Lord of All Realms - Chapter 1532: Fighting For The Portal

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An enormous tentacle reached out of the pale-gray mist that enshrouded the floating continent, like a dragon charging out of a deep lake.

The Ripper Behemoth’s tentacle alone was thousands of meters long, and exuded a multicolored flesh aura.

Its all-ripping bloodline talent was instantly activated.

Before the tentacle could even touch the early tenth grade Grand Monarch Stone Mountain, his flesh aura sea was ripped apart by the dazzling light that shot out of the tentacle.

Grand Monarch Stone Mountain’s flesh aura sea, which seemed to be filled with vegetated mountains, unraveled in a split second.


Only after that did the thick, long tentacle slam into Grand Monarch Stone Mountain.

Surprisingly, upon being hit by the tentacle, Grand Monarch Stone Mountain’s body, which was as hard as godly stones, crumbled, like a giant stone statue crumbling after hitting the ground.

Stonemen had close bloodline connections with the Stone Golems of the Ancientspirits. Their flesh auras were one of the most special and wondrous in this starry river.

For the Ripper Behemoth, Grand Monarch Stone Mountain’s flesh aura wasn’t the kind it considered tasty nourishment.

What it needed from Grand Monarch Stone Mountain was his body, because his body could be used to reconstruct the floating continent!


Grand Monarch Stone Mountain’s body that had been reduced to rubble was channeled by the Ripper Behemoth’s power, and started flying toward the floating continent.

The countless pieces floated around and magically reattached the broken pieces from the shattered top continent.

Thanks to the remains of Grand Monarch Stone Mountain, the broken pieces actually joined together to form a vast floating landmass.

The floating landmass was filled with rich spiritual Qi, and seemed to be bound by wondrous veins refined from Grand Monarch Stone Mountain’s flesh aura, which was hard to believe.

Even Grand Monarch Primal Wood was flabbergasted by this.

He didn’t understand why a tenth grade Stoneman’s remains, bloodline wonders, and residual power could be used to restructure a shattered continent.

“The Shatter Battlefield, the Stone Golems’ ancestral land, is in pieces...” Grand Monarch Primal Wood couldn’t help but wonder that perhaps the Shatter Battlefield could actually be restored to its original state with enough powerful Stone Golems, or Stonemen like Grand Monarch Stone Mountain.

Grand Monarch Stone Mountain was killed practically the second the Ripper Behemoth attacked, which reminded the outsiders of the horror the Ripper Behemoth had put them in.

They instantly recalled the nightmarish massacre the Ripper Behemoth had committed in the Domain of Heaven Span.

“Stone Golems and Stonemen’s bloodline wonders can actually be used to fix realms?”

“Grand Monarch Stone Mountain!”

“A grand monarch was killed by the Ripper Behemoth!”

“Why is it only coming after us?”

Many Demons, Phantasms, Fiends, and Bonebrutes cried for help, as they couldn’t even summon enough courage to fight their natural bane: the Ripper Behemoth.

“Grand Monarch Eternal Purgatory!”

“Lord Bloodlust!”

“High Chieftain Unholy Wind!”

They place all of their hope in their leaders.

However, all of their leaders, who they viewed as their last straw to clutch at, were caught up in fierce battles against powerful enemies, which kept them from dealing with the Ripper Behemoth.


Outsiders, dead or alive, continued to be sucked into the floating continent as it floated about in the Domain of Endless Snow, wreathed in thick gray mist.

The living ones let out terrified wails, giving people goosebumps, as they flew uncontrollably into the floating continent.

However, not a single human was attacked by the Ripper Behemoth. After all, their flesh auras were far too weak for its appetite.

Outsiders continued to be devoured in groups.

Since Grand Monarch Eternal Purgatory, Grand Monarch Bloodlust, and Grand Monarch Unholy Wind couldn’t rise to the occasion, the outsiders finally broke down, and history repeated itself.

Like what had happened in the Domain of Heaven Span, the Phantasms, Fiends, Demons, and Bonebrutes scattered and fled in all directions so they wouldn’t end up as food for the Ripper Behemoth.

They suffered another sound defeat because they didn’t have any late tenth grade grand monarchs around to deal with their natural bane, the Ripper Behemoth.

Ji Yuanquan glanced around at the fleeing outsiders and sighed with mixed emotions. “Star Behemoths are such mighty weapons of war! Now I finally understand why the powerful races of the Void World didn’t dare to invade the Spirit World during the Primal Era. These enormous creatures that can even devour realms inspire true fear.”

At the bottom of the Seven Stars Realm Sea.

Grand Monarch Gray Bones of the Bonebrutes slashed the Bone Shatterer repeatedly at the wondrous red bronze gateway built by the Voidspirits.

Originally, the portal could only be opened by Pei Qiqi, who carried a Voidspirit bloodline, and Nie Tian’s evil gods.

But now, as Grand Monarch Gray Bones swung the Bone Shatterer over and over, the Bone Emperor’s residual death power within it seemed to be altering the exquisite spatial formations the Voidspirits had built into the portal.

After all, the Bone Emperor was the strongest Bonedrude that had ever lived.

As the master of the Bone Shatterer, Grand Monarch Gray Bones had visited the Doomed Star Sea in his prime, and communicated with the Bonedrudes in the Void World by relying on the wondrous blade.

From the Bonedrudes, he had learned that the essence of death power residing in the Bone Shatterer could be used to change the portal.

At the same time, in the Void World...

More and more pale-gray spots appeared on the closed gate of the portal that connected to the Seven Stars Realm Sea.

Numerous Devil, Netherspirit, and Bonedrude experts were gathered in front of the portal.

Heaven-defying flesh auras rose high into the depths of the void like pillars of beacon smoke.

These flesh auras were either filled with frenzied bloodlust, frosty souls, or intense death Qi, as they belonged to more than a dozen tenth grade grand monarchs!

Once the portal was opened and these grand monarchs charged into the Seven Stars Realm Sea, not only would it be a nightmare for humanity, but the Ancientspirits and Floragrims in the Spirit World would suffer as well.

“It’s almost done!”

“The Bone Emperor’s essence of death power is being used to alter the spatial formations in the portal!”

“Our creations are fighting the humans and helping us reopen the portal in the Mortal World!”

“After they open the portal, we’ll go conquer the Mortal World!”

The powerful experts of the three races of the Void World let out howls and cries that shook and even distorted the starry river.


“Grand Monarch Gray Bones!” Yin Xingtian from the Streamcloud Sword Sect shouted after charging into the Seven Stars Realm Sea through the spatial rift Zhao Shanling had split open.


The Godspan Sword Formation made up of spinning swords that looked like a peacock’s spread tail plunged towards the bottom of the Realm Sea before Yin Xingtian.

Grand Monarch Gray Bones was still swinging the Bone Shatterer, and slowly altering the spatial formations the Voidspirits had carved into the portal by fusing it with the Bone Emperor’s essence of death power.


With another slash of the Bone Shatterer, dozens of glowing sparks that contained the essence of death power flew out of the blade and into the portal.