Lord of All Realms - Chapter 1531: Stonemen, Birdmen, and Blackscales

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A pillar of magnificent light suddenly blasted out of the Realm of Falling Snow and into the starry river.

A grayish-brown outsider grand monarch that looked like a stone mountain charged out of the pillar of light.

He seemed to have been hiding in the Realm of Falling Snow and watching the Demons, Phantasms, and Fiends fight the humans to the death until now.

As soon as he charged out of the Realm of Falling Snow, numerous Stonemen flew out after him, looking rather fierce.

The Realm of Falling Snow, where it snowed year-round, originally floated silently in a corner of the Domain of Endless Snow. But now, it seemed to be influenced by his bloodline power and became his weapon.

The Stoneman expert thumped his chest and roared as he activated his unique bloodline talent. “Bloodline: Realm Actuation!”

Like a colossal snowball, the Realm of Falling Snow rammed towards the nearest God domain human expert: Ye Wenhan from the Heaven Span Pavilion.

Countless divine swords that shone with dazzling golden light could be seen flying within Ye Wenhan’s sword domain, dragging glorious golden tails behind them.

However, as the Realm of Falling Snow crashed into his sword domain, his sword domain rapidly unraveled.

Grand Monarch Primal Wood of the Floragrims gasped as he turned his head to see what was happening. “Stonemen! Grand Monarch Stone Mountain!”

Many Qi warriors who recognized the new arrival also exclaimed in shock, “Grand Monarch Stone Mountain!”

Grand Monarch Stone Mountain proudly presented himself in front of everyone like an ancient divine mountain. “That’s right. It’s me!”

He was the high chieftain of the Stonemen, and an early tenth grade grand monarch.

Grand Monarch Primal Wood let out a cold snort and said with a berating tone, “Stone Mountain! Why would you mix yourselves with their lot? As the high chieftain of the Stonemen, you should know where the Demons’, Phantasms’, and Bonebrutes’ bloodline origins lie! All they want to do now is open the portal to the Void World and invite their master races into our worlds. What can you possibly get from helping them do that?”


An elegant female Birdman spread her wings and flew out of another realm of the Domain of Endless Snow.

Her face was so beautiful in a classic fashion that she seemed to be from a painting. The set of feathered wings on her back shone with holy and pure light as complicated tattoos could be seen on her snow-white neck, which seemed to have something to do with her bloodline wonders.

Grand Monarch Primal Wood gasped once again. “Grand Monarch Godly Wings of the Birdmen! If you two are here, I suppose the high chieftain of the Blackscales is here too. Am I right?”

“You are right,” another outsider grand monarch answered in an awkward-sounding language as he slowly rose into the starry river from a realm that was close to the realm where Grand Monarch Godly Wings had hidden.

It was an outsider expert with the appearance of a scary-looking abyssal fish that was covered in pitch-black scales, Grand Monarch Black Armor.

Grand Monarch Stone Mountain, Grand Monarch Godly Wings, and Grand Monarch Black Armor were the high chieftains of the Stonemen, Birdmen, and Blackscales, all of whom had entered the early tenth grade and joined the ranks of grand monarchs not long ago.

Compared to the Demons, Phantasms, Fiends, Bonebrutes, and Floragrims, they were minor races.

They had always maintained close relationships with the major races, and would usually stand with them in battle.

However, unlike the Demons, Phantasms, and Bonebrutes, they were local races that had been born in the Spirit World. Like the Floragrims, their ancestors had lived in the Spirit World since ancient times.

Grand Monarch Primal Demon, Grand Monarch Nether River, and Grand Monarch Crystal Bones had never considered joining hands with the Void World before their sudden disappearance. They had only led their people into battles against the humans and the Ancientspirits from time to time.

Therefore, Grand Monarch Primal Wood had assumed that the Stonemen, Birdmen, and Blackscales wouldn’t want to join the Demons’ cause as he didn’t.

Who would have thought that even their high chieftains had been persuaded to join this operation led by Grand Monarch Eternal Purgatory and Grand Monarch Unholy Wind?

Grand Monarch Stone Mountain of the Stonemen had made his stance clear by manipulating the Realm of Falling Snow to hit Ye Wenhan upon revealing himself.

“Primal Wood,” he said, “the Spirit World is running out of its vital power. Our ancestral lands are withering. We Stonemen, Birdmen, and Blackscales need to find a new home where we can live and reproduce.

