Lord of All Realms - Chapter 1542: Refuse to Obey!

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Soon, all light was blotted out.

The human experts that were gathered in the Realm of Crystal Snow to discuss how they would defend against the invaders from the Void World felt as if they were plunged into an eternal night.

Their sight, sense of touch, and soul awareness were all undermined.

In the starry river, it seemed to Agatha the Devil that the Realm of Crystal Snow, which looked like a snowball originally, was suddenly painted black by ink, and she could only sense Aztec’s aura from it now.

Added respect could be seen on Agatha’s face as she muttered to herself, “No wonder he’s called the Son of Darkness.”

She had been somewhat reluctant to acknowledge inferiority to this rising star of the Devils.

But now, after seeing him engulfing the entire Realm of Crystal Snow in thick darkness, along with every human expert in it, she finally let out a sigh of admiration and muttered, “Perhaps they’re right. He may actually become a mighty leader like the Dark King!”

In the darkness...

The black tortoise growled uneasily as it activated its tenth grade bloodline. Dark magical patterns that exuded mysterious auras started slithering on its enormous shell that looked like a pitch-black mountain peak.

Standing on its vast shell, Dong Li watched the dark patterns morph under her feet like magical waves.

Since darkness was the source of her power as well, she felt incomparably adapted to it.

Enveloped in complete darkness, her eyes burst forth with pure black magical light, allowing her to see every tree, insect, and blade of grass in the Realm of Crystal Snow with great clarity.

This was a fascinating feeling that she had never felt before.

At this moment, she felt as if she had become a god in the darkness-engulfed Realm of Crystal Snow.

She could not only see, but even perceive with her soul the bewilderment, uneasiness, and astonishment Yin Xingtian, Yu Suying, Grand Monarch Primal Wood, and the three Ancientspirit grand monarchs were feeling.

She had a feeling that if she wanted, she could shape the darkness into blades and slash them at all of the living beings in the Realm of Crystal Snow with nothing but a thought.

Her confidence in her strength soared.

However, she snapped out of it in the next moment.

She suddenly realized that she wasn’t the only god of darkness in the Realm of Crystal Snow, as she discovered that a young male Devil had quietly appeared in the distance, and was smiling cunningly at her.

“Allow me to introduce myself again,” he said. “Aztec, the Son of Darkness. Do you feel that the Realm of Crystal Snow is like your own dark domain at this moment? That you can capture every movement the living beings in it make and perceive what they’re thinking? That you can sense the flow of their auras and even the subtle changes in their spiritual seas?”

Dong Li frowned. “The Son of Darkness? You’re just one person. Do you really think you can do whatever you want in the Realm of Crystal Snow?”

Aztec smiled and said, “Of course not. My clansmen and Netherspirit and Bonedrude allies are also in the vicinity. Grand Monarch Bloodlust, Grand Monarch Gray Bones, and Grand Monarch Nether Channeler of the Spirit World have also joined us. As for that Ripper Behemoth, if it dares to come near here, we’ll send it to meet its maker.”


A dark stone that seemed to have become one with his heart suddenly flew out of Aztec’s chest.

As soon as it did, the dark stone in Dong Li’s dantian region and the Dark Aureole grew restless.

In the ultimate darkness, Aztec’s dark stone reflected images of the starry river near the Realm of Crystal Snow like a magical mirror. In it, Dong Li saw countless Behemoth Crawlers, a sub-soul of Grand Monarch Thousand Spirits, Grand Monarch Bone Posterity, and several Devil, Netherspirit, and Bonedrude grand monarchs, along with Grand Monarch Bloodlust and the other grand monarchs from the Spirit World.

They seemed to be searching for the Ripper Behemoth with some special method in areas that weren’t far from the Realm of Crystal Snow.

With a smile, Aztec said, “As you can see, we’ll find that Ripper Behemoth soon if it doesn’t leave the Domain of Endless Snow. Once we do, our Behemoth Crawlers will crawl into its body, gnaw through its internal organs, and kill it from within. As for the humans and the Ancientspirits in the Realm of Crystal Snow...

“As long as I can trap them here till my people get here or till the others get rid of the Ripper Behemoth, what will they be able to do?

