Lord of All Realms - Chapter 1523: Catching Everyone’s Attention!

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All of a sudden, deafening vigorous sounds came from those ancient characters. “Woot!”

The sounds seemed to contain power mighty enough to penetrate metal and stone.

Even from a great distance, the Saint domain and God domain human experts felt stabbing pain in their eardrums as their expressions suddenly changed.

The sounds alone seemed to pierce their seas of soul awareness.

The strangest thing was that even the high-tier Demons seemed to have never seen those ancient characters or heard the uncanny sounds before.

Nonetheless, as soon as they heard the sound, all their souls felt at peace.

Many Demons looked very intoxicated, and enjoyed themselves as if they were enjoying delicious food.

Driven by the mysterious sound, even the Bloodline Crystal Chains in the hearts of a few Demons whose bloodlines were about to break through burst forth with gorgeous deep purple light.

The wiser high-tier Demons were surprised at first, but soon understood what was happening.

“This kind of sound can even inspire my bloodline!”

“Why are there characters like this? That’s obviously not the same language we’re using today!”

“Perhaps these are the characters and sounds from the Devils of the Void World that Lord Eternal Purgatory mentioned! Our bloodline comes from them, so they can inspire us.”

As Demon sounds rang out, the glowing ward that You Qimiao had used pure spiritual Qi of heaven and earth to condense was about to collapse, like an independent realm.

Grand Monarch Eternal Purgatory grinned and yelled, “Great Heavenly Devil Script!”

Then the ancient characters lined up and became an obscure, esoteric secret article of the Devils that only he could comprehend.

The characters fell onto the glowing ward like purple locusts.


The glowing ward exploded. All of a sudden, the numerous mysterious characters morphed into countless devilish shadows that pounced on You Qimiao.

Every devilish shadow seemed to be a Devil expert of the Void World that had once run amuck throughout the starry river.

Countless devilish shadows attacked together, biting at You Qimiao’s divine dharma idol, chopping at it with sharp blades, or fighting against its frigid and fiery power with their bloodline magics.

You Qimiao’s expression remained unchanged as he held the Yin Yang Chaos Mirror in front of him like a shield.

His Yin Yang Chaos Mirror instantly changed into a hole filled with turbid surging power that seemed to be connected to other realms, and the extremely cold and hot power in it naturally dragged the devilish shadows in.


Immediately after falling into the hole, each devilish shadow exploded into uncanny characters, which then morphed into purple fragmentary crystals.

Grand Monarch Eternal Purgatory snorted, flashes of lightning flying from the corners of his eyes from time to time.

A drop of Blood Essence rose from the flesh of his palm, and the amethyst-like Blood Essence whirled and spun, taking in the purple crystals.

After the crystals all fell into the amethyst-like Blood Essence, he gathered their strength once again.


The Demon experts like Grand Monarch Bloodlust, Grand Monarch Remote Demon, and Ophelia appeared off to the side to show their support for Grand Monarch Eternal Purgatory.

Grand Monarch Nether Channeler of the Fiends and Grand Monarch Pale Bones of the Bonebrutes also emerged in succession, their eerie eyes staring at the humans.

“Demons, Demons...” Dong Li, who was sensing the mysteries of the dark stone, whispered, her eyes closed.

All of a sudden, her eyes snapped open.

A moment later, endless darkness was released from her body and the black tortoise.

The tenth-grade black tortoise expanded in a blink as many natural dark patterns on its shell started unfolding.

“Come out!” Dong Li shouted.

She released the Dark Aureole. Relying on the power of the black tortoise, dark stone, and Dark Aureole and enveloped in the most extreme darkness, she seemed to be a dark god incarnate.

At this moment, Dong Li temporarily replaced You Qimiao as the one who attracted the attention of all the humans and outsiders.

The aura coming from the thick darkness was uncanny and unfathomable, as if it were the primary Demon power that the Demons had mentioned.

It also stirred all the Demons present in a peculiar way.

Looking at the thick darkness, they were all instinctively scared. Ophelia, who had a weaker bloodline and hadn’t become a grand monarch, even wanted to kowtow to the darkness, as if she were kowtowing to an ancient Demon god of their race.

“Ah!” Ophelia screamed.

She had never had such a strange feeling, not even when she had faced Grand Monarch Primal Demon, the chief of the Demons.

“It’s her again! The woman who stole the dark stone!” she exclaimed as the blood in her body boiled uncontrollably.

She instinctively wanted to get away from Dong Li.

At this moment, even Grand Monarch Eternal Purgatory, who was fighting You Qimiao, looked at her in amazement.

As all his ancient bloodline imprints had been awakened, he immediately decided that the power Dong Li had released was the dark power unique to the Dark King, who had been the strongest Devil in the Void World in history. “The aura of that king of our race!”

Before he had even woken up, he had known that the dark stone had been stolen by the humans.

However, he had refused to believe that a human could really master the power of the dark stone until now.

When Dong Li released the powers of the dark stone and Dark Aureole at will, even his bloodline was suppressed and he was in awe of her, as if he were in the face of a superior.

The bloodline imprints in his heart mistakenly thought Dong Li, who was releasing the aura of the Dark King, was the Dark King!

It made him instinctively frightened and uneasy.

All the Demons who had come out of the realms were screaming.

They were ninth-grade grand monarchs and strong Demons like Grand Monarch Bloodlust, Grand Monarch Remote Demon, and Ophelia. The more powerful they were, the more keenly they could feel the aura from Dong Li.

All the human experts eyed each other in astonishment.

They had no idea what was happening. They only saw that Dong Li had been suddenly enveloped in darkness, and an aureole had risen like a dark sun.

After that, the Demons seemed to go mad.

Sensing the unfavorable situation, Grand Monarch Bloodlust, whose heart was racing violently, suddenly growled, “Grand Monarch Unholy Wind!”

“I’m coming,” Grand Monarch Unholy Wind of the Phantasms replied as he charged out of the Realm of Crystal Snow, roaring.

It seemed that splashes of the running Nether River continuously rang out from the prismatic crystal between his eyebrows.

The instant he flew out of the Realm of Crystal Snow, countless souls were summoned by him and flew out the realm barriers of the human realms in the Domain of Endless Snow.

Grand Monarch Unholy Wind’s emergence immediately caused uproar in the human race.

“A late tenth grade grand monarch!”

“After Grand Monarch Nether River disappeared, the Phantasms gained another late tenth grade grand monarch!”

“Another late tenth grade grand monarch!”

The human race had only You Qimiao, but two late tenth grade grand monarchs of the outsiders had appeared simultaneously in the Domain of Endless Snow, which was something that no one had ever expected before coming here.