Lord of All Realms - Chapter 1538: A Hopeless Situation?

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An outsider with white bones was about to pass through the spatial rift and enter the Domain of Endless Snow.

It seemed that he was laughing sinisterly as clouds of death energy exploded in the spatial rift. “The Mortal World!”

The spatial power that Ji Yuanquan had released and the soul awareness that he had fused into it were both impacted and suppressed by the death energy.

His soul awareness was controlling the spatial power to close the spatial rift. The explosion of these two powers meant that Ji Yuanquan had lost control over the spatial rift he had opened.

He could only watch the Bonedrudes of the Void World make their way into the Domain of Endless Snow.

The eyes of Grand Monarch Bloodlust suddenly lit up as he came roaring. “Void World! Bonedrudes!”

Then he hurried to shout, “I am Grand Monarch Bloodlust of the Demons in the Spirit World! Please inform the Void World of our defeat in the Domain of Endless Snow!”

The Bonedrude who was halfway through the spatial rift said aloud, “Agatha is right behind me. Rest assured. We’ll charge into the Domain of Endless Snow one by one.”


At this moment, pieces of land fragments suddenly shot out of the floating continent.

The fragments flew into the gaping spatial rift with extremely fast speed and terrifying momentum, like falling meteorites.

The bone body of the Bonedrude that was filled with death aura was knocked back into the spatial passage by the land fragments.

“The power of a Star Behemoth!” the Bonedrude squealed inside the spatial rift.

Like meteorites, more fragments bombarded the Bonedrude one after the other, and made him gradually disappear.

Ji Yuanquan looked very surprised and elated. “I’m back in control!”

He hurriedly released a wisp of his soul awareness to drive his spatial power to close the spatial rift.

A grim look appeared in the eyes of Grand Monarch Bloodlust, who had been looking forward to the three outsider races of the Void World descending on the Domain of Endless Snow one by one.

The other outsiders who hadn’t fled the Domain of Endless Snow were all disappointed to see the spatial rift close.


Nie Tian slowly descended.

The five evil gods snarled, raised billowing Nether Qi, and locked their eyes onto Grand Monarch Bloodlust once again, wanting to kill the grand monarch of the Demons on the spot.

Grand Monarch Bloodlust, who was battered and bruised, suddenly morphed into a purple lightning bolt and fled.

As soon as he fled, the other outsiders were utterly defeated and dispersed, no matter their grades and ranks.

Some of the outsiders who considered themselves strong retreated to remote areas of the Domain of Endless Snow, or left the Domain of Endless Snow for the Seven Stars Realm Sea.

Meanwhile, other weaker ones that were at the seventh or eighth grade returned to their ancestral lands in the Spirit World through the spatial passages through which they had come, where they would wait for the three outsider races of the Void World to take over the Mortal World so that they could return.

Ji Yuanquan, who had returned from the Seven Stars Realm Sea, said with a solemn face, “Nie Tian! I left spatial rifts in the Seven Stars Realm Sea for those humans to leave as soon as possible. I’ve also informed and urged the five sects and three clans in the Domain of Heaven’s Boundaries to leave the Domain of Heaven’s Boundaries as soon as possible by means of teleportation portals. However...”

He paused a bit before continuing, “The Domain of Heaven’s Boundaries borders the Domain of the Falling Stars and Domain of Heaven Python. The strong Qi warriors can likely evacuate, but there are a large number of mortals in the Domain of Heaven’s Boundaries who will hardly be able to escape. In addition, the three outsider races of the Void World are likely going to invade the Domain of the Falling Stars and Domain of Forbidden Heaven as well.”

Hearing this, Nie Tian’s heart suddenly became very heavy.

“It’s going to be hard to wipe out the outsiders who have fled,” Ye Wenhan of the Heaven Span Pavilion said softly.

Then, he waved his hand to beckon for everyone to gather around. “How strong are those from the Void World at the Seven Stars Realm Sea? Do we have a chance of winning if we join against them?”

“Not a chance,” Ji Yuanquan replied with a wry smile. “A dozen grand monarchs, Grand Monarch Eternal Purgatory, Grand Monarch Bloodlust, and the outsiders from the Spirit World. Considering our strength, it’s impossible to fight them.”

“What if we join hands with the Ancientspirits?” Ye Wenhan asked.

Everyone naturally turned to look at Grand Monarch Primal Wood, Chatvic, Scotte and the Golden-feathered Divine Finch, who were all grand monarchs.

Being watched, the three Ancientspirits were very uncomfortable.

Nie Tian, who had just fought a fierce battle, looked up and found that You Qimiao and Grand Monarch Eternal Purgatory had already been carried away by their fight, and could no longer be seen.

He was silent for a while before saying to Grand Monarch Primal Wood and the others, “If the outsider races of the Void World join forces with the Demons, Phantasms, and Bonebrutes of the Spirit World to destroy our race and your races, neither we nor you will be able to stay out of it.”

“I know,” Scotte of the Dragons spoke.

He hesitated, and then said, “Whether we join hands or not, we don’t have enough power to fight against them at present.”

Chatvic agreed, “He’s right. Even if we, the Ancientspirits, join hands with you, I’m afraid we’re no match for them, unless our high chieftains and your late God domain human experts return. Otherwise, we won’t be able to fight against the three outsider races that are coming for us.”

The Golden-feathered Divine Finch nodded.

“If we don’t fight, where can we go?” Ye Wenhan asked loudly.

The three Ancientspirit grand monarchs looked at Nie Tian with twinkling eyes.

After freezing for a while, Nie Tian realized what they meant to say and sneered. “The Silent Star Sea? Do you think the Silent Star Sea is safe? The Nether River flowed all the way into the Silent Star Sea. Do you think the Netherspirits will just forget about it?”

“No, we are willing to fight,” Chatvic came forward and spoke. “But we hope that our clansmen with low bloodline grades will have a place to live. If they’re moved to the Silent Star Sea, we will have no scruples, and will fight the outsiders of the Void World to the end.”

“Yes, we need to ensure the continuation of our races,” Scotte chimed in.

The message in Grand Monarch Primal Wood’s and the Golden-feathered Divine Finch’s eyes was the same as they both looked at Nie Tian.

Listening to the conversation between Nie Tian and the Ancientspirit grand monarchs, some humans who weren’t in the know were full of doubts as they discussed and asked each other, “The Silent Star Sea is a safe land?”

Even some people from the four ancient great sects were unaware of the Silent Star Sea’s existence, or the fact that Nie Tian could access it.

After thinking for a while, Nie Tian replied, “I promise. I’ll allow you to move your clansmen with low bloodline grades in the Spirit World into the Silent Star Sea. But your experts will join hands with us to fight the outsider races from the Void World.”

“That was our original idea,” Grand Monarch Primal Wood aired his opinion.

Scotte sighed deeply. “Even if we lose, even if we all die in the Mortal World, as long as our race survives, our sacrifice will be worth it. I didn’t expect that the outsider races of the Void World would join forces to attack the Mortal World when the Spirit World is perishing. It seems that we won’t be able to escape a troubled era.”

“Not necessarily,” Nie Tian spoke in a deep voice.

Scott was taken aback. “What?”

Nie Tian snorted. “Who said we’re bound to lose? Have you forgotten that there’s a place called the Doomed Star Sea? Have you forgotten that the experts there have stopped the Void World outsiders from crossing the Doomed Star Sea to make trouble in the Mortal World?”

“The Doomed Star Sea!”