Lord of All Realms - Chapter 1528: Everything Has Its Nemesis

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An illusory Nether River that glittered like a silver ribbon wound past Yin Xingtian, Yu Suying, and Mo Qianfan’s dharma idols in the starry river.

It exuded a soul power aura that was unique to the Netherspirits.

Even Mo Qianfan, who was well-versed in lightning power, couldn’t destroy it with his raging lightning bolts and thunderballs.

Instead, he seemed to have his soul suppressed by the river, with a painful look on his face.

Ye Wenhan, Ji Yuanquan, Zu Guangyao, and Dou Tianchen, who were all at the early God domain, also suffered from the influence of the mysterious river.

It was an illusory Nether River, which couldn’t be destroyed by just any spiritual power or spiritual tool.

Only Yin Xingtian’s Heavenbreaker had managed to sever the river River once with the help of the Godspan Sword Formation. However, it had rapidly healed after Grand Monarch Unholy Wind had fused it with his bloodline power.

The illusory Nether River was a combination of Grand Monarch Unholy Wind’s soul awareness, flesh aura, and the discarnate souls of the humans that had been killed in the Domain of Endless Snow.

The magic he used to form it was a powerful and profound soul magic he had derived from the real Nether River: Soul-channeling Incantation.

Nie Tian’s face dropped as he turned his eyes away from the darkness-enveloped area and Grand Monarch Nether Channeler to examine the illusory Nether River. “That’s the Soul-channeling Incantation.”

He realized that the illusory Nether River was having a major influence on the battle.

Its power was suppressing the souls of all of the human experts present and stirring up chaos in their seas of awareness, keeping them from displaying the true might of their exquisite incantations.

According to the knowledge he had derived from the Nether River, any Netherspirit would be able to manifest an illusory Nether River by channeling the Nether River with their bloodline and soul and sacrificing a large number of disembodied spirits, after their bloodline reached a certain grade.

A corner of his mouth rose as cold light shone in his eyes like icy crystals. “It’s only an illusory Nether River. I could refine even the real Nether River, not to mention a fake one that you’ve created with your bloodline power!”


After hearing his soul call, the five evil gods immediately flew out of his Spirit Pearl.

As soon as the evil gods presented themselves in enormous fleshly form, every Phantasm present felt a jolt to their souls, and couldn’t help but turn to look at them.

Many Phantasms who didn’t know what was going on were flabbergasted upon seeing the evil gods fly out in a dominating manner and channel Nether Qi from the Nether Realm by relying on some profound connection.

“The statues carved on our holy mountains!”

“Why were they released by Nie Tian?”

“We’ve worshiped and offered sacrifices to them for so long, shouldn’t they be helping us?”

Five of Nie Tian’s sub-souls within his sea of awareness corresponded to the five evil gods. A Heavenly Spirit Seal could be seen glittering in each of them.

The five evil gods suddenly let out furious roars.

The evil god of bloodlust, which was covered in thorns like a sinister-looking hedgehog, swooped towards the middle part of the illusory Nether River, then swung its huge arm repeatedly with shocking speed to slam the river.


Hundreds of cyan sparks were sent flying out of the illusory Nether River.

Each cyan spark contained a soul shadow of Grand Monarch Unholy Wind, along with a wisp of his refined soul power and a drop of his Blood Essence.

As this happened, Grand Monarch Unholy Wind let out a muffled, pained groan. Then, staring at the evil god of bloodlust, he bellowed in the ancient Netherspirit language.

After advancing to the late tenth grade by drawing power from the Nether River in the Nether Realm, Grand Monarch Unholy Wind had established soul communication with Grand Monarch Thousand Spirits in the Void World.

Grand Monarch Thousand Spirits had explained the connection between the Netherspirits in the Void World and the Phantasms in the Spirit World in detail.

Furthermore, he had made promises to Grand Monarch Unholy Wind and lured him into joining Grand Monarch Eternal Purgatory in his effort to open the portal in the Seven Stars Realm Sea, so the three powerful races of the Void World would be able to swarm into the Mortal World and the Spirit World.

From him, Grand Monarch Unholy Wind had also learned that the mountain-like statues in the Nether Realm were statues of Grand Monarch Heavenly Spirit’s five mighty subordinates, all of whom had been late tenth grade Netherspirit grand monarchs.

To Grand Monarch Unholy Wind, since they were Netherspirit grand monarchs and Grand Monarch Heavenly Spirit’s faithful subordinates, it was an act of treason to help Nie Tian attack the illusory Nether River.

Therefore, he berated them in the ancient Netherspirit language, hoping to open their eyes to what they were doing.

However, as a response to his berating, the other four evil gods joined the evil god of bloodlust in tearing at the illusory Nether River he had condensed with his Blood Essence and soul power from different angles.

The illusory Nether River that Yu Suying, Mo Qianfan, and Zu Guangyao had failed to overcome was actually torn to pieces and devoured by the five evil gods.

As soon as this happened, Grand Monarch Unholy Wind let out shrill cries.

The illusory Nether River had been vested with his Blood Essence and soul power. Now that it was being ripped apart and wolfed down by the five evil gods, his vital energy suffered a heavy blow.

Since his bloodline upgrade had been the result of a forced infusion of the Nether River’s power, his foundation as a late tenth grade grand monarch wasn’t stable yet.

Meanwhile, the Nether River had transformed from the sea of awareness of Grand Monarch Heavenly Spirit, who the five evil gods had followed loyally before their deaths, which made them even more familiar with its wonders than he was.

Besides that, the evil gods’ strength had already risen to the same level as middle tenth grade grand monarchs after regaining their soul fragments and accumulating flesh power.

Grand Monarch Unholy Wind instantly felt great pressure facing the five of them.

Many Saint domain human experts had been on the verge of having their domains shattered by the joint outsider forces. However, they were all thrilled to see that Nie Tian managed to have the illusory Nether River that was suppressing their souls torn to shreds.

“Nie Tian is doing a great job!”

“The five puppets he released alone managed to limit Grand Monarch Unholy Wind! He’s at the late tenth grade, for heaven’s sake!”

“It seems to me that those five puppets happen to be Grand Monarch Unholy Wind’s nemesis!”

“We may actually be able to win this battle!”


In the next moment, Nie Tian assumed his enlarged form, took out the Star Behemoth bone, and charged towards Grand Monarch Nether Channeler.

A terrifying aura that was as vast as the sea spread out from Nie Tian’s enormous body, making every outsider present insecure and uneasy.

High above.

Grand Monarch Primal Wood and the three Ancientspirit grand monarchs, who had been observing the whole time, hid their auras even more meticulously after Nie Tian and the Ripper Behemoth’s arrival.

It wasn’t Nie Tian that they were afraid of. It was the Ripper Behemoth.

At this moment, seeing Nie Tian fully displaying his power, they carefully sensed his soaring flesh aura, and were instantly shocked.

“It hasn’t been very long since I last met him, yet his flesh aura and strength have experienced such a sharp rise!”

“I’m afraid that even with that piece of rotten flesh from Gupi, Grand Monarch Nether Channeler won’t be able to stop him.”

“Grand Monarch Nether Channeler is in big trouble!”


A beam of crimson light shot out of the Star Behemoth bone.

More than a dozen eighth grade Fiend soldiers near Grand Monarch Nether Channeler were instantly blown to pieces by its devastating flesh power.

A ninth grade Fiend grand patriarch attempted to stop the light with shields he condensed from toxic miasma using a secret bloodline magic.


The shields of toxic miasma exploded violently, along with the ninth grade Fiend grand patriarch’s body.