Lord of All Realms - Chapter 1525: Bogged Down In Crisis

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In the depths of the Domain of Endless Snow.

Grand Monarch Primal Wood of the Floragrims, Chatvic of the Titans, Scotte of the dragons, and the Golden-feathered Divine Finch of the Ancientbeasts looked down, enveloped in spheres of murky auras.

They had a panoramic view of the battle that was taking place below.

“Grand Monarch Unholy Wind has entered the late tenth grade,” Grand Monarch Primal Wood said with a worried frown. “Grand Monarch Eternal Purgatory alone is a major problem. Now with Grand Monarch Unholy Wind joining the battle, the situation is getting out of hand.”

Holding his mighty lightning bolts within, Scotte the lightning dragon said, “What do you know about the reason behind this, Primal Wood?”

Chatvic chimed in, “Yeah, none of their high chieftains were as aggressive as they are now. Things seem to have changed since Grand Monarch Primal Demon, Grand Monarch Nether River, and Grand Monarch Crystal Bones disappeared.

“I looked up my people’s ancient records. According to them, in different eras, the high chieftains of the Demons, Phantasms, and Bonebrutes adopted different policies.”

He had already sensed that something was off.

Grand Monarch Primal Wood pondered for a moment before taking his time to say, “Once Demons, Phantasms, and Bonebrutes enter the tenth grade, their oldest bloodline imprints will be awakened. Then, they’ll learn the true origins of their bloodlines, and realize that they belong with the three powerful races of the Void World.

“Those bloodline imprints are vested with bewitching power that will stir up their desire to return to their bloodline’s origins, and do everything they can to establish communication with their master races in the Void World.

“If they manage to do that, they’ll join hands with the three races of the Void World, and together lay their murderous hands on us and the humans.”

After a short pause, Grand Monarch Primal Wood added, “Now, Grand Monarch Eternal Purgatory and Grand Monarch Unholy Wind are among those who are friendly towards their master races and yearn to return to the Void World. Now that they’re in power, it’s only natural that they want their people to know that they belong to the Void World, and need to help the three powerful races of the Void World.”

Scotte the lightning dragon went blank for a moment before saying, “But why weren’t Grand Monarch Primal Demon, Grand Monarch Crystal Bones, and Grand Monarch Nether River so recklessly eager to open the portal that connects the Mortal World and the Void World? Not just that, but they’ve never even admitted to having any sort of connection with the three races in the Void World.”

Chatvic and the Golden-feathered Divine Finch also found this baffling.

Grand Monarch Primal Wood took a deep breath and said, “That’s because those three were powerful, and don’t even acknowledge those bloodline imprints. After those bloodline imprints were awakened, they all decided to hide the truth about their bloodline connections with the three races. The three races from the Void World, on the other hand, have tried to establish soul connections with them through various secret magics and sacrificial rituals in the Void World, but have been met with clean-cut rejection every time.”

Upon hearing this, all three Ancientspirit experts stood aghast.

Scotte took a moment to think before saying, “They actually refused to answer the summons from the Void World after becoming late tenth grade grand monarchs? Are they bent on remaining independent?”

Grand Monarch Primal Wood then explained, “Even though we’ve often had conflicts with the Demons, Phantasms, and Bonebrutes in the Spirit World, we’d always stand together when the humans invaded. Part of the reason is because we were sure that as long as Grand Monarch Primal Demon, Grand Monarch Nether River, and Grand Monarch Crystal Bones led them, they’d never establish connections with the Void World.”

“As a matter of fact, most of the Demon, Phantasm, and Bonebrute high chieftains in their histories have refused to work for the Void World.

“For that, they even oppressed and killed many of their own, just to avoid the situation we’re in now.”

“What?” The Golden-feathered Divine Finch exclaimed sharply. “They even oppressed and killed their own clansmen just because they attempted to establish communication with the three races in the Void World without permission?”

“That’s right.” Grand Monarch Primal Wood gave a positive answer. “Grand Monarch Eternal Purgatory didn’t fully revive after so long, yet he did shortly after Grand Monarch Primal Demon’s disappearance. Is that because Grand Monarch Primal Demon knew what he’s been thinking and intentionally thwarted his revival, hoping that he would sleep in the Blood Purgatory Sea eternally?”

“What?” Scotte exclaimed in shock. “Grand Monarch Primal Demon is the reason why Grand Monarch Eternal Purgatory didn’t revive until recently?”

