Lord of All Realms - Chapter 1536: Annihilation?

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In the Seven Stars Realm Sea.

Seeing that the sea had become shallow and the portal had emerged, those Saint and Void domain experts of various domains who had paid large numbers of spirit stones to gain footholds around the Seven Stars Realm Sea were driven by greed, and rushed at it recklessly.


A dark purple Demon light instantly erupted from within the indistinct portal.

Gold, silver, and cyan light suddenly burst out from the bottom of the sea.

The spluttering rainbow light was the fleeting light from broken void and saint domains, which meant that the human experts down there had been killed in an instant.

Only then did extremely shrill screams come from the portal’s location.

Zhao Shanling looked down, his eyes full of shock.

He saw a Saint domain human expert who was proficient in water power desperately try to steer his blue saint domain and break away from the portal.

Just then, a tender arm stretched out of the portal.

The arm that was covered with complicated, elaborate purple patterns gave the Qi warrior who was at the middle Saint domain a seemingly casual tug before his blue water domain was easily torn apart like thin sheets of paper.

Then, the arm tugged back and forth a few times, and his saint domain was completely shredded, along with the Qi warrior’s body.

A Demonic light flashed, and his soul exploded with a pop, like a balloon, before turning into light smoke that quickly dissipated into the Seven Stars Realm Sea.

The level of the sea rose slightly.


Soon, Agatha of the Devils passed through the portal and floated motionlessly in the Seven Stars Realm Sea. “The Mortal World, the treasured land we’ve been trying to conquer for hundreds of thousands of years!”

In the sea, Saint and Void domain Qi warriors died one after another.

With their deaths, their void and saint domains broke and merged into the Seven Stars Realm Sea, becoming drops of energy-infused sea water in it, enabling the portal to remain open more stably and longer.

Zhao Shanling’s expression suddenly changed. As Yin Xingtian and the three grand monarchs of the Ancientspirits fought Grand Monarch Gray Bone, he kept flashing back and forth.

With each flash, he opened a spatial rift on a dead star. “Go! Leave the Seven Stars Realm Sea and the Domain of Heaven’s Boundaries as soon as possible!”

Dong Qisong, Jing Feiyang, Qu Mingde, and the many Saint domain experts who had attached themselves to Nie Tian knew clearly how strong the outsider races of the Void World were. Seeing the portals open, they immediately realized that they had lost the battle.

Heeding Zhao Shanling’s warning, they immediately arranged for their disciples to evacuate through the spatial rifts that he had opened.

Spotting the first Devil of the Void World coming out of the portal, Ji Yuanquan, who had rushed over from the Domain of Endless Snow, also knew the outsider races couldn’t be stopped anymore.

Like Zhao Shanling, he opened up spatial rifts for the humans who had nothing to do with Nie Tian, but were frightened by the deaths of their elders at the portal, to evacuate from the Seven Stars Realm Sea.

Grand Monarch Gray Bone’s rampant laughter echoed through the Seven Stars Realm Sea.

The Bone Shatterer had helped him survive for a while under the joint attacks of Yin Xingtian, Chatvic, Scotte, and the Golden-feathered Divine Finch.


A tenth-grade grand monarch Bonedrude from the Void World suddenly charged out of the portal at the bottom of the sea.

As soon as he came out, Grand Monarch Gray Bone laughed even more happily.

Yin Xingtian and the three grand monarchs of the Ancientspirits suddenly felt depressed, because they were well-aware that as the grand monarchs of the Void World showed up one after another, a catastrophe would inevitably fall on the human race and Ancientspirits.

“The battle in the Domain of Endless Snow hasn’t ended yet. Now, the Seven Stars Realm Sea has fallen.”

Yin Xingtian manipulated the Godspan Sword Formation with his soul awareness. He looked down and saw Agatha of the Devils slowly stepping out of the sea.

He instantly knew that even he could not stay for long in the Seven Stars Realm Sea.

Otherwise, he would be torn to pieces by the many grand monarchs of the three outsider races of the Void World that were swarming in.


The Demons, Phantasms, and Bonebrutes who had fled from the Blood Realm had received guidance from Grand Monarch Unholy Wind’s dying cry.

“The Seven Stars Realm Sea!”

“Our clansmen have descended into the Seven Stars Realm Sea from our ancestral lands! The Seven Stars Realm Sea is full of our reinforcements now!”

“Let’s go to the Seven Stars Realm Sea!”

They all knew that when the Ripper Behemoth ran amuck and hunted them down, the only way out was the Seven Stars Realm Sea.

Hence, they all thought up every possible method to leave for the Seven Stars Realm Sea.

With the help of Zhao Shanling and Ji Yuanquan, the humans were evacuating the Seven Stars Realm Sea and escaping from the Domain of Heaven’s Boundaries.

By contrast, all the outsiders were heading towards the Seven Stars Realm Sea, hoping to join the three outsider races of the Void World in their efforts to make the entire Mortal World into their domains with overwhelming momentum!

In the gray tearing currents, Grand Monarch Unholy Wind’s dry body was affected by the tearing aura and turned to ash.

Nie Tian’s body was shining with bloody light as he gradually grew larger and larger. “Not enough, this isn’t enough. The flesh aura of Grand Monarch Unholy Wind, who had an undeserved title, isn’t enough for me to successfully temper my body to the limit!”


Nie Tian leapt out of the gray currents in his giant form.

As soon as he came out, he heard cries of surprise from all directions.

“The Seven Stars Realm Sea has fallen!”

“The three outsider races of the Void World have entered the Seven Stars Realm Sea!”

“The Domain of Heaven’s Boundaries is done for!”

Nie Tian heard cries everywhere, and saw that many Qi warriors, who were finally driving the Demons, Phantasms, and Fiends out of the Domain of Endless Snow after the Ripper Behemoth had made its impact, were in a panic.

Most of those people had also wanted to go to the Void World to vie for the Soul-cleansing Origin Elixir.

But now...

After hurrying back from the Seven Stars Realm Sea, Ji Yuanquan breathed heavily and shouted, “A dozen grand monarchs have invaded! The Devils, Netherspirits, and Bonedrudes of the Void World are far stronger than we thought! In my judgment, the Devils are probably much more powerful than Demons at the same grade!”

Behind him, the opened spatial rift was hissing.

Seconds later, Chatvic, the Golden-feathered Divine Finch, and Scotte, who had shrunken their forms, arrived through it. Once the three grand monarchs of the Ancientspirits stepped into the Domain of Endless Snow, they regained their original shapes.

Their bodies had deep wounds on them, and were wreathed in death auras.

The wounds continuously sputtered with Demon light and death power that ate away at their life power.

Scott’s dragon voice was full of unease as he said, “The grand monarchs of the three outsider races from the Void World have all appeared in the Seven Stars Realm Sea. Before I came, I saw that thousands of warriors, beasts, and chariots of the three outsider races had swarmed in through the portal. If they join forces with the Demons, Phantasms, Fiends, and Bonebrutes of the Spirit World, it’s likely that...”

He didn’t go on, but everyone knew what he wanted to say.

It was likely that the human race, Ancientspirits, and Floragrims of the Spirit World wouldn’t have enough power to contend with the three outsider races of the Void World, and would end up being annihilated.

Because the portal had been opened, the five evil gods’ strength had soared with the soul fragments and lost memories had gathered. Now, they tore a piece of flesh off Grand Monarch Bloodlust’s body.

After that piece of flesh was torn off, it morphed into a doppelganger of Grand Monarch Bloodlust, wanting to merge into his original body.

Nie Tian snorted and quickly seized the doppelganger. “Life Drain!”