Lord of All Realms - Chapter 1516: The Fifth Sect!

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The Ripper Behemoth’s soul voice suddenly rumbled out. “You need to get stronger.”

The spiritual Qi of heaven and earth in the floating continent changed suddenly.


It converged on Nie Tian from all directions, as if being summoned and condensed by the Ripper Behemoth.

In an instant, Nie Tian felt that the purity of the spiritual Qi of heaven and earth in his area had increased exponentially.

He naturally stopped sensing the changes with his bloodline, but spread out his unique saint domain on the floating continent.

Once his star, flame, and wood domains that had three different properties and different auras appeared, the energy of heaven and earth gathering from all directions started swarming into them.

“Hmm!” he exclaimed softly as was surprised to find that the gathering energy of heaven and earth seemed to be activating his three saint domains and helping them advance to a higher grade.


Starlight shone in his star domain as flames sputtered in his flame domain. Even the land that his wood domain had morphed into seemed to have endless vitality.

When he had cultivated in the starry river before, he had constantly gathered the wood, star, and flame power floating in the starry river and brought them into his saint domains.

He had believed that the breakthrough of his three domains depended entirely on these three core powers.

However, when the wisps of pure spiritual Qi of heaven and earth that were channeled by the Ripper Behemoth flew into the saint domains, he realized that in fact his saint domains still needed the most basic, primitive spiritual Qi.

All of his three saint domains needed pure spiritual power to support them.

His eyes lit up as he came to this realization. He opened his heart at once, allowing his saint domains to devour the pure spiritual Qi that the Ripper Behemoth was gifting him.

The Ripper Behemoth had slaughtered numerous Ancientspirits and outsiders in the Domain of Heaven Span after waking up.

Then, it had destroyed the Realm of Heaven Span and many other realms. By feeding on their spiritual Qi, it had stored an abundant amount of flesh aura and spiritual Qi for itself and the floating continent.

Perhaps it was because of this that Nie Tian, who had entered the floating continent again, found the spiritual Qi on the floating continent to be thicker and more boundless than before.

“Since it is your kindness, I’ll take it,” he murmured inwardly. For the moment, he did not ask the Ripper Behemoth more about the origins of the bone, or Pei Yukong.

Instead, he focused on the condensation of his saint domains with the pure spiritual Qi on the floating continent.

He guessed that the Ripper Behemoth wanted something from him.

Otherwise, it wouldn’t have helped him cleanse his bone, or given him the rich spiritual Qi of heaven and earth.

He didn’t ask what it needed him to do.

Time flew as he concentrated on his cultivation.

He was unaware that, during his cultivation, the floating continent gradually drifted away from the Realm of Ancient Heights and this area of the starry river.


In the Seven Stars Realm Sea.


Dong Li and the black tortoise that had reached the tenth grade arrived through a teleportation portal.

Dozens of ancient starships were now berthed on the dead star, while rugged stone buildings stood towering on the dry ground.

Seeing her come out of the teleportation portal, Dong Qisong of the Beast-controlling Sect looked relieved as he said, “You’re back. If I’m right, it’s not only the tortoise’s cultivation base and strength, but also yours that has improved again.”

Dong Li was the heir of the Dong Clan. After the Dong Clan had been wiped from the Domain of the Falling Stars, she had naturally become closer to the Beast-controlling Sect.

As the sectmaster of the Beast-controlling Sect, Dong Qisong was very proud of Dong Li.

Dong Li smiled and said confidently, “My cultivation base is now at the late Void domain, which is not very high, but my merging with the dark stone and my knowledge of the Dark Aureole have both greatly improved. I don’t know my true fighting strength, but with the help of this fool...”

She looked down at the black tortoise, which looked rather unimpressive due to its shrunken size, and continued, “I think I can fight a middle God domain expert, or a middle tenth grade grand monarch now!”

Dong Qisong was overjoyed. “Oh, right. You can communicate with the Profound Purity Palace and tell them to go and take over the Frigid Depths of the Domain of Frigid Depths.”

“But Grand Monarch Ice Bones is in the Frigid Depths,” she said.

Dong Qisong explained, “Yin Yanan has come back from the Realm of Looming Shadow and said Grand Monarch Ice Bones wanted to blackmail Nie Tian into opening the portal in the Seven Stars Realm Sea because he wanted to go to the Void World. However, the river of time reappeared. Like Gupi, Grand Monarch Ice Bones was also taken away by the river of time.

“Since he has disappeared, how can the Extreme Coldness Palace continue to hold the Frigid Depths with its own strength?”

Dong Li was very surprised, but nodded and said, “I didn’t expect there to be new changes while I was away cultivating and the black tortoise was breaking through. Nie Tian promised the Frigid Depths to Senior Yu Suying. Now that Grand Monarch Ice Bones is out of the picture, it should be easy for them to take the Frigid Depths.”


Jing Feiyang flew over from another dead star. Before even arriving, he yelled, “I’ve just received the latest news that Yu Suying of the Profound Purity Palace has successfully broken through to the middle God domain!”

Dong Li froze for a moment before her face split into a wide smile. “As I expected.”

Then, she soared high into the sky.

Dark magical light surged behind her as she overlooked the seven dead stars in a commanding manner.

She saw that clusters of stone buildings stood towering like mountain peaks on the seven dead stars that were bereft of any spiritual Qi of heaven and earth, while many ancient starships were berthed on them, and numerous Void and Saint domain experts were bustling around.

When she looked closely, she also noticed that curtains of dazzling light enshrouded some of the newly-built stone buildings and squares.

There were some Qi warriors with low cultivation bases in them.

Some of the Qi warriors coming to and leaving the seven dead stars were from the Domain of the Falling Stars, the Domain of Heaven Python, and the Domain of Heaven’s Boundaries, but the majority were visitors from other domains, and their number was large!

Such a spectacle exceeded Dong Li’s expectations. She was surprised to find so many changes had happened in the Seven Stars Realm Sea while she and the black tortoise had broken through.

She was both surprised and delighted by the grand spectacle in the seven dead stars nowadays.

“The Realm of Remote Heaven in the Mortal World was the first to be destroyed by the Ancientspirits and outsiders after they marched through the Dead Star Sea. It was originally a precious place for Qi warriors from various advanced domains to exchange spiritual materials.” With these words, Jing Feiyang smiled and added, “Now, the seven dead stars of the Seven Stars Realm Sea have imperceptibly replaced the Realm of Remote Heaven, and become the world’s most bustling trading place.

“Recently, because the Realm of Heaven Span was shattered and the Realm of Looming Shadow was destroyed by Nie Tian, the Seven Stars Realm Sea has seen more and more visitors.”

He continued, explaining, “Now, there’s a saying among the people that we, at the Seven Stars Realm Sea, are the fifth ancient sect of our human race.”

“What? Have we already been considered as the fifth great sect?” Dong Li exclaimed in shock.

Then she saw Dong Qisong, Jing Feiyang, Li Langfeng, and the others all nod gently.

A smile played on her lips. “So we have become so strong before we knew it. The fifth great sect.”