Lord of All Realms - Chapter 1529: Turning the Tide

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To Nie Tian, ninth grade Fiend grand patriarchs were as weak and fragile as chickens made of clay now.


The beam of crimson light suddenly split into countless wisps of sparkling light as fine as hair that pierced ferociously into the corpses of the eighth and ninth grade Fiends that had died miserably.

With a cold expression, Nie Tian said inwardly, “Life Purification!”

All of a sudden, everyone noticed that multicolored smoke started rising from the dead Fiends.

The smoke was none other than the essence of the deadly toxins within the Fiends’ flesh and blood.

Then, wisps of pure flesh power condensed into glowing green droplets that flew towards and drizzled on Nie Tian’s enlarged form as he made a beckoning motion with his hand.

An expression of enjoyment appeared on Nie Tian’s face.

Many outsider experts were flabbergasted by the scene. “The Fiends are the most poisonous beings in this starry river. Even they are having their toxins purged and their flesh power absorbed by him?”

Watching Nie Tian bathing in a drizzle of green droplets and enjoying the Fiends’ flesh power essence, they felt as if they were looking at a monster.

“Nie Tian!” Grand Monarch Nether Channeler of the Fiends bellowed like an angered beast as deadly toxic smoke poured madly out of the piece of Gupi’s rotten flesh in his hand and into the darkness-enveloped area.

“Haha!” Nie Tian’s face split into a grin as he activated the wonders of the Star Behemoth bone with the correspondent sub-soul in his sea of awareness.

At the same time, he himself was wreathed in dazzling starlight.

His star domain naturally came to form with the Heavenly Stars Flower manifesting in it, as it started channeling bits of star power from remote areas of the Domain of Endless Snow.


Under the wondrous effect of the Heavenly Stars Flower, hundreds of thousands of sparks of star power seemed to light up simultaneously.

Every being that was fighting in the Domain of Endless Snow felt that everything around them was suddenly illuminated by dazzling light.

The entire Domain of Endless Snow seemed to be bathed in the light of countless bright stars.


The dazzling divine light only lasted a brief moment.

In the next moment, Nie Tian appeared in the darkness-enveloped area where Dong Li was, enveloped in his sparkling star domain.

The dazzling divine light faded completely.

“Life Purification.”

Nie Tian activated the bloodline talent once again.

Like intelligent snakes, countless crystalline wisps that carried the profound truths of life started slithering in the depths of the darkness to capture the infiltrating toxic aura from Gupi’s rotten flesh.

Upon contact with the wisps, the toxic aura from Gupi’s rotten flesh was purged and reduced to wisps of pure smoke that quickly dissipated.

The considerable flesh power it contained was left behind for Nie Tian to absorb into himself.

Nie Tian was elated. “This is awesome! I never thought that such a tremendous amount of flesh power would remain after Gupi’s unmatched devastating acidic toxins were purged!”

He sensed with certainty that the amount of flesh power he was receiving by purging Gupi’s acidic toxins was far greater than the amount of flesh power he had absorbed from the eighth and ninth grade Fiends earlier.

This Life Purification bloodline talent, which he had awakened after his bloodline had entered the ninth grade, was full of wonders. Not only could it be used to absorb the Fiends’ toxic flesh auras when combined with Life Drain, but it could also be used to treat those who were poisoned by deadly toxins.

Its unique wonders were the reason why he had told the Ripper Behemoth with confidence that he might be able to help Pei Yukong.

However, he had been unsure whether he would be able to purge Gupi’s toxins with it. After all, Gupi had earned its notorious name as the most poisonous being in the Spirit World and the Mortal World.

Even the Fiends were afraid of it. Even experts like Ji Cang and Qu Yi couldn’t contain it.

But now, after making his attempt, he was overjoyed to see that Life Purification was also effective against Gupi’s acidic toxins!

This meant that if he had entered the ninth grade and awakened Life Purification earlier, he would have been able to defeat Gupi without the Illusory Ancient Talismans or his master’s time power.

He would be able to purge and turn every wisp of the essence of toxins Gupi released into pure flesh power that he could absorb.

