like a tiny insect next to the Ripper Behemoth.


With a casual swing of its two razor-sharp front legs, the Ripper Behemoth managed to channel glorious streaks of light from some unknown space disruption zone.

Carrying tearing power, they shot into Grand Monarch Bone Posterity’s bony chest one after another like glowing swords.

Grand Monarch Bone Posterity’s chest was instantly split open, and then his huge bone body broke apart like toy bricks and exploded into countless fragments that filled the void.