Lord of All Realms - Chapter 1521: Thousands Of Corpses In Rivers!

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In the Domain of Endless Snow.

A colossal fish, which was transformed from the Yin Yang Chaos Mirror, floated quietly in the starry river where frigid currents surged.

Silently, You Qimiao bowed his head and closed his eyes on the back of the fish.


As soon as the frigid currents flowed near him, they melted into his body meekly, and seemed to become the source of his strength.

He cultivated two distinct powers that were extremely cold and extremely hot and combined them into one. The ability he had shown when he had attacked Nie Tian in the Realm of Looming Shadow had already been enough to show how high his attainments were.

Compared to him, Patriarch Snowy Peak of the Heavenly Ice Sect was like a clown.

The moment he had arrived, miraculous changes had taken place in many realms of the Domain of Endless Snow, in forbidden areas that had been frozen for thousands of years and had frigid veins deep in the ground.


Fine cracks appeared on many glaciers. Matchlessly pure cold power flew from the glaciers and into the sky before merging into the cold currents and flying naturally into You Qimiao’s body.

Dozens of miles away, Ji Yuanquan of the Void Spirit Society looked at the colossal fish with a complicated expression.

A gorgeous spatial rift behind him was wide open.

Figures came out in succession.

Ye Wenhan, Dou Tianchen, Zu Guangyao, many Saint domain experts of the four great sects, and some experts of some sects like the Heavenly Changes Pavilion and Ancient Law Sect streamed through the spatial rift.

A fierce battle was at hand.

You Qimiao and Grand Monarch Eternal Purgatory respectively represented the peak strength of the human race and the outsiders. The outcome of their battle would have a great influence on the future of both races.

No one would dare ignore the outcome. After Grand Monarch Eternal Purgatory had given permission for others to watch the battle, numerous experts swarmed to the location where the battle was to take place.

Each arrival would look at You Qimiao before their eyes and soul awareness began to wander.

The Demons, who had already occupied the Domain of Endless Snow, didn’t fly out from within the occupied realms right away. Only several ancient starships that looked like ancient Demon beasts could be seen berthed outside the Realm of Crystal Snow.

To all the people high in the starry river, the Realm of Crystal Snow looked like a huge sparkling ice ball.

“You Qimiao...” Dou Tianchen muttered, then morphed into a streak of light in the starry river and flew to the colossal fish.

He wanted to ask You Qimiao how certain he was of his victory over Grand Monarch Eternal Purgatory. He also wanted to pay his respects to him as a junior.

Before even arriving, he called out, “I, Dou Tianchen, Son of the Stars of the Ancient Fragmentary Star Palace, am here to pay respect to...”

All of a sudden, an elder of the Remote Beginning Heavenly Sect flew over and stopped before him.

The elder bowed slightly and said, neither servile nor haughty, “Sorry. My sectmaster has ordered that he has yet to fully understand a key incantation, so he doesn’t want anyone to disturb him before Grand Monarch Eternal Purgatory arrives, so...”

The elder, looking apologetic, motioned Dou Tianchen to stop moving forward.

Dou Tianchen looked embarrassed as he nodded and agreed, “If that is his order, I won’t disturb him. It’s just that the appointed time is almost here.”

“Once Grand Monarch Eternal Purgatory comes, my sectmaster will definitely feel it. You don’t have to worry,” the elder said.

“Alright then,” Dou Tianchen spoke with resignation.

He flew back to where Ji Yuanquan and the others were and told them what that elder had said.

Ji Yuanquan sighed. “Forget it. No matter how arrogant You Qimiao is, we have to give him face now. Today’s situation requires him to fight Grand Monarch Eternal Purgatory. Only he has the strength to fight him, so let’s do what he says.”

Even Ye Wenhan of the Heaven Span Pavilion nodded with a wry smile.

You Qimiao had driven the Ripper Behemoth to smash the Realm of Heaven Span, their sect’s headquarters. Reasonably speaking, he was their irreconcilable enemy.

However, facing such a major issue related to the fate of the human race, he decided to put aside his personal enmity with You Qimiao for the time being.

They would most likely fight You Qimiao in the future, when Chu Yuan returned or Fan Tianze broke through to the late God domain, but not today.


Dong Li, Yin Xingtian, Yu Suying, Mo Qianfan, and Master Blood Spirit also arrived by virtue of Ji Yuanquan’s spatial rift.