Soon, Dong Li, who had been suffering from the infiltration of Gupi’s acidic toxins, recovered strength in her boundless darkness.

The tenth grade black tortoise also stopped crying for help.

Satisfaction was written across Nie Tian’s face.

In such a short time, the amount of flesh power he had managed to obtain by purging Gupi’s toxins in the darkness was already greater than what he had obtained from three ninth grade Fiend grand patriarchs!

“I suppose if I were dealing with Gupi’s true self, the amount of flesh power I could get would be even more significant!”

He suddenly felt regretful for the fact that Gupi had been taken away to that unknown place in the Void World, where it had been cut to pieces like a huge multicolored maggot by some mighty existence.

Dong Li’s curvaceous figure emerged from the endless darkness. “Grand Monarch Nether Channeler!”

Standing on a sea of darkness, she glared and pointed at Grand Monarch Nether Channeler from afar with her long, jade-like finger. “Darkness! Encroach!”

The Dark Aureole flew out and rapidly morphed into a pitch-black hole in the place where Grand Monarch Nether Channeler was.

As soon as the black hole came to form, it started devouring all light and living beings around it!

The Fiends surrounding Grand Monarch Nether Channeler either howled in despair or begged for mercy as they were pulled into the black hole one after another and quickly vanished.

Even the piece of rotten flesh from Gupi that Grand Monarch Nether Channeler was grasping tightly escaped his grip.


It also vanished into the black hole.

Even Grand Monarch Nether Channeler’s flesh aura sea, which was filled with blackish green, grayish cyan, and light purple flesh auras, split into colorful rivers that started flowing into the black hole.

The flesh auras of three different colors contained toxins he had spent ten thousand years collecting from the atmospheric layers of the three most toxic realms in the Spirit World and refining into himself.

The three different kinds of flesh auras had the effect of poisoning, freezing, and numbing his enemies. His core bloodline talents relied on them.

Each of these flesh auras had taken ten thousand drops of Blood Essence and tremendous amounts of effort to condense.

However, they were all flowing into the black hole now.

What surprised Grand Monarch Nether Channeler the most was that he couldn’t sense the existence of those flesh auras as soon as they disappeared into the black hole.

His past experience had told him that even if the flesh auras he condensed with Blood Essence were separated from him and taken to another world, he would still be able to sense their existence.

But now...

Grand Monarch Nether Channeler was overtaken by a sense of weakness, and started making desperate attempts to retain the flesh auras he had gone to great lengths to refine.

However, the black hole transformed from the Dark Aureole and amplified by Dong Li’s soul and dark power turned out to be so overwhelmingly mighty that even he couldn’t stop his flesh auras from leaving him.


Nie Tian’s enlarged form charged out of the sea of darkness.

He glanced around, and immediately discovered that the battle in the Domain of Endless Snow had been turned around after the five evil gods had shredded and devoured the illusory Nether River.

No longer influenced by the illusory Nether River, the human Qi warriors could finally display their true power.

“Nie Tian!”

Grand Monarch Bloodlust of the Demons jerked free from Yu Suying’s Heaven-purging Divine Light and charged out of the sea of glittering silver light.

As he lifted his enormous arm and made a grabbing motion, a demonic blade that was in the shape of a crescent moon seemed to be summoned from some forbidden place in the First Demon Realm.

Even the space in the Domain of Endless Snow seemed to be shattered by its aura as it crossed into the Mortal World.

Grand Monarch Bloodlust had left the Demonic Moon Saber in a secret cultivation location of the Demons for it to receive nourishment. Despite having fought in the Domain of Endless Snow for so long, he hadn’t thought of summoning it once, but he had to now.


The shattering of space destroyed Grand Monarch Eternal Purgatory’s flesh aura seal.

All of a sudden, a familiar and ethereal voice echoed in Nie Tian’s ears. “Nie Tian, Grand Monarch Gray Bones of the Bonebrutes has entered the Seven Stars Realm Sea!”

Zhao Shanling’s urgent voice came through the shattered space.