Lord of All Realms - Chapter 1535: Grand Monarch Unholy Wind Has An Undeserved Title

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After the portal opened, the soul fragments and memory imprints of the five evil gods came roaring out in a way that ordinary people couldn’t perceive, seemingly ignoring the layers of spatial restrictions.

Perhaps it was because the five evil gods were strong enough!

They were strong enough to instinctively channel their fragmentary memories and soul awareness from the Void World as long as the portal was open.

In Nie Tian’s sea of soul awareness, his five sub-souls corresponding to the five evil gods could clearly see that their souls were gradually becoming complete.

The completeness of their souls meant that they could use all the bloodline talents and soul magics that they had mastered before their deaths.

Due to the completeness of the memory imprints, a new bloodline talent emerged in the soul of evil god of fear, who now made a move. “Fear Howl!”

Its ferocious terrifying body let out a howl from his soul at Grand Monarch Unholy Wind.

As sound waves and soul power condensed, hundreds of soul symbols flew from its mouth. Each and every one of them was filled with fear and terror.

Listening to the howl, Grand Monarch Unholy Wind uncontrollably let out a scream of terror.

A moment later, Nie Tian suddenly discovered that fine cracks had appeared in the innate prismatic crystal between his eyebrows as the evil god of fear howled.

He was tremendously shocked.

All Phantasms had an inherent prismatic crystal like the one between his eyebrows.

They were the key to their use of soul magics and their ability to connect their souls and bloodlines. The prismatic crystal was like their third eye, enabling them to see soul power fluctuations that were invisible to normal eyes.

The cracks in his prismatic crystal made Grand Monarch Unholy Wind realize that he was in danger.

He hurried to contact Grand Monarch Thousand Spirits of the Netherspirits, hoping that he would quickly come to the Domain of Endless Snow to rescue him.

Unfortunately, with the opening of the portal, all the five evil gods’ strength was skyrocketing.

As their memories recovered and their souls became more and more complete, not only the evil god of fear, but the evil gods of bloodlust, hatred, rage, and despair could also use brand new bloodline talents and soul magics now.

The evil god of bloodlust, who had sharp spikes all over his body, shook itself like a giant hedgehog. In a language that did not belong to the Phantasms, it shouted in a deep voice, “Killing Blood Light Refinement!”

Like a shower of swords, the sharp spikes darted violently toward Grand Monarch Unholy Wind.

A bloodthirsty flesh power poured out from the spikes. It was so frightening that it looked like it could penetrate heaven and earth.

“Pupils of Despair!” The evil god of despair growled, its eyes fixed on Grand Monarch Unholy Wind like two strange and dangerous cyan suns. A connection between their souls was instantly established.

The moment the evil god of despair looked into Grand Monarch Unholy Wind’s eyes, his fighting will vanished completely.

His heart was filled with despair, and he just wanted to surrender and submit himself to the rule of the five evil gods.

The evil gods of hatred and rage cried out in the ancient language of the Netherspirits to summon powers that allowed them to connect their souls and bloodlines and cast them on Grand Monarch Unholy Wind.

“Endless Resentment!”

“Power of Wrath!”

Relying on the Nether River of the Phantasms, Grand Monarch Unholy Wind had been forcibly improved to a late tenth grade grand monarch. Therefore, his foundation hadn’t stabilized yet. Now, he was suddenly overwhelmed by the bloodline and soul powers that the five evil gods released on him.

Nie Tian was a little surprised.

In the vision of his five sub-souls, he only saw that the five evil gods had suddenly made a move, and turned five completely different powers of hatred, fear, despair, rage, and bloodlust into a flesh aura rampage mixed with negative emotions that engulfed Grand Monarch Unholy Wind.


A strange sound came out of Grand Monarch Unholy Wind’s soul, as if it were being refined or devoured.

Then, Grand Monarch Unholy Wind’s flesh aura sea suddenly collapsed and fell apart with a bang.

As the flesh aura sea of Grand Monarch Unholy Wind, who had barely become a late tenth grade grand monarch, perished, his body became the target of the five evil gods.

At the moment, even the Ripper Behemoth seemed to notice Grand Monarch Unholy Wind, and want a share of his body.

This caused an uproar in the crowd.

Some of the outsiders in the Domain of Endless Snow who had just been overjoyed at the opening of the portal found that Grand Monarch Unholy Wind, who had brought the good news, had failed to fend off the attacks of the five evil puppets unleashed by Nie Tian, and his flesh aura sea had unexpectedly exploded.