Upon arriving, they instantly caught everyone’s attention.

“The fifth great sect!” Saint domain experts like Li Wanfa and Gou Junhao exclaimed under their breath.

Their eyes were filled with amazement as they looked at Dong Li and the others. “I can’t believe they’ve become so powerful already.”

Without comparison, they might not have been able to see the problem visually.

As Dong Li landed next to Ye Wenhan and Ji Yuanquan, the leaders from the other realms took a closer look, and stood aghast.

After being severely wounded by Grand Monarch Eternal Purgatory, Chu Rui’s god domain had been shattered, so he didn’t come.

Xuan Guangyu of the Void Spirit Society had become a public enemy of the human race.

He had gone and holed up somewhere to break through his cultivation base with the Soul-cleansing Origin Elixir.

Fan Tianze was also in secluded cultivation.

The Five Elements Sect was even more embarrassed, as their peak experts had all disappeared. Even Lu Jiefeng, who used to be a God domain expert, hadn’t regained his power after being reincarnated and cultivating again.

Therefore, there weren’t even any middle God domain experts among those from the four great sects now.

However, Dong Li and the others were different.

Dong Li had scared off Grand Monarch Chaos Demon and Ophelia, which had proved her awesome strength. Her spirit tortoise had also advanced to the tenth grade, and was deeply related to the Ripper Behemoth.

Yu Suying was now at the middle God domain.

Yin Xingtian had aroused the resonance of the fragments of the Godspan Sword Formation, and merged this tremendous legacy of the Heaven Span Pavilion into himself immediately after advancing to the God domain.

He, who controlled the Godspan Sword Formation, was likely every bit as powerful as Yu Suying.

Mo Qianfan and Master Blood Spirit, who had just broken through to the early God domain, were also present. Even when Master Blood Spirit had been at the late Saint domain and besieged by Duan Hongwen and Song Chequan, he hadn’t been killed.

In addition, Han Qing of the Profound Purity Palace had recently reached the early God domain, but she had stayed behind to protect the Profound Purity Palace.

Most crucially, Nie Tian was their mainstay, making all of them fully assured.

Looking at Dong Li and the others, the leaders and sectmasters of the sects started muttering inwardly.

“The fifth great sect really lives up to its name.”

“They’re really a powerful force now. If they had a peak God domain expert added to their force, they would likely be not just the fifth great sect.”

“They just lack a member who can fight Grand Monarch Eternal Purgatory.”

From their point of view, since the strongest experts of the four great sects had all disappeared in the Void World, it was likely that only this so-called fifth great sect was able to take responsibility for the human race.

In the Realm of Crystal Snow.

A beam of magic light that could break heaven and earth suddenly blasted into the sky as a tide of matchlessly horrifying Demon Qi surged in the icy crystal realm.

A strong, nauseating smell of blood seemed to rise from the Realm of Crystal Snow.

White cold fog dispersed from the Realm of Crystal Snow, and the world inside the realm that was covered by the cold currents slowly unfolded like a picture before everyone’s eyes.

Many of the glaciers and rivers in the Realm of Crystal Snow turned red.

Countless corpses could be seen at the bottom of the river. They all belonged to humans.

Their blood painted the river red, and their bodies piled up, making the river overflow and leaving the frozen fields along the riverbank covered with dried blood.

In the valley, the headquarters of the Heavenly Ice Sect and the cities where mortals had lived were all empty now.

All the people had been tossed into those streams and had filled them with their blood.

Deep purple Demon lights flickered in all the red streams, as if they were wondrously interconnected to the Blood Purgatory Sea in the Second Demon Realm, and were pouring billows of blood into the Blood Purgatory Sea.

As the human experts saw the scenes in the realm, their eyes were set ablaze with rage. Anger seemed to burn in their hearts as they felt very stifled, wanting to rush and kill every outsider they saw.

“Grand Monarch Eternal Purgatory!”

“They’re all dead. Every human in the Realm of Crystal Snow has been killed by the Demons.”

“The Demons!”

Just then, numerous outsiders in the other realms of the Domain of Endless Snow leisurely flew out of the realms.

The Bonebrutes and Phantasms, as well as some minor races like Fiends, Blackscales, and Birdmen, came on ancient starships, rode on ferocious Demon beasts, or released their flesh aura seas.

There were millions of outsiders!