Lord of All Realms - Chapter 1537: Struggle

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“Nie Tian!”

Grand Monarch Bloodlust’s doppelganger roared in Nie Tian’s palm and burst forth with dazzling Demon light in an attempt to activate his bloodline talents.

“Noisy,” Nie Tian said, looking impatient. His hand closed, and then slowly tightened.


The cracking of bones rang out as purple blood came out through his fingers.

Nevertheless, due to Life Drain, the blood didn’t leave his hand, but penetrated into his skin and veins, fused into his flesh, and improved his strength.

Grand Monarch Bloodlust’s true self was strong enough to fight Nie Tian, but how could the doppelganger that had been transformed from a piece of flesh torn off by the five evil gods possibly match Nie Tian’s strength?

Moreover, after refining Grand Monarch Unholy Wind’s body, not only had Nie Tian recovered the power he had previously consumed, but his strength had also risen to a new level.

“Noisy and boring,” Nie Tian cursed and charged upwards to attack Grand Monarch Bloodlust with the five evil gods.

At the same time, he said to Zu Guangyao and the others, “Kill the remaining outsiders in the Domain of Endless Snow as quickly as possible.”

Ye Wenhan and the others nodded. “OK!”

At the same time, a strand of Nie Tian’s soul awareness was also passed on to the Ripper Behemoth.

When the Ripper Behemoth lurking in the floating continent learned that the Seven Stars Realm Sea had fallen and the three outsider races of the Void World had descended one by one, it roared from the interior of the floating continent.

Suddenly, pieces of land fragments from the top continent drifted away from the floating continent.

The floating continent had been a super-large scale realm. Just the fragments of its upper part were comparable to huge meteorites in the starry river, and they were vested with the Ripper Behemoth’s flesh aura.

The pieces of land fragments weighed more than a thousand pounds, and their tearing power was matchlessly overwhelming.

Grand Monarch Divine Wing of the Birdmen was suddenly struck by pieces of the land fragments.

Feathers fell from her feathered wings like snowflakes, glittering with precious bloodline light that was soon extinguished like a bright lamp. Under the tearing force, she let out a mournful, miserable wail.

Her flesh aura sea lasted only a few seconds before collapsing.

As the floating continent quietly approached, the snowflake-like feathers fell freely to the continent.

Her beautiful body plummeted towards the floating continent like a cannonball, as if it had been bound by gravity.

Her rapid shrill screams of terror became staccato.

Before she could even touch the ground, her body was reduced to a shower of blood.


Another piece of land shooting from the floating continent struck Grand Monarch Black Armor heavily.

The moment the armor-like scales of the chief of the Blackscales were impacted by the land fragment, they burst forth with brilliant dark light.

Immediately afterwards, a scream of pain rang out.

Dou Tianchen took a closer look, and saw gray cyclones that contained the profound meaning of tearing power had infiltrated through the cracks between Grand Monarch Black Armor’s armor-like scales like lightning bolts.

Then, they destroyed his body from inside.

A python-like tentacle extended from the floating continent and suddenly wrapped around Grand Monarch Black Armor’s thick waist and slowly pulled him into the floating continent.

In the gray currents, the Ripper Behemoth’s terrifying colossal body emerged from the deep sea.

All those who looked at its vague colossal figure through the gray currents held their breath subconsciously.

“It’s simply too big!” Dou Tianchen said, and then found his own voice very strange. “This kind of behemoth may be the real weapon to fight the three outsider races of the Void World! No wonder the three outsider races of the Void World never dared to invade the behemoths’ territory in the era when they thrived.”


The sound of the Ripper Behemoth crushing bones in the floating continent rang out eerily.

After being taken to the floating continent, even Grand Monarch Divine Wing and Grand Monarch Black Armor’s screaming stopped.

It seemed that the chiefs of the Birdmen and Blackscales, who had been persuaded to join the operation by Grand Monarch Eternal Purgatory and Grand Monarch Unholy Wind, had already become the Ripper Behemoth’s food.

The Star Behemoth bone fell back into Nie Tian’s hand again. “Bloodline! Domain Split!”

As soon as his bloodline talent Life Blend was released, the bone immediately absorbed his tremendous flesh aura, and thus displayed the Domain Split talent in a more perfect form.

Rosy clouds drifted toward Grand Monarch Bloodlust.

Each rosy cloud was made of fine blood threads. Grand Monarch Bloodlust was almost drowned by the strong brute force of the ancient primordial aura that could kill all creatures and dominate the three worlds.

Enveloped in the beautiful rosy clouds, Grand Monarch Bloodlust’s flesh aura sea quickly melted, like ice and snow that were being burned by fire.

Grand Monarch Bloodlust’s bloodline was also subdued by the flesh aura from the Star Behemoth bone.

After his flesh aura sea was broken by Domain Split, the five evil gods joined hands to slam, scratch, and tear at his Demon body, ripping pieces of flesh off his body.

Each piece of flesh ripped off by the five evil gods was absorbed smoothly by Nie Tian.

As soon as the chunks of flesh fell into his palm, their pure flesh power was mercilessly taken away, and Grand Monarch Bloodlust’s connection with them was cut off.

Every piece of flesh contained flesh power that he had accumulated for thousands or even tens of thousands of years. It was the origin of his strength.

With every lost piece of flesh, his fighting strength was diminished.

However, after Nie Tian got his flesh, he refined it in a very short time.

Grand Monarch Bloodlust could see that Nie Tian in his giant form was growing little by little like an ancient tree by virtue of his flesh power!

Grand Monarch Bloodlust bellowed. He was extremely unwilling to be beaten by Nie Tian like this, and unwilling to see his own flesh become the energy that made Nie Tian stronger.

Moreover, the five evil gods that besieged him were clearly getting stronger and stronger.

The soul magics that they displayed were becoming more and more elaborate. Even though he was very familiar with the Phantasms, he couldn’t see through their soul magics.

Grand Monarch Bloodlust’s heart was filled with doubts. “No, this isn’t right. None of this is!”

He soon realized that he was no longer able to fight against Nie Tian, whose strength had soared again with the five evil gods’ help. For the first time, he thought that he was no match for Nie Tian.

“The Seven Stars Realm Sea!” With this thought, his gaze seemed to penetrate layers of space and see in the Seven Stars Realm Sea.

Grand Monarch Bloodlust got excited again, and laughed, “Ha ha! They’ve arrived indeed!”

Instead of stubbornly staying to fight Nie Tian to the death, Grand Monarch Bloodlust tried hard to fly towards the spatial rift connecting to the Seven Stars Realm Sea that Ji Yuanquan had opened.

He wanted to join the Devils of the Void World in the Seven Stars Realm Sea!

Ji Yuanquan sneered. “Nice try.”

Because of his words, the spatial rift that Grand Monarch Bloodlust was aiming for suddenly began to close.

Just as the spatial rift was about to close, a sharp cry that could tear eardrums suddenly sounded from within it. “Open!”

A white arm full of death power stuck out from within the closing rift, and forcibly reopened it.