Grand Monarch Primal Wood nodded. “Of course. If Grand Monarch Primal Demon were still around, I’m afraid Grand Monarch Eternal Purgatory would never have a chance to be truly revived. After all, he doesn’t want Grand Monarch Eternal Purgatory to communicate with the Devils in the Void World and show the wolf into his house.” (Idiom: open the door to an enemy)

With these words, Grand Monarch Primal Wood sighed and continued, “Perhaps that has something to do with the fact that those three high chieftains still haven’t returned from their prolonged trips to some forbidden area in the Void World.

“Now that Grand Monarch Eternal Purgatory and Grand Monarch Unholy Wind, who are weaker, have taken over control of their races, I bet they’ve already been bewitched by the three powerful races of the Void World, and have decided to do everything they can to open the portal that connects to the Void World.”

“If that’s the case, shouldn’t we join hands with the humans?” Scotte asked in a grim voice.

Grand Monarch Primal Wood nodded. “That’s right. Judging by Grand Monarch Eternal Purgatory and Grand Monarch Unholy Wind’s recent acts, they can be counted as servants to the Devils and Netherspirits already. They’ll definitely think up every possible method to connect the Void World and the Mortal World. Since those races from the Void World can’t or don’t have the courage to pass through the Doomed Star Sea, the Seven Stars Realm Sea is their only option.”

Chatvic’s expression flickered with astonishment as he said, “The Seven Stars Realm Sea! Dong Li and Nie Tian’s God domain followers are all down there. They all came from the Seven Stars Realm Sea.”

“I guess Nie Tian is the true target of these outsiders,” Grand Monarch Primal Wood said. “Perhaps Grand Monarch Unholy Wind is here because they need him to deal with Dong Li and the others. I suppose they intend to capture Dong Li and the others and use them to threaten and force Nie Tian to open the portal in the Seven Stars Realm Sea.

“It’s just that they didn’t expect these people around Nie Tian to have grown so much stronger within such a short time.”

Scotte nodded. “Their strength has grown tremendously indeed! That man wielding the Godspan Sword Formation is so strong that even I sense great danger from him.”

“Grand Monarch Unholy Wind’s appearance might not be enough to end the battle within a short time,” Grand Monarch Primal Wood said. “Let’s see if they have cards that they haven’t used yet.”



At the Seven Stars Realm Sea.

Zhao Shanling was practicing cultivation and deriving enlightenment about spatial power in a secret room in a secluded area on one of the dead stars.

All of a sudden, the Death Reign, which he had forged in the Realm of Unbounded Desolation ages ago, took it upon itself to fly out of his ring of holding.

Face filled with confusion, he frowned and stared at the Death Reign. “I haven’t used it for many years. Ever since I obtained the Voidspirit Pagoda and acquired the Void Spirit Society’s legacies of spatial wonders and secret magics, I stopped using it. Why has it stirred now?”

He slowly rose to his feet and grabbed the Death Reign that was floating in the air, and then sealed it in multiple spatial wards.


He flew out of the dead star. Floating over the Seven Stars Realm Sea, he glanced around for anomalies.

Li Langfeng, Dong Qisong, and many others flew out from the other dead stars.

“Are you leaving for the Domain of Endless Snow, Mr. Zhao?” Dong Qisong called out. “If you want to observe the battle, I think it has already begun. However, it’s going to be quite dangerous. I just received word that even middle and late Saint domain experts might be killed there. It’s quite unpredictable.”

Even though he knew how powerful Zhao Shanling was, he decided to warn him, lest he went unprepared.

Zhao Shanling shook his head. “I have no interest in the battle between Grand Monarch Eternal Purgatory and You Qimiao. No matter how fierce a battle is, I doubt I’ll be in danger as an observer, unless it’s a battle between spatial power experts.”

Dong Qisong was baffled. “Then why are you...?”

“You’d better watch out. I’m afraid that Bonebrutes might be coming to make trouble in the Seven Stars Realm Sea.” With these words, Zhao Shanling looked down at the pale-gray cloud spinning in his palm. “This little thing I made is sensing a stir, which means there might be Bonebrutes in the vicinity.”

Before he could finish, the Death Reign he had sealed in spatial wards suddenly flew out of his palm and off towards a gray area in the distant starry river.

Intense death power suddenly emerged and started spreading in that area.

A giant grayish-brown Bonebrute revealed himself, looking like a corpse that had just crawled out of the earth after having been buried for hundreds of thousands of years.

An aura that only tenth grade grand monarchs had exuded from the Bonebrute as he opened his mouth and sucked Zhao Shanling’s Death Reign in.

“Quite tasty, and it replenishes my death power,” The Bonebrute said with a strange tone. “I, Gray Bones, have been imprisoned by my traitor of a disciple, Crystal Bones, for thirty thousand years. Now, I’m finally free.”