Lord of All Realms - Chapter 1517: Demons Descend

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The Seven Stars Realm Sea had replaced the Realm of Remote Heaven as the largest communication center for human experts.

Floating in the sky, Dong Li looked at the seven dead stars with mixed emotions.

In the past, the Seven Stars Realm Sea had been enveloped in dead silence, and no Qi warriors would linger on any of the dead stars for long.

However, because a portal had been discovered in the sea that connected to the Void World, and You Qimiao had successfully reached the late God domain with the Soul-cleansing Origin Elixir he had brought back from there, it had recently become one of the busiest places in the human world.

“The Void World...” Dong Li frowned, her eyes a little worried. “They all want to step into the Void World, but they don’t know that the three races in the Void World are trying their best to swarm into the Mortal World. What if the Spirit World, Mortal World, and Void World are really connected?”

She couldn’t help but think deeply.

As she had fused with the dark stone further and studied the Dark Aureole, she had learned a great deal from the memory fragments imprinted on them.

Even though she had never been to the Void World, she had already learned about the origin of the three races there.

She could even enumerate some secret forbidden places of the Void World and ancient legends of the Devils with great familiarity. They were what the dark stone had given her.

The more she learned about the Void World and the more familiar she became with the three powerful races, the more worried she became.

The bloodline origins of the Demons, Phantasms, and Bonebrutes in the Spirit World lay with the three outsider races in the Void World. It was just that their clansmen at lower grades didn’t know the truth because their bloodline imprints hadn’t been awakened.

But what if those powerful outsiders who knew the truth told them about it?

Once the Demons, Phantasms and Bonebrutes joined hands with the three outsider races in the Void World to attack the Mortal world, how would the humans handle it?

The Void World was an unusual land that had given birth to Grand Monarch Heavenly Spirit, the Dark King, and the Bone Emperor. Could it be possible that there were some advanced experts who were as strong as them in the Void World?

“They all expect the portal to open one day so that they can swarm into the Void World to plunder the Soul-cleansing Origin Elixir,” Done Li said and sighed softly. “If the portal really opens, given their strength...”

The Qi warriors from various domains were all below the God domain. Such fighting strength was nothing impressive to Dong Li now.

As her experience and knowledge of the Void World grew, she knew that the human race was not powerful enough to fight the three outsider races of the Void World at present.

She flew down and looked at Jing Feiyang and Dong Qisong. “Where’s Nie Tian? Where did he go after destroying the Realm of Looming Shadow?”

“He traveled around to kill outsider experts,” Jing Feiyang answered with a smile. “Recently, he has killed several outsider grand monarchs, hundreds of eighth-grade outsiders and thousands of seventh-grade outsiders. Because of his actions, the outsiders who used to run amok have become extremely well-behaved and cautious.”

“That’s all thanks to him,” Dong Qisong cut in. “Before he started the slaughter, the outsiders had rampaged everywhere in the Mortal World, killing and plunging humans into misery and suffering in many human realms. He rushed out of the Realm of Looming Shadow and killed some outsider grand monarchs so ruthlessly that the other outsiders had to hide themselves.”

“It’s not necessarily a good thing that the outsiders are keeping a low profile,” Dong Li said with a solemn expression. “Since the Ripper Behemoth left the Domain of Heaven Span, no one has learned about its whereabouts. Several middle grand monarchs survived. According to Grand Monarch Primal Wood of the Floragrims, Grand Monarch Eternal Purgatory has woken up, and Grand Monarch Unholy Wind of the Phantasms has been summoned by the Nether River.

“Maybe when those outsiders reappear, even the Ripper Behemoth won’t be able to fight them off.

“It’s said that late tenth grade grand monarchs aren’t particularly afraid of Star Behemoths. Even if they can’t kill the Ripper Behemoth, they have the power to protect themselves, and perhaps even hurt it. If there are enough late tenth grade grand monarchs, perhaps the Ripper Behemoth won’t dare to fight them recklessly.”

“What should we do then?” Jing Feiyang asked.

“Be on guard. We must pay special attention to the Seven Stars Realm Sea!” Dong Li replied with a serious face. “I’m worried that one day the Seven Stars Realm Sea will be the most important battleground, and the outsiders will attack here and forcibly open the portal to bring the three outsider races of the Void World into our world.”

Jing Feiyang sucked in a breath of cold air and hurried to say, “Got it.”


Time flew silently.

Because the outsiders were keeping a low profile, many of the Void and Saint domain experts who felt they were too weak wanted to take this opportunity to break through their cultivation base.

All the sects took out all the cultivation sources that they had kept for thousands of years to create top experts.

After all, their sects were facing the danger of being besieged and exterminated. Facing the fear of death, the humans burst forth with amazing potential.

News that experts had broken through kept coming from different human domains. Some Void domain experts successfully broke through to the Saint domain, while some Saint domain experts like Han Qing of the Profound Purity Palace had successfully advanced to the God domain.

Of course, some Qi warriors who were too rash failed, and perished completely when they tried to break through.

However, the probability of successfully breaking through was far higher than that of any other era in the past.

Because of the human cultivators’ large population, despite the many who failed and died, the emergence of winners still inspired others, especially after Yin Xingtian, Yu Suying, Han Qing, and Master Blood Spirit successively reached a higher level. Their breakthrough inspired many, including Ji Yuanquan of the Void Spirit Society, one of the four great ancient sects, who chose to go into secluded cultivation after Xuan Guangyu disappeared.

Chu Rui and Ye Wenhan were both trying to break through their cultivation base and improve the grades of their tools with precious materials, making preparations for fiercer battles against the outsiders.

The Mortal World was peaceful for some time; for so long, in fact, that it seemed a little weird.


In the Heavenly Ice Sect of the Realm of Crystal Snow.

Cold currents surged in the starry river outside.


Lonely, frigid wind suddenly converged at one point and became a tiny ice crystal that suddenly exploded.

Because of its explosion, the sky seemed to have been chipped open, and a hole emerged.

The hole was just about to heal when two demonic hands that seemed to be able to tear the sky apart suddenly stretched out.

The demonic hands pulled the hole wider and wider.

The space was casually kneaded as if it were dough.

Moments later, the hole was torn a hundred times larger. A giant demonic body that was large enough to prop up heaven and earth slowly walked out of the hole.

The Realm of Crystal Snow was below him, like a snow-white puck.

“A human realm, yes. Here we are,” the giant Demon grand monarch muttered.

Then, he said into the hole he had torn open, “It’s done. Come out in order. Don’t be too anxious. Don’t crowd together.”


His deep purple flesh aura sea instantly erupted as he shot at the Realm of Crystal Snow like a bolt of lightning.

The realm barrier of the Realm of Crystal Snow and the defensive formations of the Heavenly Ice Sect seemed as fragile as tissue paper as he breached them in an instant.

Looking up into the sky, all the disciples of the Heavenly Ice Sect in this realm saw a giant demonic figure enveloping the Realm of Crystal Snow with a deep purple flesh aura sea.

And the Realm of Crystal Snow fell.