Lord of All Realms - Chapter 1514: He Can’t Even Escape!

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Nie Tian had a strange look on his face, as he had never expected that a man calling himself Pei Qiqi’s father would dare to talk about the sectmaster of the Void Spirit Society like that. “He even looks down on Qu Yi?”

In the next second, in the space disruption zone presented in the Space Spirit Jade, interweaving lights filled Xuan Guangyu’s entire god domain.

Though separated from it by boundless space, Nie Tian was shocked by the scene.

He dimly saw that each ray of interweaving light was connecting to different spaces.

Pei Yukong activated his bloodline magics. He didn’t only use power from the space disruption zone, but he also used spatial power of other origins to attack Xuan Guangyu.

Xuan Guangyu’s domain, which had already been shattered, suddenly exploded.

Shrieks of anguish and misery rang out from Xuan Guangyu’s shattered domain.

His domain suddenly started morphing as he tried to appear in the form of his divine dharma idol again.

Xuan Guangyu’s Void Splitter burst forth with dazzling light. It seemed that he was trying to condense his spatial spiritual power to fight Pei Yukong in front of him.

However, Xuan Guangyu soon discovered in despair that he was unable to use even the slightest bit of the spatial power in the space disruption zone.

The only thing that he could use was the spatial power he had painstakingly condensed from other sources. Even so, when he wanted to infuse his power into the Void Splitter, there seemed to be layers of restrictions there as well.

He finally began to feel uneasy.

Pei Yukong made him think of a person who made him shudder every time he thought of him — Qu Yi!

Pei Yukong sneered, forming a diamond-shaped imprint as bright as a diamond with his weaving fingers. The moment the imprint was formed, it flew towards Xuan Guangyu’s divine dharma idol.

“Space Split.”


Xuan Guangyu’s divine dharma idol suddenly jolted, and numerous cracks instantly appeared in it.

In Nie Tian’s perception, Xuan Guangyu’s divine dharma idol seemed to be cut apart by folded spaces, with each piece of his flesh in a different space.

The connections between Xuan Guangyu’s flesh, blood, viscera, and bones seemed to be forcibly separated.

Pei Qiqi’s eyes lit up as she whispered, “Space Split is like Void Split from the Void Spirit Society. The latter is activated with spatial spiritual power, while the former is displayed with his bloodline. Although they have different names, their method of activation and cooperation with aura and soul awareness aren’t different at all. It’s just that Space Split is unimaginably more powerful.”

She instantly realized that the Void Spirit Society was deeply related to the Voidspirits indeed.

She even wondered if Qu Yi, her second master who had taken her into the Void Spirit Society, had known that the source of her bloodline was her father, who had just been reunited with her, after learning that she had a special bloodline.


Because of Space Split, Xuan Guangyu’s divine dharma idol was reduced to broken light that filled the starry river.

Beams of light flitted from space to space, hoping to reunite with each other in the same space, as if they had their own awareness.

Every beam of light was a crystallization of Xuan Guangyu’s power, carrying a deep fear.

He was really frightened.

“You and Qu Yi both cultivate spatial power, but you’re much weaker than him,” Pei Yukong said with a calm face. “Xuan Guangyu, I suppose it’s because you’re afraid that Qu Yi will return that you’re so anxious and dying to break through in a short time. After all, you also understand that since you’re much weaker than him in cultivation base and combat strength, you can’t even escape!

“Facing Qu Yi, you have no way out, but it’s the same when you face me.

“All living beings in the world know that creatures that are proficient in spatial power are the most difficult to kill, but what they don’t know is that when confronted by a stronger expert who is also proficient in spatial power, the weaker spatial power expert will have no chance to survive.”


The folded spaces separated again.

Xuan Guangyu’s wisps of fleeing soul awareness and spiritual power were cut to pieces.

Little by little, the connections between the pieces of his soul awareness began to disappear.

At this moment, Pei Yukong said with an expression of pity, “What a pity! He was originally also a great talent.”

His figure instantly divided into dozens of copies and they all flashed quickly into the folded spaces to hunt down Xuan Guangyu’s soul awareness and spiritual power.

The difference was that he was in a complete form in every space.

However, Xuan Guangyu had even lost the fragments of his body, leaving only the condensation of his pure soul power and spiritual power.

Nie Tian observed carefully through the Space Spirit Jade, and noticed that lots of tiny points of light were flying into the different spaces in the space disruption zone, as if they were strengthening Pei Yukong.

After a while, Nie Tian muttered to himself, “Voidspirits...”

He turned his head around to look at Pei Qiqi. “Xuan Guangyu can’t escape, can he? Even with my bloodline, I can’t see the exact grade of your father’s bloodline.”

“Xuan Guangyu should be dead this time,” Pei Qiqi said with confidence.

Nie Tian nodded. “That’s what I thought.”

Xuan Guangyu, who he had been desperate to kill, was about to be killed by Pei Yukong, but somehow, he didn’t feel very happy.

He said, “It’s a pity after all that Xuan Guangyu won’t be killed by me.”

“I may have to leave you for some time,” Pei Qiqi suddenly said.

In the Space Spirit Jade, Pei Yukong’s figure became more and more vague as he shuttled between different spaces.

Nie Tian froze. “Leave? Where are you going?”

“The ancestral land of the Voidspirits,” Pei Qiqi didn’t hide anything from him, “My space bloodline can be rapidly improved, and the Space Boundaries Crystal can also improve in the ancestral land of my race. My father has just told me that there has been a great upheaval in the three worlds, and there will be great chaos. Neither you nor I can stop it. We must become stronger.”

“How long will you be away?” he asked.

“I don’t know,” she replied as a strange bright light flashed in her eyes. “Take care of yourself, and don’t do anything stupid while I’m away.”

He forced a smile. “You bet.”

Suddenly, she took a step toward him, and they were face to face.

They were so close to each other that he could even smell the breath she exhaled.


Pei Qiqi’s heart beat faster than ever.

Looking at her so closely, Nie Tian’s heart also raced somehow. He was more nervous than he had been when he had fought Grand Monarch Chaos Demon, refined the Nether River, or learned that Grand Monarch Eternal Purgatory would come soon.

“Senior martial sister Pei...” He had hardly opened his mouth when she put her pretty finger on his lips.

In a flash, he fell silent.

A faint scent flew into his mouth and nose. Looking at Pei Qiqi, who stared at him with bright bold eyes, he was suddenly fascinated and flustered.

“I...” Pei Qiqi, her breath quickening, opened her mouth, but quickly stopped talking.

Thousands of emotions seemed to fill her heart, but she couldn’t find the exact words to describe them.

Nie Tian froze for a moment before naturally reaching out to hug her.

As soon as he did that, she came closer to him without hesitation.

It was the first time that the two of them had hugged each other.


Their hearts beat more and more violently. It sounded like a god was beating a drum, shaking heaven and earth in their hearts.

Pei Yukong killing Xuan Guangyu in the space disruption zone, the Ripper Behemoth lurking in the black sea on the floating continent, the complicated situation outside, Grand Monarch Eternal Purgatory, who could arrive at any time...

The moment they embraced each other, they forgot it all.