“But when you and the Ancientspirits reached a mutual understanding with the humans, you didn’t take us into consideration.

“Since we can’t survive in the human world by ourselves and you didn’t think of us, we can only join them.

“Regardless of the origin of their bloodlines and whether they’ll let the races of the Void World into our worlds, as long as we’ll be given a place to live, we’re willing to fight for the survival of our people.”

Grand Monarch Godly Wings and Grand Monarch Stone Mountain shared his stance on the matter.


More Stonemen, Birdmen, and Blackscales charged out of the realms the three early tenth grade grand monarchs had emerged from to surround and attack the Saint domain human experts.

Most of the Stonemen, Birdmen, and Blackscales were at the seventh or eighth grade.

Very few ninth grade members of their races could be seen.

However, they were large in number. Any Saint domain cultivator would feel a strong headache when dozens of eighth grade outsiders teamed up to attack him and messed with the spiritual power flow of his domain with their various bloodline magics.

This was especially true if they were dealing with Stonemen.

Their unique bloodline talents allowed them to control meteors in the starry river.

Also, by controlling the large amount of debris in the starry river to swarm into the Saint domain cultivators’ domains, they could stagnate the operation of their domains.

Those who were stronger, like Grand Monarch Stone Mountain, could even control realms to attack God domain human experts.

Now, seeing that they had come out of hiding and decidedly joined the Demons, Phantasms, and Fiends in attacking the humans, Grand Monarch Primal Wood grew hesitant.

He understood that they had viewed humans as dreadful monsters for countless years.

Their whole lives, they had been taught that humans were invaders.

On the numerous occasions the humans had marched into the Dead Star Sea, large numbers of Stonemen, Birdmen, and Blackscales had been arranged by the Demons and Phantasms to fight human experts from the four great sects.

Too many of their clansmen had been killed by humans, which was why they hated humans to their guts.

Grand Monarch Primal Wood let out a long sigh, knowing that even he probably wouldn’t be able to change the Stonemen, Blackscales, and Birdmen’s minds.

He was in a dilemma as to which side he should take.

Having adjusted his flesh aura after the strike, Grand Monarch Bloodlust raised his Demonic Moon Saber and bellowed, “Nie Tian!”

With a wild, cunning laugh, Nie Tian said, “I’m not using any spiritual tools now. I want to see if the Demons’ Indestructible Form is in fact truly indestructible!”

With these words, he cast the Star Behemoth bone behind him.

Grand Monarch Bloodlust was dumbfounded for a moment before bursting into laughter and saying, “I also want to find out how powerful your bloodline as a hybrid bastard really is!”


Like two magnificent mountain peaks, they cast their tools aside and engaged in a fight in close quarters like fierce, primitive monsters, where they fought with nothing but their hands, feet, claws, and teeth.


In the void high above the Realm of Crystal Snow, Grand Monarch Eternal Purgatory’s flesh aura sea and You Qimiao’s gold and silver energy currents had already clashed more than a thousand times.

Each and every clash sputtered bright sparks that rained down on the fighting outsiders and humans.

Every spark that fell into the domains of Saint domain cultivators carried terrifying power, and would make them let out agonized cries.

Things were even worse with the eighth grade outsiders, as those who were touched by the sputtering sparks would be instantly reduced to a bloody mist with a boom, and die beyond salvation.

As it turned out, even the slightest bit of power sputtering from the clashes between a late God domain cultivator and a late tenth grade grand monarch could kill eighth grade outsiders and Void domain cultivators.

Many weaker ones were affected by the fallout of their battle and died without realizing what had happened.

Soon, Grand Monarch Eternal Purgatory of the Demons was the first to realize what was happening, and took the initiative to draw their battle away from the others.

After all, even the weakest human experts were at the late Saint domain, which allowed them to survive the sputtering energy particles created by his battle against You Qimiao.

However, seventh and eighth grade outsiders made up the bulk of their forces.

While blood was being spilled everywhere, a set of eyes were observing the situation closely, Grand Monarch Primal Wood’s eyes.


After observing for a while, he suddenly noticed that the floating continent, which had remained quiet after taking Nie Tian here, suddenly started floating towards areas where large numbers of outsiders were gathered.

A bitter expression appeared at the corner of his mouth as he muttered, “Humans’ flesh auras are far too weak for it to feed on.”


Agonized shrieks suddenly echoed out while Grand Monarch Stone Mountain of the Stonemen manipulated the Realm of Falling Snow with his bloodline power.