“Many of your human domains have already fallen into our hands. Many sects and clans that have Saint domain experts surrendered upon seeing us, knowing that their resistance would be meaningless.

“Miss Dong, the humans’ era is over.

“Your peak experts and the Ancientspirit peak experts are all bogged down in a forbidden area in our world. There’s no way for them to come back in time to save you.


To end his lengthy speech, Aztec assumed a serious expression and said, “After we take over your world as its new masters, those who kneel and submit to our reign might still have a chance to survive. Those who don’t obey can only be sterilized.”


Endless darkness suddenly spewed from within Dong Li.

Her dark stone and Dark Aureole flew out into the darkness, and burst forth with dark auras that matched hers.

“I refuse to obey!” Dong Li’s cold growl pierced through the darkness.

Aztec’s smile grew wider as he said, “Good! You’re my type of girl!”

In the starry river outside the realm.

Even though Agatha the Devil couldn’t see what was happening in the Realm of Crystal Snow, Dong Li’s unyielding growl ripped through the darkness and echoed in the starry river.

Agatha then realized that a battle had broken out between Dong Li and Aztec.

Her lips curled into a derisive smile as she muttered, “This is exactly what Aztec wants you to do: fight him with your dark stone and his lost weapon. Otherwise, with the power of himself and his dark stone, how can he possibly seal the Realm of Crystal Snow long enough for the others to get here?

“But with the power of the other eye of the Dark King and the Dark Aureole, he’ll be able to seal any realm.

“As long as a battle breaks out and she uses the Dark Aureole and that eye of the Dark King, they’ll release enough dark power to seal the Realm of Crystal Snow eternally.”

As someone who knew Aztec well, Agatha had seen through his plan.


“Nie Tian, Nie Tian.” The Ripper Behemoth’s urgent soul voice echoed on and on in Nie Tian’s sea of awareness.

Even his nine sub-souls were exasperated after being shaken by its rumbling soul voice for a long time.

“I need you to take care of the Behemoth Crawlers.” The Ripper Behemoth’s soul awareness raised a mighty storm in the area where Nie Tian was sitting quietly as a wisp of his soul explored his Blood Realm.

In the storm, even the rocky mountains around Nie Tian started to show cracks.

Even the nine sub-souls floating over Nie Tian’s sea of awareness like bright stars made attempts to waken his true soul.

However, his true soul still didn’t give any response.

The Fiends, Phantasms, Demons, Birdmen, and Blackscales that were piled up on the icy ground around Nie Tian were still being drained of their flesh power thanks to the wonders of Life Drain and Life Purification.

All of a sudden, the speed at which Nie Tian took in flesh power increased at an alarming rate.

Moments later, the piles of outsider corpses exploded with a loud boom, and were reduced to ashes that flew in the storm.

Every wisp of flesh power from every corpse was captured by Nie Tian and turned to nourishment that helped him explore his Blood Realm and seek the profound truths of life.


Rendered impatient by the Ripper Behemoth’s soul calls, the nine sub-souls that floated over Nie Tian’s sea of awareness year-round somehow flew out through the top of his head one after another.

The Ripper Behemoth’s immense soul awareness then condensed into an enormous blurry shape in the sky of the Realm of Falling Snow.

“The invaders from the Void World are here, with a kind of insects known as the Behemoth Crawlers,” The Ripper Behemoth’s blurry shape said. “They’re bred by mixing the bloodlines of a special kind of parasitic insect that lives inside us Star Behemoths and various other toxic insects from the three worlds. The purpose of their existence is to deal with us. Also, the Realm of Crystal Snow is engulfed in darkness. I suppose the people there are in trouble...”

The Ripper Behemoth, who was well-aware of the current situation in the Domain of Endless Snow, explained it in detail.

After listening for a while, the nine soul shadows that had flown out of Nie Tian’s sea of awareness, bearing Nie Tian’s appearance, grew grim, as if they were racking their minds independently for ways to turn the situation around. “The Behemoth Crawlers, the darkness-enveloped Realm of Crystal Snow, and the powerful experts from the Void World...”

All of a sudden, drops of scarlet Blood Essence flew out of Nie Tian’s chest and rapidly condensed into a doppelgänger of him.

Immediately afterwards, his flame power sub-soul fused into it, vesting it with a violent flame aura.