“Grand Monarch Unholy Wind!”

“Grand Monarch Unholy Wind died!”

“The high chieftain is dead!”

Nie Tian\'s eyes suddenly lit up. “Grand Monarch Unholy Wind!”

Then, he sent a message to the evil gods through his five sub-souls.

The stars seemed to suddenly shift and the distance between things seemed to change.


A river of bright starlight flashed by and disappeared right in front of Grand Monarch Bloodlust.

Grand Monarch Bloodlust instantly froze.

Nie Tian, who he was fighting, disappeared all of a sudden, which put him at a loss.

Grand Monarch Bloodlust, who had been stimulated by Nie Tian, was releasing his flesh aura to its full extent, and intending to have a sound battle against him, but was now very unhappy. He shouted in a loud voice that seemed to break heaven and earth. “Nie Tian! Come out!”

However, he was answered by five hideous and terrifying evil gods, who released auras of hatred, fear, despair, rage, and bloodlust.

Grand Monarch Unholy Wind’s residual flesh power was still lingering on the five evil gods.

Nie Tian had already left Grand Monarch Bloodlust for Grand Monarch Unholy Wind’s corpse by virtue of the power of Starshift, and launched Life Drain!

Thousands of crimson flesh aura strings instantly pierced into Grand Monarch Unholy Wind’s body, like shining blood threads.


Grand Monarch Unholy Wind’s flesh aura ran along those blood threads and into Nie Tian like flowing rivers.

The light of excitement suddenly lit up in the depths of Nie Tian’s pupils. “Good! Good! This tremendous essence of flesh aura is exactly what I desire and what I need to become stronger!”


The floating continent suddenly stopped, and didn’t advance anymore.

The sound of the Ripper Behemoth’s panting came out of the floating continent.

Obviously, had it not been for Nie Tian, the late tenth grade Phantasm grand monarch would have been dragged into the floating continent and quickly consumed by the Ripper Behemoth.

Only Nie Tian could make it give up such a great meal.

The floating continent paused for a few seconds after seeing Nie Tian make his move to absorb Grand Monarch Unholy Wind’s flesh aura. Then, it even released an air current that contained a tearing force to isolate that area of the starry river.

With its help, no one in the Domain of Endless Snow could stop Nie Tian.

Grand Monarch Eternal Purgatory of the Demons, the only one who could stop him, was caught up in his battle against You Qimiao of the Remote Beginning Heavenly Sect, while Grand Monarch Bloodlust was now besieged by the five evil gods.

The five evil gods divided and devoured Grand Monarch Unholy Wind’s soul, which enabled them to channel their own memories more efficiently.

They improved their powers every second, unleashing brand new soul magics that gave Grand Monarch Bloodlust a headache.

Isolated in the tearing currents...

Due to the power of Life Drain, there didn’t seem to be the slightest moisture in Grand Monarch Unholy Wind’s skinny body, as if all his blood had been drained.

His soul had long been divided and devoured by the five evil gods, who had been his nemesis.

Thanks to Nie Tian’s Life Drain and Life Purification, his flesh aura was helping Nie Tian grow stronger and stronger, expanding from eight thousand meters towards nine thousand meters, as well as tempering and strengthening his body.

Soon, Nie Tian sensed Grand Monarch Unholy Wind’s flesh aura flow slacken. “Grand Monarch Unholy Wind was a late tenth grade grand monarch, but his flesh aura isn’t as vigorous as a Demon grand monarch. His real power and his main source of strength should have been his soul!”

He frowned slightly, comparing Grand Monarch Unholy Wind to his former rival Grand Monarch Bloodlust, and then immediately realized that the flesh aura Grand Monarch Unholy Wind, who the Nether River had forcibly made into a late tenth grade grand monarch, was not strong enough.

Suddenly, he looked down on Grand Monarch Unholy Wind in his heart. “He’s a dilettante late tenth grade grand monarch. No wonder he was so vulnerable. If he had been Grand Monarch Nether River, the missing chief of the Phantasms, the battle would not have ended like this.”

“It’s not just Grand Monarch Unholy Wind. Grand Monarch Eternal Purgatory of the Domain of Endless Snow has also yet to regain his peak strength. It was also with the help of the Tree of Life that Grand Monarch Primal Wood was promoted to a late tenth grade grand monarch after Grand Monarch Life Wood died in an accident. These late tenth grade grand monarchs can’t be compared to those who have gone to the Void World. This may be a good opportunity for me!”