Lord of All Realms - Chapter 1527: Origin of The Divine Flame

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Standing on the floating continent with a grim expression, Nie Tian urged with his soul voice, “Dark purple flesh power! Demons!”


Pure spiritual Qi of Heaven and Earth suddenly condensed into four giant whirls in the space between the top continent and the bottom continent, spinning and surging violently.

The floating continent instantly picked up speed and became a dozen times faster than any known ancient starship.

However, it was still slower than when Pei Yukong had raised its speed with his unusual spatial power.

“I bet it’s Grand Monarch Eternal Purgatory,” the Ripper Behemoth said in perfect human language, instead of a soul voice. “Only grand monarchs at his level can temporarily envelope a whole domain in their flesh aura. A late tenth grade Demon grand monarch is going to be a tasty meal.”

“But they say that late tenth grade outsider grand monarchs aren’t particularly afraid of Star Behemoths like you,” Nie Tian said.

“Perhaps I can’t kill Grand Monarch Primal Demon by myself.” The Ripper Behemoth responded. “But this Grand Monarch Eternal Purgatory is much weaker than him, even though they’re both late tenth grade grand monarchs. I heard that he was only able to enter the late tenth grade because of help he received from the Devils in the Void World.

“Without their help, he wouldn’t have entered the late tenth grade so smoothly.

“It’s said that the Devils activated an ancient spell formation in the Void World by relying on their bloodline connection, and by doing that, they helped him awaken his bloodline imprints. For that reason, ever since he joined the ranks of tenth grade grand monarchs, he has wanted to return to the Void World, to the Devils’ arms, with all his heart.”

Nie Tian was taken aback. “I didn’t know there was such a hidden story.”

“Over the years I’ve spent on this floating continent, I’ve come to have close relationships with many sectmasters of the Ancient Fragmentary Star Palace,” the Ripper Behemoth explained. “Your current sectmaster and many previous ones came to temper themselves on this land when they were still Sons of the Stars. After they became sectmasters, they also paid me secret visits from time to time, and told me lots of things.”

Hearing this, Nie Tian was even more curious. “So are you helping me because I’m a Son of the Stars of the Ancient Fragmentary Star Palace?”

“That’s only part of the reason,” the Ripper Behemoth answered. “The most important reason is that you’re very special. I bet you’ll be able to help me in the future.”

With these words, the Ripper Behemoth suddenly fell silent.

A blazing hot soul awareness suddenly descended on the floating continent. Both the Ripper Behemoth and Nie Tian sensed its aura immediately.

“It’s you?” Nie Tian said with a soft laugh. “Aren’t you supposed to be protecting the Flame Land? I’m only passing through the Domain of Flame’s End on my way to the Domain of Endless Snow. I’m not here to visit you this time.”

The soul awareness belonged to the Divine Flame that had been residing in the Domain of Flame’s End.

It asked Nie Tian whether he needed assistance.

Nie Tian shook his head. “No need for that. I should be able to solve the problems in the Domain of Endless Snow by myself. Besides, with you in the Domain of Flame’s End, I suppose the outsider experts won’t dare to act wildly there.”

Hearing this, the Divine Flame’s soul awareness gradually faded.

Soon, Nie Tian couldn’t detect a single shred of the Divine Flame’s soul aura anymore.

The floating continent continued to speed through the starry river, approaching the Domain of Endless Snow that was sealed by Grand Monarch Eternal Purgatory’s flesh aura.

As the floating continent was about to fly out of the Domain of Flame’s End, the Ripper Behemoth suddenly said, “That was one of the few beings in the Mortal World that I find unfathomable and apprehensive.”

Surprised, Nie Tian asked, “That Divine Flame?”

“Yes,” the Ripper Behemoth answered. “In fact, it doesn’t belong to the Mortal World or the Spirit World. I suspect that it came from some mysterious forbidden area of the Void World. The place in the Void World that all of the human, outsider, and Ancientspirit peak experts left for might very well be the place where it was born.”

