Lord of All Realms - Chapter 1520: Great Achievement in Sub-soul Refinement

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The wisps of soul awareness carried different auras as they either looked like shining pieces of silver, crimson lightning bolts, or green tree branches.

They seemed to have roamed the floating continent for a long while before returning to Nie Tian’s sea of awareness now, like young swallows returning to their nest.

Then, they fused into different sub-souls.

His flame power sub-soul, wood power sub-soul, and star power sub-soul hung high in his sea of awareness like bright lamps.

His true soul, on the other hand, continued to gather and refine itself with pure soul power, so that every soul strand that constituted it seemed to carry endless power.

Every once in a while, some wondrous soul scripts within his true soul would light up.

They were the Netherspirits’ unique soul symbols, which he had obtained from the Nether River and fused into his true soul.

Aside from that, numerous exquisite soul lines that had woven into different secret soul magics could also be seen branded on his true soul.

“My soul refinement has risen to a whole new level.”

His true soul seemed to be all-seeing, since through it, he could see his flame power, star power, and wood power sub-souls that had transformed from his star souls floating high in his sea of awareness.

“This is amazing.” A clear soul voice echoed from his true soul.

As soon as that happened, his flame power, star power, and wood power sub-souls echoed the same soul voice.

He had been bestowed with nine star souls when he had obtained the fragmentary star marks. As his cultivation base continued to improve, three of them had been branded with his soul imprints and fused with the profound truths of flame, star, and wood power, and become sub-souls.

Their existence allowed Nie Tian to study the truths of flame, star, and wood power more efficiently.

Also, even if his true soul perished, as long as any of his sub-souls survived, he could be reincarnated.

Even though he had nine star souls, only three of them had been exploited and refined into sub-souls.

But now...

The other six star souls had also been refined into sub-souls that formed a hexagram in his sea of awareness.

What amazed Nie Tian the most was that five of those six sub-souls corresponded to the souls of the five evil gods, as they were wreathed in intense auras of hatred, fear, despair, rage, and bloodlust.

However, the last sub-soul was the largest one in his sea of awareness.

It exuded an aura that was ancient, dominating, and vastly immense, which was the aura only Star Behemoths had!

The five sub-souls burst forth with cyan starlight within Nie Tian’s sea of awareness.

A faded magical seal could be seen within each of them.

Heavenly Spirit Seals!

Nie Tian’s expression flickered as he saw the faded Heavenly Spirit Seals within the sub-souls.

He had a profound feeling that he had finally gained total control of the five evil gods.

Those five sub-souls seemed to exist so that he could control the five evil gods and plunder the knowledge they had accumulated their whole lives from the depths of their souls.

Puzzlement spread across Nie Tian’s face. “Is this because of the Heavenly Spirit Seals, or the fact that the evil gods rebuilt their fleshly bodies with my Blood Essence as the foundation?”

Then, he saw the largest sub-soul, which was as red as blood.

The aura it exuded was none other than the aura of that Star Behemoth bone.

This discovery flabbergasted Nie Tian, as he had never imagined that such heaven-shaking, earth-shattering changes would happen to his sea of awareness while he cleansed and refined his saint domain with the rich spiritual Qi of heaven and earth the Ripper Behemoth had bestowed upon him.

Three of his nine sub-souls carried the truths of flame, star, and wood power he had derived, and were connected to his flame, star, and wood domains in a profound manner.

Five of the other sub-souls corresponded to the five evil gods. Not only did they give him full control of the evil gods and access to their power, but they were also branded with their lifetime understanding of souls.

Thanks to them, he could manipulate the five evil gods as easily as his flame, star, and wood domains.

The last sub-soul corresponded to the Star Behemoth bone, which had recently had its residual death power expelled from it and regained part of its incomplete soul.

At this point, the nine star souls he had obtained after transcending the rigorous tempering of the trials and becoming the seventh Son of the Stars were finally all put to good use.

Nine sub-souls and a true soul.

He had a feeling that the one and only true soul had become even more complicated than before.

He examined it with rapt attention, and discovered that there were more Netherspirit soul symbols, soul lines, and soul formations within it than he could count, and each and every one of which had been vested with the profound truths of souls.

All of them had been obtained from the Nether River.

“This is so odd, truly odd...”

He couldn’t figure out what had happened during this session of cultivation that would cause such incredible changes to his sea of awareness.

Baring this question in mind, he attempted to release his saint domain.


His star domain unfurled like a mysterious vast sky that was dotted with dazzling stars, where the Heavenly Stars Flower bloomed in a glorious fashion.

As soon as his flame domain manifested, a sea of flames that could burn myriad realms to ashes enveloped him, with a profound connection to the grand spell formation in the Flame Land, which was perhaps the mightiest fire spell formation throughout the three worlds.

In his activated wood domain, the Godspirit Tree and the tree branches that had been engraved with the profound truths of life were so exuberant that they blocked Nie Tian’s sight, as if they could channel life power endlessly from the depths of the starry river.

The moment his three domains were activated, he was overtaken with a feeling that he was going to transcend this mortal world and rise out of the floating continent and into the starry river enveloped in his domains.

With a flabbergasted expression, he examined his flame, star, and wood domains with rapt attention, and discovered that they seemed to have been lifted to a new level through this period of cleansing with the spiritual Qi bestowed by the Ripper Behemoth.

Then, his domains shrank and morphed into three spiritual cores that returned to his spiritual sea in his dantian region.

The flame, star, and wood power they carried was far richer than before.

The divine light they emanated even burst forth from within his spiritual sea in his dantian region to manifest as glowing crimson, emerald, and silver light around him.

Even so, the largest spiritual core within his spiritual sea was still the one that was filled with pure condensed spiritual Qi of Heaven and Earth.

It provided him with a continuous supply of pure spiritual power, nourishing his wood, flame, and star power spiritual cores, and maintained the normal functioning of his spiritual sea.

Nie Tian’s expression flickered as he came to a sudden realization. “My spiritual core without any attributes is the one that’s receiving the pure spiritual Qi from the Ripper Behemoth. Based on what I’ve observed, I suppose my cultivation base has risen to a new level. So am I at the middle Saint domain or the late Saint domain now?”

At this moment, the Ripper Behemoth’s soul voice rumbled out once again. “Your cultivation base has reached the so-called late Saint domain with my help. You’re even not far from entering the God domain now. I also don’t understand why your advances happened so quickly. I assume it has something to do with the great changes to your soul.”

Its words puzzled Nie Tian even more. “Great changes to my soul?”

“I only provided you with pure spiritual Qi of Heaven and Earth to help you advance your cultivation base,” The Ripper Behemoth explained. “Your saint domain took upon itself to channel star, wood, and flame power from the starry river and refine them into itself. But during that time, great fluctuations took place in your sea of awareness.

“Only after a long time did they quiet down.

“Immediately after that, the refinement of your saint domain seemed to suddenly become incomparably easy.”

Nie Tian stood aghast. After a moment of pondering, he asked, “How long did I spend practicing cultivation here?”

“It’s been quite some time,” the Ripper Behemoth answered. “I heard a late tenth grade Demon grand monarch has marched into the Mortal World. This one named Eternal Purgatory is by no means insignificant.”

“Where is he?”

“Your people’s Domain of Endless Snow.”

Nie Tian’s expression flickered violently. “The Domain of Endless Snow?!”