Lord of All Realms - Chapter 1539: Reentering The Blood Realm

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At the Seven Stars Realm Sea.

Countless Devils, Bonedrudes, and Netherspirits from the Void World filled the area above the Realm Sea, along with ancient beasts, including Devilflame War Beasts, Netherworld Birds, and Bloodhell Ligers.

All of these beasts needed Nether Qi, Devil Qi, and Death Qi to survive, and were the most trusted battle partners of the Devils, Bonedrudes, and Netherspirits.

Some of them exuded flesh auras even stronger than their masters.

An enormous wheel that was thousands of meters tall and seemed to have been forged from dozens of different kinds of metals could be seen slowly rotating high above the Realm Sea.

It was engraved with the Devils’ ancient talismans, the Netherspirits’ soul symbols, and the Bonedrudes’ secret language of death. As it rotated, all of those talismans, symbols, and secret scripts shone dazzlingly like innumerable stars.

At the same time as the wheel rotated, not only the energy in the Seven Stars Realm Sea, but the energy in the entire Domain of Heaven’s Boundaries seemed to be affected, and started to undergo great changes.

The vast starry river in the Mortal World was filled with spiritual Qi, Phantasm Qi, Demon Qi, flame power, and star power, along with numerous other types of power and energy.

But now, all sorts of powers were being forcibly converted into pure Devil qi, Nether Qi, and Death Qi.

Those special powers that couldn’t be converted seemed to dissipate like smoke as the enormous wheel rotated.

The wheel rotated high in the void in a dominating fashion, as if it were being pushed by thousands of evil gods and forcibly reshaping the Seven Stars Realm Sea and the Domain of Heaven’s Boundaries.


Many spirit beasts that lived near the Seven Stars Realm Sea and carried special flesh auras died violent and sudden deaths.

After their deaths, their residual power dispersed into the starry river and was converted into Death Qi.

The Devil Qi, Nether Qi, and Death Qi were blackish-violet, misty cyan, and pale-gray in color.

They rapidly condensed into clusters that flew towards the seven dead stars that surrounded the Realm Sea.

The numerous splendid stone pavilions and palaces that various human sects had built on the dead stars were crushed, their protective wards and shields reduced to bits of light that dissipated into the starry river.

Clad in a suit of demonic armor made of purple divine metal and sitting astride a gorgeous monster that carried a Purple Glede bloodline, Agatha of the Devils glanced around and said in an awe-inspiring fashion, “The Void Energy Converting Wheel is a mighty weapon of war indeed.”

The Void Energy Converting Wheel was a special weapon the Devils, Bonedrudes, and Netherspirits had prepared for their invasion of the Spirit World and the Mortal World.

This mighty weapon of war could convert a wide array of powers, and turn realms and domains into the Devils, Bonedrudes, and Netherspirits’ home courts.


A Bonedrude suddenly flew backwards out of a gaping spatial rift.

“Lord Bone Posterity!”

“Grand Monarch Bone Posterity!”

Both Grand Monarch Gray Bones of the Bonebrutes and Agatha of the Devils exclaimed in shock, as if they hadn’t expected that the Bonedrude expert would fail to enter the Domain of Endless Snow through that spatial rift.

That spatial rift rapidly healed and vanished.

Grand Monarch Bone Posterity’s shrill voice then rumbled out. “It was that Star Behemoth you people refer to as the Ripper Behemoth. It bombarded me when I was halfway through.”

“Damn!” Many Bonedrudes cursed, standing on war chariots made of bones or sitting astride bone horses.

“A Star Behemoth?” Agatha the Devil asked with a cold look in her eyes. “We did pay heavy prices dealing with Star Behemoths during distant eras. But times have changed. We’ve never stopped moving forward. Now, even Star Behemoths aren’t unbeatable anymore!”

With a cunning laugh, Grand Monarch Bone Posterity chimed in, “That’s right. We’ve long since found an effective way to deal with Star Behemoths!”

“Unfortunately, the Voidspirits turned against us,” Agatha said with a cold snort. “If we still had those spatial power experts on our side, we would have made our way into the Spirit World and the Mortal World long ago. Not only did they betray us, but they even made great efforts to thwart our invasion plans.”

“Anyways, Pei Yukong is dying,” Grand Monarch Bone Posterity said. “Once he does, the Voidspirits won’t be a problem anymore.”