“What?” Nie Tian couldn’t help but exclaim in astonishment. “It actually has such a mysterious background? Are you sure that it came from some forbidden area of the Void World? What is it exactly?”

“I don’t have all the answers,” the Ripper Behemoth said, “but I do know that it doesn’t belong to any species in the Spirit World or the Mortal World. You’re quite lucky to be able to win its acknowledgment. Perhaps, hundreds of thousands of years later, the Ifrits in the Domain of Flame’s End will grow into a major species that’s as powerful as the Demons, Bonebrutes, and the Phantasms.”

Hearing this, Nie Tian was carried away in thought.

The floating continent suddenly started shaking violently. “We’re here!”

As the Ripper Behemoth summoned power, pillars of condensed spiritual Qi of Heaven and Earth blasted out towards the dark purple flesh aura.

A huge opening was easily created in the flesh aura shield with which Grand Monarch Eternal Purgatory had sealed the Domain of Endless Snow.


In a flash, the floating continent flew through the opening and arrived in the Domain of Endless Snow.

Numerous human experts, along with powerful Demons, Phantasms, Fiends, and Bonebrutes, suddenly cried out in astonishment.

“That floating continent!”

“The Ripper Behemoth!”

The catastrophes that had taken place in the Domain of Heaven Span not long ago were still vivid in their minds.

After the floating continent’s previous sudden appearance, the Ripper Behemoth had madly killed and devoured any Ancientspirits and outsiders it had come across, which had resulted in a crushing defeat for the Ancientspirits and outsiders’ joint forces. They had been forced to split up and pull out of the Domain of Heaven Span.

Driven mad by hunger, the Ripper Behemoth had also destroyed the Realm of Heaven Span after being provoked by You Qimiao.

Therefore, every human, Ancientspirit, and outsider expert who saw the floating continent and thought of the Ripper Behemoth hiding in it had a headache over the situation.

After all, all of them were afraid of the Ripper Behemoth.

In the next moment, the human experts saw a figure flying out of the floating continent. They couldn’t help but scream, “Nie Tian!”

After flying out of the floating continent, Nie Tian looked around with rapt attention, and discovered that Dong Li and those with her were being attacked by Grand Monarch Unholy Wind and several outsider grand monarchs. At the same time, a few dozen ninth grade outsider grand monarchs were fighting the other Saint domain human experts.

The outsiders’ oddly-shaped ancient starships were spewing demonic light and toxic liquid, causing several Saint domain experts’ domains to explode.

As Grand Monarch Unholy Wind cast the Phantasms’ unique bloodline magics, the shrill wails and howls of a thousand souls came from the boundless darkness Dong Li had enveloped herself with.

He could even hear the black tortoise, which had entered the tenth grade recently, moaning in agony.

Meanwhile, Yin Xingtian was wielding his Heavenbreaker and the Godspan Sword Formation with the small sword soul that floated over his head to fight Grand Monarch Unholy Wind and Grand Monarch Bloodlust.

But now, his face was ghastly, and blood was coming out of the corners of his eyes.

The countless spiritual swords and sword lights of the Godspan Sword Formation had been corroded by Grand Monarch Nether Channeler with deadly toxins within his Blood Essence.

The originally-sparkling spiritual swords and sword lights had all become dim and dull, as if even their divine power and spirits had been tainted.

In the pitch-black darkness, Dong Li realized that Nie Tian had arrived, and thus cried out, “Nie Tian!”

Her voice was laden with a sense of weakness.


Sparks of dazzling starlight instantly appeared in the depths of Nie Tian’s pupils like a sea of stars.

At the same time, he suddenly noticed that hundreds of thousands of wisps of dark-green flesh aura that were as fine as hairs were flying out of a piece of rotten flesh that seemed to be countless years old in Grand Monarch Nether Channeler’s palm.

Those wisps of flesh aura reeked with a foul smell as they flew into Dong Li’s dark domain, and were plaguing Dong Li and the black tortoise.

“Gupi’s residual flesh power!” Nie Tian’s face dropped as he instantly realized that Grand Monarch Nether Channeler was the reason why Dong Li seemed so weak.