Agatha gave her command. “Now let’s sweep across the Domain of Heaven’s Boundaries, then we’ll turn it into our stronghold from where we’ll take one human domain after another, until we conquer the entire Mortal World. Also, we’ve got to establish connections with the Demons, Bonebrutes, and Phantasms, so we can transfer information and forces effectively.”

Grand Monarch Bone Posterity issued the same order to his clansmen.


A sub-soul of Grand Monarch Thousand Spirits of the Netherspirits suddenly flew out of the Realm Sea below.

Even though it was only a sub-soul, both Agatha and Grand Monarch Bone Posterity turned to face it with respect.

“Grand Monarch Unholy Wind has perished,” the sub-soul of Grand Monarch Thousand Spirits said. “There’s this hybrid named Nie Tian in the Mortal World that you need to pay special attention to. I don’t know how he did it, but he managed to revive five mighty grand monarchs of my people and make them fight for him.”

Agatha’s expression flickered. “Nie Tian… I captured him alive once in the Void World. He’s special indeed. We do need to be extra careful with him.”

“There are a few others too,” Grand Monarch Gray Bones suggested. “A woman named Dong Li carries the Dark King’s aura.”

Agatha the Devil stood aghast. “Dong Li? The Dark King?”


Ji Yuanquan from the Void Spirit Society looked spirited and thrilled as he asked, “The Doomed Star Sea?! What do you know, Nie Tian? Is there power in the Doomed Star Sea that can be used to fight the invaders from the Void World?”

“Isn’t the Doomed Star Sea...?” Ye Wenhan said, frowning.

Zu Guangyao and the others from the Ancient Fragmentary Star Palace cast their gazes down, complicated expressions appearing on their faces.

It was a taboo to talk about the human rebels in the Doomed Star Sea. Therefore, no one normally would.

Was it possible that those who were regarded as crooked by the four great sects and had been either banished or chased to the Doomed Star Sea had formed a force strong enough to contend against the powerful races from the Void World?

Even though some of them had heard rumors of that secret force recently, they didn’t dare to believe them.

After a moment of hesitation, Nie Tian said, “If we come to a place where the hills and streams end, (Idiom: at the end of one’s rope) perhaps I’ll take a trip to the Doomed Star Sea. I’ve had a few conversations with Feng Beiluo from the Heavenly Corpse Sect. I think those people in the Doomed Star Sea will be willing to help us deal with the outsiders from the Void World. It’s just that I don’t know how strong they actually are.”

Hearing this, Ji Yuanquan said, “If we actually come to the point where humanity faces annihilation and we have to seek their help, I’ll be willing to put my pride aside and go ask for their help.”

The others, however, remained silent.

“Now, I need the dead outsiders’ bodies.” Nie Tian released his Star Eyes, which then floated in different directions like bright lamps in search of outsiders that had been killed by human Qi warriors in battle.

Most of those outsiders had been at the seventh and eighth grade.

Outsiders at such grades didn’t interest the Ripper Behemoth.

However, in large numbers, they would be helpful for Nie Tian’s bloodline upgrade.

“You’re free to collect them,” Ye Wenhan from the Heaven Span Pavilion said without hesitation. “Other than You Qimiao, your contribution to our victory was the greatest. Since it seems that those dead outsiders won’t be helpful to him, and you’ll play a key role in our future battles, the stronger you become, the better it’ll be for all of us.”

No one opposed him.

Nie Tian nodded. “Alright then!”

Then, he turned to Dong Li, who was rather exasperated by Grand Monarch Nether Channeler’s escape, and said, “I’m not good at devising strategies. You guys should discuss how we should fight the invaders from the Void World.”

With these words, he pointed at the floating continent. “The Ripper Behemoth has returned to his senses and won’t lose them again anytime soon. It’ll be a great help to us in the upcoming battle as well.”

After uttering these words, he started shifting between different areas of the Domain of Endless Snow using Starshift.

Every time he cast Starshift, one or several new outsider corpses would be tied to his enlarged form.

This repeated dozens of times.

As he returned to the frozen land in the Realm of Falling Snow, there was already a huge pile of dead Phantasms, Demons, Fiends, Blackscales, and Birdmen attached to his enormous form.

“Life Drain! Life Purification!”

He activated his bloodline talents to absorb flesh power from the pile of outsider corpses. Fresh Blood Essence was condensed as his body was further refined and expanded.

By the time his body grew back to being nine thousand meters tall, and his Blood Essence reached its one thousand drops limit, the Blood Realm that corresponded to his bloodline took the initiative to open its gate for him.

In the next moment, a wisp of his soul flew into the endless blood sea.